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Angel Broking Franchise

Angel Broking Franchise

Angel Broking Franchise is among the biggest broking franchises in India, based in Mumbai. On the basis of its marketing strategy also, this broking house is the most innovative one.  It has over 11,000 sub-brokers and nearly 30 years of experience in broking.

Its well-established network across India is evident from the fact that its branches are found in over 150 cities and the sub-broker business is established in more than 500 cities and towns of the country.

Angel Broking has got various awards from D&B  such as BSE Major Volume Driver stockbroker regularly for 10 years, i.e from 2004-14, Largest Sub-broker Network award and Top 5 Retail Broking houses.

Clients can avail themselves various advantages such as opening a Trading account, Demat account, get research reports, investing in IPO, etc. With Angel broking Franchise, one can trade with a wide range of products such as Mutual Funds, Derivatives, Equity, Commodity, Currency, etc.  

Owing to its reputation in the past decades, it has very good brand equity.

The best thing about mapping your business with a full-service stockbroker is that it will provide you with total assistance to run the enterprise independently that too with low capital investment.

Partnership Models of Angel Broking:

Angel Broking is a full-service stockbroker, that offers two different partnership models that are enumerated below:

1. Sub-broker

Under Angel Broking, you can be registered as a sub-broker. Then you can carry on with your business as it is, gets new clients from your locality, and offer them Angel Broking’s propositions. When the clients start trading, you can get a specific share of the generated brokerage.

You can also become an Angel Broking AP, which is pretty much on similar lines to the sub-brokership model itself.

2. Master Franchise

Under this partnership model of Angel Broking, you can avail the exclusive rights for carrying out its broking business for a particular region. It implies that the various sub-brokers working in the area will solely operate under your master franchise.

There won’t be any other business representing Angel Broking either directly or indirectly. It also provides you with the ownership and access to various financial products just like its clients get from it as a stockbroker. All these help your business grow by letting you completely focus on it.

Even you can start your sub-broker business in the region with your current network and hire local people who are in search of such opportunities. This can be carried out smoothly without any kind of intervention of the corporate team.

Angel Broking Master Franchise model lets you work as the region’s direct Angel Broking Branch. Now you are responsible to make sure that all the sub-brokers under you consistently generate decent revenue.

Angel Broking Franchise Initial Costing

An initial capital investment of ₹50k to ₹2 Lakh, which is refundable in nature, is needed for carrying out the sub-broker business. Along with this, regular operational expenses are also required. It is essential that you should be capable of purchasing or at least renting an area for office space in your region’s prime location.

The office must have a minimum area of 200 square feet. For ensuring the smooth functioning of the business, a  high-speed Broadband connection is important as the processes are carried out online.

A Master Franchise needs an upfront costing of ₹1 Lakh to ₹3 Lakh and Remisier needs about ₹10k to ₹20k. Besides this, you can spend more on enhancing the look and the feel to create a good impression on the potential clients.

In addition to this, the broker has another sub-broker model. The reasonable Angel Broking sub-broker charges won’t be a headache for business enthusiasts who are low on funds.

Angel Broking Franchise Revenue sharing:

Your client base helps you in generating brokerage when you operate under a broking business such as Angel Broking. You are entitled to get a specific amount of this brokerage every month. In India, Angel Broking house is considered to be the one that has high remunerations.

Owing to the significant contributions of its sub-brokers to the broking business, Angel Broking’s revenue-sharing ratios are quite competitive.

The ratio of sharing depends on a number of factors that include the type of products sold such as mutual funds, derivatives, equity, etc., the amount of generated revenue, the current client base, the revenue projection, etc.

In the case of Master Franchise, 60%-85% of the revenue is shared, a sub-broker gets 40-80%  and Remisier is entitled to 30%-50% of revenue sharing.

Angel Broking Franchise Eligibility Criteria:

Here is the list of eligibility criteria for various categories:

Sub Broker criteria

Here is a quick look at the aspects you need to consider if you are looking to be an Angel Broking sub-broker:

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  • With Angel Broking, appointing the sub-brokers is quite easy and fast.
  • You must have attained a minimum age of 21 years while opting to apply for a sub-brokership.
  • Your minimum education has to be Higher Secondary level.
  • In the Indian stockbroking business, it is mandatory for you to have experience of 2-3 years. You can be a client or distributor of Mutual Fund, Remisier, broker, or even a sub-broker.
  • The Angel Broking sub-broker onboarding team will provide you with the necessary education. Despite this, you need to have basic knowledge regarding trading and investment. It includes understanding the process of opening an account, able to comprehend the jargon, different kinds of order placements, be capable of trading in the stock market, etc.[/su_list]

Master Franchise criteria

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  • The pre-requisite for opening a Master Franchise is comparatively higher than those of sub-broker and it is essential to meet each of them:
  • You need to have a basic understanding of the share market’s trading and investment.
  • Your minimum age must be 21 years along with the minimum educational qualification of 10+2.
  • Before you are absorbed by the Angel Broking Franchise or even any other stockbroker, you will be thoroughly checked on the basis of criminal records, your background, any cases that are pending, etc. Candidates with a clean track record are always preferred.
  • Registering yourself with SEBI is mandatory.
  • Having a strong network of clients in your region is essential. In order to meet the branch level experience of potential customers, you should be able to build such an infrastructure.
  • It is important to be able to handle your business with a leadership attitude.[/su_list]

After knowing the eligibility criteria, know about How to Become a Sub Broker of Angel Broking? and reap the benefits of getting associated with it.

