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RK Global Sub broker

RK Global Sub broker

RK Global Sub broker is a famous stockbroking business of India which began in the year 1995. RK Global was under Shri Ramesh Kumar Bhagchandka’s leadership, who is the son of Shri Lakhi Prasad Bhagchandka, that this stockbroking house began in New Delhi.

If we consider the past 2-3 decades, there has been a significant growth of this firm which has led to the opening of over 250 franchise outlets across the country.

Currently, the headquarters of RK Global Sub broker are in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has over 90,000 customers in 150 Indian cities across the 24 states where its services are available for the people. It is well known for client satisfaction which has been possible by fulfilling their diverse requirements.

In the year 2004, the retail broking business of this discount stockbroker began on PAN India. Since 2006, the firm has been successfully providing e-trading option to its clients with unlimited trading plans.

It has a unique feature for its clients, i.e providing them with free equity tips, which discount brokers rarely get into. 

In this article, we have tried to cover various aspects of this discount stockbroker such as the business models, revenue sharing, security deposit, offers, advantages, disadvantages and registration process to provide you with a clear picture so that you can make the right decision.

RK Global Partnership models:

RK Global provides its potential clients two partnership models so that they can pick up the one that perfectly fits their investment budget and business goals. These are as follows:

1. RK Global Sub broker model:

People who want to become an entrepreneur will find the sub-broker model perfectly suit their requirements as the company provides them with a platform to set up their business and leverage the brand name. This makes it easy for them to acquire customers and grow in their venture.

It needs you to rent or purchase an office space which will be the workplace of you as well as your clients. It should have basic infrastructures such as a stable internet connection, telephone line, and a desktop or laptop.

From an aesthetic point of view, you should have a good ambience in the office by including some decor, lighting, and furniture, so that it creates a good impression on the minds of your clients when they first visit the office.

The firm will provide you access to all the tools needed for trading and investment such as research report, timely support, etc. Besides this certain initial amount has to be deposited before starting the business which is the security deposit.

2. RK Global Online franchise model:

This is a model for those who want to earn additional sub-broker income through a stockbroking firm. It doesn’t need any initial investment. It is your choice whether you want to take up the business full time or part-time.

In case you want to do it as a part-time, you will not have to shift your focus to this franchise business completely,  as least roles and responsibilities are involved in it

No infrastructure investment is needed in this model as you have the freedom to operate from any place you want, from the main broker’s office or even your own home.

The primary function you will need to perform in in this partnership model is to acquire clients online for which you will be trading. 

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RK Global Initial deposit:

Here is the initial investment you need to make for the partnership models of RK Model:

RK Global Sub broker Initial Deposit:

The initial investment needed for the sub brokership model of this stockbroker is in the range ₹1,00,000- ₹2,00,000. It is refundable in nature and you will get it back when you quit the partnership.

The amount which had not been paid during the course of the partnership will be deducted from the total security deposit before the refund.

Besides this, you should be prepared for investing in the infrastructure with the minimum facilities for running the business. Depending on the decor, furniture and lighting you are installing in your new office, you may have to spend in setting it up and this will be the one time cost.

RK Global Online Franchisee Initial Deposit:

In this model, business is done in the online mode so no office infrastructure is needed. Even security deposit is also not required if you are opting for this model.

But you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset and good connectivity with people to acquire new clients. It is perfect for someone who wants to become a part of the stockbroking industry with zero initial investment.

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RK Global Revenue sharing:

Each of the partnership models of RK Global has different revenue sharing, which are explained  in the following section:

RK Global Sub-broker Revenue Sharing:

A sub-broker is entitled to a revenue share of 60%-80% and the remaining 20%-40% goes to the main broker.  Compared to the other stockbrokers in the industry, RK Global provides a slightly higher revenue share to its sub-brokers.

This percentage is not fixed and varies with the number of acquired customers, the amount of money you have deposited initially for security reasons as well as your negotiation skills.

The higher your initial deposit, more will the revenue share you will be entitled to.

RK Global Online Franchise Revenue Sharing:

This has the least workload in RK Global, so you can expect a revenue share of 40% -60% of the amount generated by the clients which you have acquired and the remaining goes to the main broker.

This percentage also varies with the generated revenue and your capability to bargain the percentage during the sub-broker agreement.

RK Global Sub broker Eligibility criteria:

Here are the conditions which you must fulfil in order to be eligible to apply for any of the business models of RK Global:

  1. A person should have an interest in becoming an entrepreneur and must be eager to avail the opportunity in this space. Then only he can realize the scope he is getting with RK Global brand name for his career in the stockbroking industry.
  2. A previous track record in the financial services is needed along with an existing client base.
  3. Minimum experience of 1-2 years is necessary for the selling of financial products.
  4. The person needs to be capable of investing in both manpower and infrastructure as an amount of ₹1 lac- ₹2 lac is necessary to become a sub-broker.

