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Reliance Securities Franchise

Reliance Securities Franchise

Reliance Securities Franchise is one of the most reputed stockbroking franchise businesses that came into existence in the year 2005. It is Reliance Dhirubhai Ambani Group’s (ADA) trading arm which is enlisted among India’s largest full-service stock brokers. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai.

You can rely on its services since it a huge satisfied customer base exceeding 8 lakhs throughout India. Its presence is seen in over 1700 cities, which is proof of its extensive network of branches. Through the business associates of the firm, Reliance Securities strives to reach every corner and acquire potential clients.

Reliance Securities is a corporate member of the eminent stock exchanges of India such as NSE and BSE. The clients can easily and conveniently trade through a number of ways such as live chat, desks that deal with the branches, call and trade, affiliate network etc.

There are numerous financial fields in which Reliance Capital Group has its presence, such as mutual funds, wealth management, financial products distribution, equities, asset management, proprietary investments, general as well as life insurance, commercial finance and reconstruction of assets etc.

Clients and business partners are overly satisfied with the range of innovative products and services that it offers. Even complete support is ensured to customers for research purposes.

Reliance Securities Partnership models:

There is only one partnership model of Reliance Securities named Reliance Securities Franchise, that is quite popular in the stockbroking industry. A large number of Reliance Securities Franchise are spread across various states of the country.

With a certain initial security deposit, a person can enter into this partnership business of the firm.

As a sub-broker, you can get access to various tools and technologies that the broker uses. This model lets you begin your own business and fortify it with this established brand name. The infrastructure needs to be set up to operate with the clients in the Reliance Securities Franchise model.

The broker supports you by helping you in advertisements through newspapers, TV channels, mouth to mouth publicity, banners, pamphlets etc. Thus you do not have to worry about marketing your business.

Your income in this model will depend on the revenue which your clients generate. There are other terms and conditions on the basis of which the final revenue sharing ratio is determined.

Reliance Securities Franchise Costs:

An initial security deposit ranging from ₹50,000 – ₹3,00,000 has to be made if you want to opt for the model of Reliance Securities Franchise.

The amount you have deposited is utilised by the broker to provide you with various facilities for the ease of carrying out the business operations such as supporting you in setting up the infrastructure and getting equipment for your office.

It can be negotiated before the partnership begins.

So, the amount you need to pay depends on your negotiation skills. You can have a high brand image if the security deposit made by you is on the higher side. The security deposit is refundable in nature, i.e you will get it back when you decide to quit the partnership.

Reliance Securities Franchise Revenue sharing ratio:

With Reliance securities Franchise, you can expect a revenue share ranging from 40%-70% with coincides with the industrial benchmark, though it may deviate depending on numerous factors such as your capability to convince the executive for a higher share, the size of your existing client base and your past experience in the related business.

The factors which determine your revenue share are the initial refundable security deposit, the performance of the clients, the amount of revenue they generate, profit etc.

Reliance Securities Franchise Advantages:

You can witness numerous advantages by opting for this business model of Reliance Securities. These are explained in the following section:

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  • The buying power of your clients will get enhanced as they will be able to fully use the intraday trading opportunities through the use of innovative products to take advantage of the movements in the market.
  • The firm provides updated and latest trading platform to its clients which makes it quite easier to generate better revenue in a convenient way.
  • The right decision can be taken at the right time owing to the in-depth research reports provided by the research experts of Reliance Securities. Such reports are generated every week, month as well as year so that the profitability of the clients’ increases.
  • In order to efficiently manage the workload in the service field as well as in the operations, the centralised back office is made available to the sub-broker as well as his clients.
  • The real-time examination of the online reports of clients is possible because of the exceptional risk management system of the firm.
  • Since the firm is well established in the market for many years, customer acquisition becomes very easy for you. Also, its extensive support in establishing the infrastructure and marketing will help you to flourish in your business venture.
  • The number of trades can be limited for reducing the losses of clients.
  • This is the one-stop destination that fulfils all your investment requirements as well as objectives by providing you with numerous financial and investment products.[/su_list]

Reliance Securities Drawbacks:

There are a few drawbacks of this stockbroker which every potential customer needs to know before deciding to enter into a partnership with it. These are as follows:

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  • It offers only one business model that limits the chances of acquiring those customers who are in search of options before finalising to partner with a stock broking house.
  • Its initial investment,i.e the security is on the higher side, which may repel the potential customers with a lower budget.[/su_list]

Reliance Securities Franchise Requirements:

There are certain requirements which need to be fulfilled for starting a Reliance Securities Franchise. These requirements  are enlisted below:

