May 26, 2024
How to Become a Sub Broker in ICICI Securities

How to Become a Sub Broker in ICICI Securities?

ICICI is one of the most well-known names in the country. Being the preferred choice for many traders, a business opportunity with the broker is just as rewarding. But first, you must know how to become a sub broker in ICICI Securities.

Life is all about the right choices. You take some and you just let pass the others. But, when you are given the opportunity to associate with a broker of ICICI Securities stature, you grab the chance with both hands.  

The full-service stockbroker established in 1995 has been operating in the stock market since 1995. ICICI Securities is the stockbroking wing of the hugely popular banking firm – ICICI Bank.   

The bank-based broker is a top choice among traders and investors alike because of their brokerage models.

In addition, traders get the opportunity to invest in multiple investment products such as equity, mutual funds, derivatives, FDs, Bonds, and so on.

Their quality Demat account services have helped them acquire over 7.9 Lakh customers. The vast clientele directs towards the huge potential in becoming a sub broker in ICICI Securities.

Currently, the broker has well over 12,100 business partners who are reaping the benefits of business association with the broker. 

Likewise, if you are looking for a business partnership with ICICI Securities, this article will help you in that regard.

ICICI Securities Sub Broker Model

Like the majority of the full-service stockbroking firms, ICICI Securities offer multiple business opportunities. There are a total of 3 sub broker models for an individual to associate with the broker.

All three models vary from each other in terms of operation, commission rates, the investments required, etc.

The 3 sub broker models in question are :

  • ICICI Securities Authorised Person
  • ICICI Securities Investment Associate
  • ICICI Securities Independent Financial Associate(IFA)

▶️ ICICI Securities Authorised Person

ICICI Securities Authorised Person is the prime business association model by the broker. This model is the most preferred of all the ways to partner with ICICI.

Here, the sub broker’s list of responsibilities includes onboarding new customers as well as helping them invest across various products as per their investment needs. 

The sub broker earns a commission per every customer onboarded and brokerage for their investments.

The sub broker must have a thorough understanding of the stock market operations along with the basics of all the investment products.

This will help the individual as they will be distributing all the financial products offered by the broker. 

Under this model, ICICI Securities offers around 60 – 70% commission to the sub broker. The commission offered is pretty high, thus ensuring higher profits to the sub broker.

Also, there are certain charges associated with ICICI sub broker registration. These charges are in the form of a minimum investment amount or security deposit of around ₹70,000 – ₹1 Lakh

In addition to these, there are infrastructure charges as well.

▶️ ICICI Securities Investment Associate

Next on the list of sub broker models by ICICI Securities is the “Investment Associate” model. This is quite a unique business partnership in terms of the role and responsibilities involved.

As the name suggests, the sub-broker’s role will be to help investors make the right investment decision.

The sub broker makes suggestions to the client and provides information regarding all the investment products.

However, the sub broker will have a limited suite of investment products to distribute. Under this model, the sub broker can not deal in Mutual Funds, equity but in Bonds, FD, IPO, Insurance, FPO, etc. 

There aren’t any specific requirements to enroll into this sub broker model except that the individual holds an interest in the financial markets.

The sub broker should have a basic understanding of the financial products that they will be distributing. 

ICICI Securities are known for their handsome commission rates. Keeping things in the same vein, the sub broker offers around 30% commission under this model.

As for the charges, an individual will have to shell out around ₹70,000 – ₹1 Lakh as the security deposit

▶️ ICICI Securities Independent Financial Associate (IFA)

The third and last business partnership model is the ICICI Securities Independent Financial Associate. This sub broker model is tailored for financial advisors with a steady client base.

Here, the sub broker will be distributing mutual funds, FDs, Bonds, IPOs, FPOs, Home Loans, etc. As a sub broker, you will be responsible for providing product information, and the necessary guidance to help clients make the right investment decisions.

This is a perfect opportunity for financial advisors to expand their suite of investment products. Also, they get to leverage the brand power of the broker to gain more clients. 

On the other hand, the broker gets the chance to cater to a wider audience. So, this is a win-win situation for both.

This model is for working professionals that have experience distributing financial products in the stock market.

Just like in other models, ICICI Securities Independent Financial Associates are offered a lucrative commission.