Angel Broking Franchise Current Offers:

The sub-brokers and franchise partners can avail various offers from Angel Broking Franchise, which are enumerated below:

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  • For each order, you can now trade at ₹15 Flat Brokerage,  for order value less than ₹50,000 and for the value more than this, it is ₹30.
  • You can open a lifetime free Demat account quickly and easily and begin trading in an hour.
  • By referring your friends, both of you can win Rs.500/- after every successful account referral,i.e after your friends begin trading by opening an account. You get an option to choose the voucher of Paytm, Bookmyshow or Amazon.[/su_list]

Angel Broking Franchise Benefits

Better returns

Angel Broking Franchise provides a good revenue sharing percentage as discussed in the previous section. Also, you will get the security deposit that you had paid upfront, completely refunded.

Rewards are given to the top-performing franchisees and sub-brokers around the country during the yearly offsite program.

Better marketing and technologic assistance:

With Angel Broking Franchise, clients get a number of platforms for trading such as Speed Pro, Angel Trade, Angel Broking Mobile App, Speed Pro.

These are in line with the Robo-advisory recommendations engine Angel Broking ARQ. Besides this, full marketing campaigns are carried out across Print media, TV as well as social media.

Acquiring clients easily:

Angel Broking Franchise enables you to get fair leverage and provides you with trading platforms that have a high performance. The clients get good research and recommendations. All such factors make the acquiring of clients easier.

This has made it get listed among India’s top stockbrokers. When you opt for the Angel Broking Franchise mode, your exposure in the trade gets enhanced. This, in turn, helps in meeting the requirements of the traders with high frequency.

Growth of the career at a steady rate:

Angel Broking Franchise doesn’t restrict your client base in your region through the branch office. In fact, the franchise model lets you enjoy exclusive benefits and eliminates any kind of competition in your region.

Owing to the online process, your clients can enjoy the activation of their trading accounts in as little as 5 minutes. Based on business performance, revenue sharing can increase to a range of 80% also.

Top performers get the privilege of having foreign tours with the management team.

Offers for new customers

Angel Broking Franchise provides amazing offers such as free Demat trading, low-cost brokerage per order, gift vouchers while opening an account through referrals, etc. You can also give such offers to potential clients on becoming a sub-broker or starting a Franchise business

Getting double benefits in becoming a master franchise

In this case, you get double benefits on acquiring new clients, i.e from whom you acquired directly and the clients of the sub-brokers who are mapped under you. This enables the better growth potential of the business at a rapid pace.

Angel Broking Franchise FAQs:

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Angel Broking Franchise:

  • What are the various partnership models which the potential partners of Angel Broking can get?

Angel Broking is a stockbroker offering full services and 3 types of partnership models, namely the sub-broker model which is also known as the Franchise model, master franchise partnership, and Remisier model.

Very little effort is needed in the case of the Reimisier model but accordingly, the revenue sharing and the other associated benefits also decrease.

You need to set up the business operations in the case of the Angel Broking franchise. The Master Franchise has a lot of responsibility as it needs the management of the sub-brokers of the region. Accordingly, you can expect higher monetary as well as other benefits in this model.

  • What is Angel Broking Franchise’s cost that you have to bear?

The price of an Angel Broking Franchise is dependent on the region where you want to operate and is negatable in nature. The upfront price range of the franchise model is ₹50k to 2 Lakh while that of the Master franchise may be as high as ₹3 Lakh.

  • Can I trust Angel Broking if I want to invest a significant amount upfront?

Yes, you can trust Angel Broking for making a notable investment. This is because it has well established itself in the stockbroking industry for over three decades and even listed among the top 7 stockbrokers of India.

Along with online business, it has an extensive offline network, which is another reason why you can rely on it. This makes the process open for tech-savvy people as well as those who are hesitant to carry out the process online.

  • What revenue sharing can be expected from Angel Broking?

There are different business models of Angel Broking. So, the exact revenue sharing depends on the type of model you are opting for. You can get about 30% commission from the Remisier business model but from the Master franchise, you can get as much as 80-85% commission.

  • What advantages can I avail on my partnership with Angel Broking Franchise?

Angel Broking Franchise has adopted advanced technologies and research aspects with respect to its competitors. It also trains you, provides tips as well as recommendations regarding the stock market on a regular basis.

For marketing purposes, it used online as well as offline means such as TV, brochures and newsletters. Besides this, you get the option to gain access to a number of trading platforms that too across all the devices such as mobile, web, or desktop. You will get consistent back-office support to ensure the smooth functioning of the business.

  • What about the payouts of Anger Broking?

There is a slight probability that you may face certain issues initially when you are being set up in the system for about 2 months. But these will be resolved once the verification and processing of your details are completed. You can expect consistent payouts on a monthly basis after this.

In case you are looking to become a sub-broker or a franchise or any other partner in the stockbroking business, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward:



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