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  • A minimum of 5 employees must be there with the sub-broker.
  • A sub-broker must have an office of minimum 300 square foot area from where he can carry out all the business operations.
  • There should be a desktop or laptop, stable internet connectivity and telephone working online. Besides this, Reliance Securities provides the trading terminals for the convenience of the business partner.[/su_list]

Reliance Securities Franchise offers:

You can get numerous offers with Reliance Securities franchise, which are enlisted below:

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  • With a range of products and services that the firm offers the sub-brokers, they can sell these to their customers.
  • Experts in the firm train them to keep them updated and enable them to carry out the business functions smoothly.
  • The revenue sharing percentage provided to Reliance Securities Franchise is quite high.
  • While acquiring the clients, the sub-brokers can access and make use of the extensive research reports
  • It has a flexible revenue sharing model.[/su_list]

In case you are looking to become a sub-broker or a stockbroking business partner in any form, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward:


Reliance Securities Franchise FAQs:

Some of the  frequently asked questions while deciding to join the franchise business have been answered in the following section to simplify the process for you:

What are the business models that Reliance Securities Franchise offers?

You have can join the only business model provided by the firm and that is Reliance Securities Franchise or sub-broker model. Unlike other stock broking houses, it doesn’t offer numerous partnership models.

Do I need an initial investment for becoming a Reliance Securities Franchise?

Yes, a refundable initial security deposit has to be paid by you to become a sub-broker of the firm. It can be negotiated and ranges from ₹50,000 – ₹3,00,000. When you decide to break the contract or quit, it will be returned back to you.

As a sub-broker of Reliance Securities, what revenue sharing ratio can I expect?

Since this firm is a renowned player in the stockbroking industry, it offers a revenue share that is on par with others.

You can expect 40%-70% revenue sharing percentage depending on the amount of initial investment, your clients’ performance and the revenue generated as well as your negotiating skills to bring things in your favour.

What are the products and services offered by Reliance Securities?

You can trade and invest in a wide range of products by partnering with this firm. This includes derivatives, equities, which are the Rsec products and the Reliance securities Services include opening Demat account, Depository Services, extensive research reports, Advisory Services and 24*7 Customer Support.

As a sub-broker, what benefits can I expect from the partnership business?

You can expect to get the following benefits from Reliance Securities on entering into the franchise business:

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  • Lucrative revenue sharing.
  • Innovative products to invest and trade in.
  • A huge brand name that you can leverage for flourishing in your business venture. This makes it easy for you to acquire customers with least efforts.
  • The training which the company provides you enable you to succeed in your venture and stand out among the other contenders in the stockbroking industry. It makes this possible by equipping you with all the latest technological tools and techniques.
  • You will be able to access the trading platforms and tools, research analysis and reports, and the latest technology to stay updated with the market trends.
  • You will have the right to alter the charge structure for the ease of acquisition of more clients.[/su_list]

How does Reliance Securities support its sub-brokers through training?

Reliance Securities supports its sub-brokers for carrying out business operations and earning better revenue in the following ways:

Seminars and educational programs:

It conducts different educational programmes and seminars for the clients so that the products can be marketed and thus the sub-brokers can do better business by gaining ample knowledge and market updates.

Extensive training session:

In order to ensure that the sub-brokers completely understand the products and services which the company offers, they are trained well through different modules. This also makes them capable of making their clients understand the products.

Training for business operations:

This is done to ensure that you smoothly carry out all the functions needed on a daily basis regarding the trading and data repository system for making your venture a success.

Training related to regulations:

This enables you to be well aware of the rules and regulations of the trading market. It also enables you to make the clients aware of their basic rights in the trading industry.

Conducting contents and quiz programs on a regular basis:

This is essential to keep you engaged in your business after which cash prizes are awarded to winners. Even there are other ways of motivating the employees such as by offering them foreign trips.

Training related to sales:

This equips you with the skills that are essential for the potential client acquisition which ultimately has a positive impact on the business profitability and the amount of revenue generated.

What is the process of registration in Reliance Securities Franchise?

There are a few steps involved in the sub-broker registration process, which are enumerated below:

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  • You will initially fill up a registration form that seeks all your basic information. After this, you will get a confirmation call to verify if you are really interested in this business venture.
  • The second call will be regarding detaining you about the business model, the investment you need to make, revenue sharing ratio, the offers you will be entitled to etc. Here you need to fix an appointment for face to face meeting for a more detailed discussion.
  • During the face to face meeting, you can get all your doubts clarified and also negotiate the initial investment as well as the revenue share without fail, as discussing this at a later point will not at all be beneficial to you.
  • The relevant documents need to be submitted for verification after which you will get an account ID for staring your business operations.[/su_list]

How long does the registration process take to be completed?

It takes about 7 to 10 days for the completion of the whole process if you can submit all the documents without fail. Otherwise, it can be delayed further.

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