ICICI Securities Sub Broker Process

ICICI Securities sub broker registration process is a pretty simple process. An individual will have to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  1. Simply fill in the below-mentioned form. You just have to provide us with your – Name, Contact Number, City to initiate the process.

  2. We will arrange a call with an ICICI Securities representative.
  3. You can share your business goals and background details with the business executive.
  4. Later, the ICICI Securities representative will negotiate an appointment with you to take the process further.
  5. You will be provided with the commission rates of various ICICI Securities sub broker models, the initial investment amount each model involves, etc.
  6. Later you can set up a meeting with the executive at a location and you will need to submit the required documents for the same.
  7. The submitted documents will be sent for verification, post this you will be provided with the ICICI Securities Sub Broker login ID and password which can be used for setting up your account.

ICICI Securities Sub Broker Eligibility

The broker lists eligibility criteria that an individual must fulfill in order to become a sub broker in ICICI Securities, one must fulfill the laid by the stockbroker. 

Make sure to check on the eligibility criteria before proceeding with the sub broker registration process. Following is the eligibility criteria to become a sub broker of ICICI Securities:

▶️ The individual should be 20 years of age.

▶️ The applicant should have a minimum education qualification of 10+2

▶️ 2 – 3 years work experience in financial products distribution. ICICI clearly mentions that applicants already operating in the stock market and who have an existing client base will be given preference.

ICICI Securities Sub Broker Charges

There is the prospect of making huge profits and countless rewards with the broker. But just like the popular saying goes – “Nothing is free. Everything has to be paid for.” 

Similarly, there are some charges that you will have to pay to become a sub broker in ICICI Securities.

The list of charges includes the SEBI Registration fees, security deposit, infrastructure costs to set up an office to carry out business operations.

The SEBI Registration fees of ₹2360 + GST remain consistent across all the sub broker models

The security deposit of ₹70,000₹1 Lakh to be submitted to the broker differs across all the models.

This deposit is refundable in nature and will be returned upon contract expiration or cancellation.

Individuals who want to go for the ICICI Securities Authorised Person model will be required to set up an office to extend trading services. 

These infrastructure charges depend upon where you set up your office. But, consider this to be in and around the region of ₹1 Lakh to ₹2 Lakhs.

An individual does not need to set up an office space, in the case of the ICICI Securities Investment Associate model. Thus there are no infrastructure charges.

Documents for ICICI Securities Sub Broker

ICICI Securities mandates a couple of documents for becoming a sub broker. The list of documents required for registration includes – identity proof, address proof, qualification proof.

The SEBI Registration form is one of the most important pieces of documents. You will need to clear a NISM test to earn the required certification for the sub broker model of your choice.  

The documents for ICICI Securities sub broker are listed below:

📑 Identification Proof – PAN card, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Driving License, Voter ID Card.

📑 Address Proof – Aadhaar Card, Passport, Voter ID, Driving License, Electricity Bill, Phone Bill

📑 Qualification Proof – 10th Marksheet, Copy of Graduation certificate, NISM certification

📑 Age Proof – Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, or any other valid certificate that has a mention of age.

📑 SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) Registration certificate 

📑 Passport Size Photographs


ICICI Securities is a name that has been consistently featuring among the best stockbrokers in the industry.

The broker is a part of the much celebrated ICICI Group enjoys much popularity among the Indian trading community. 

As reported by NSE, the broker has over 7.9 Lakh customers. This can be seen as a good measure of potential that lies in a business partnership with the broker.

The availability of such a vast audience can be a sure road to success. 

Further, there are 3 ways to become a sub broker with ICICI Securities. The first of these, Authorised Person offers the highest revenue in the form of commission.

Here the sub broker will have to set up an office to deal in each of the investment products offered by the broker. The sub broker earns per every customer onboarded and the brokerage they bring in for the broker.

Then there is the ICICI Securities Investment Associate model where the sub broker will get to distribute a limited set of investment products

The last of these models is the ICICI Securities Independent Financial Associate which is suited for already existing financial advisors.

Such individuals can leverage the brand power to gain more clients by enrolling in this model.

The charges to be paid by a sub broker depend on the type of model. However, the list of charges includes SEBI registration fees, security deposit, infrastructure charges.

In all becoming a sub broker with ICICI Securities is a brilliant business opportunity. No doubt on that one.

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