RK Global Sub-Broker Benefits:

The benefits which a person can get by opting for RK Global stockbroking firm are:

  1. You can make use of the expertise and experience of the main broker to move ahead in your business.
  2. Trading becomes easy because of the platforms provided by the stockbroker.
  3. You will be provided regular updates on a daily, weekly, monthly or even customized basis in the form of research reports from the team of experts in the research and analysis team. This helps you to make the right investment and trading decision.
  4. Whenever you have queries related to the business processes, you will readily get help from the customer help desk that is available 24*7.
  5. You get the option to chose from the 2 business models as per your investment capacity, interest in taking up the responsibility full time or part-time and the business goals.
  6. The firm demands ana affordable security deposit and people looking out for zero investment options also have the option to join the online franchise model. So, basically, the needs of customers are efficiently dealt with.
  7. It provides a wide range of products and services. This lets you meet the demand of your clients by providing with the right one as per their need. This helps in preventing the clients from switching stockbroking houses and stay loyal to RK Global.
  8. It offers free equity search reports which are not provided by any other stockbroking firm in India. The trading tips are also provided through SMS and WhatsApp.
  9. The tools and technology used by the firm are of superior quality that helps the client stand out in the competition.

RK Global Sub-Broker Drawbacks:

We have seen the advantages in the previous section and now we need to know the drawback of this stockbroking firm which is that it’s trading platform needs to be improved for the convenience of clients while trading and investment.

Its limited brand equity is another concern that potential clients may consider. Thus, the broker needs to work upon its branding and marketing activities.

Furthermore, the broker has adopted limited online provisions which are generally considered convenient by clients these days.

These are some of the grey areas RK Global way want to consider working on.

RK Global sub-broker Offers:

The interesting offers provided by the stockbroker to attract customers are as follows:

  1. The trading platform can be accessed in mobile as well as the laptop.
  2. With the range of financial products and services, it has become the one-stop destination for the traders and investors.
  3. You will have access to 24*7 customer support.
  4. Training will be provided along with marketing support to ensure smooth business flow. In case any issues occur with your desktop, there is IT assistance to resolve them. 
  5. The charts and reports provided by experts to the customers help in taking the decision while trading and making an investment.
  6. Online back office for Demat account is available 

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If you wish to become a sub-broker or any stockbroking business partner, just fill in a few basic

RK Global sub-broker FAQs:

When you decide to join RK Global sub-broker, many questions may pop up in your mind regarding this model. We have answered all such frequently asked questions to make sure that the process is fully comprehensible for you. 

In what segments are clients of the sub-brokers allowed to trade and invest? 

The segments in which clients are allowed to trade and invest with RK Global sub-broker are as follows:

  • Currency
  • Commodity
  • IPO
  • Derivatives
  • Equity 
  • Mutual fund
  • The services offered include:
  • NRI Services 
  • Depository services

What are the stock exchanges of which RK Global stockbroker is a member?

RK Global is a member of  NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX, NCDEX, and NSDL, which enables you to offer your clients trading and investing in various products in these exchanges.

What are the advantages of each of the business models of RK Global?

The advantages of the RK Global sub-broker are:

  1. The clients’ brokerages can be decided by you.
  2. You will be provided with complete support for starting your business with the firm.
  3. It offers attractive revenue share better than its peers.
  4. You can fulfil your dream of being an entrepreneur.
  5. Get access to all the trading tools and techniques of the sub-broker such as trading platform, research reports, tips, recommendations, etc.

Advantages of the RK Global Online Franchise model are:

  1. No initial investment is needed.
  2. You can do this as your side business as the workload is minimum.
  3. Setting up the office is not a requirement s you can work from anywhere you want.
  4. You are allowed to trade for your clients.

What are the steps involved in the registration process of the RK Global sub-broker?

The following steps have to be followed to register oneself as the RK Global sub-broker:

A form seeking all your basic details in the firm’s website has to be filled up. You can open a trading account with it.

The call centre executive will call you to verify your interest in becoming a sub-broker of the company and in the second call, an appointment will be fixed for a face to face meeting.

You will be given all the details in the face to face meeting so that you will become clear about the business model and even ask questions if you have any.

Also, this is the right time to negotiate the initial amount you have to deposit and the revenue share you will be entitled to. Do not wait to negotiate these after the sub-broker registration process as you can’t change anything once the registration is done.

If you agree to all the terms and conditions, you will have to submit all the relevant documents along with the security deposit amount cheque. These documents will be sent for verification purpose.

After the verification, the KYC will be successful and an account ID will be generated with which you can begin your business.

How long will it take for the registration process to be completed?

A period of 4-6 business days are needed for the registration to be complete if you have submitted all the necessary information for the KYC, otherwise, it will take longer.

In order to activate the Sub broker’s code, 31 days are needed and for the pay off of the outstanding balance to the partners, a period of 25 days is required.

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