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Anand Rathi Franchise

Anand Rathi Franchise

Anand Rathi Franchise is a notable partnership business in the stockbroking industry. This full-service stockbroker was initiated by Mr Anand Rathi in the year 1994 and is currently based out of Mumbai. It is spread across India as well as other foreign countries such as Dubai and Bangkok.

A financial partnership between the Anand Rathi Franchise and the Citigroup Venture Capital International (CVCI) started in the year 2007. It ensures a variety of financial as well as advisory services such as those related to commodities, corporate advisory, wealth management, equities,  mutual funds, insurance and investment banking.

Anand Rathi Franchise Basics

The company is known to have an excellent team that carries out research work. It is responsible for maintaining the standards of the company and provide benefits to its clients.  Currently, the number of outlets of the company across India exceeds 450.

With the support that the Anand Rathi provides to its sub-brokers, one can definitely run their business successfully.

It enhances the chances of potential clients acquisition by offering a number of trading, investment as well as advisory products.

Not only this, it gives you an opportunity of cross-selling as well as upselling such products because of which you can earn higher revenue per user.

In this article, you will come to know more such reasons for opting Anand Rathi Franchise over other small stockbroking firms.

Anand Rathi Franchise Partnership models:

There are two types of business partnership models that are provided by Anand Rathi Franchise. These are explained as follows:

Anand Rathi Sub-broker or Authorised person:

You need to make an investment of ₹2 Lakhs- ₹3 Lakhs to become a sub-broker or Authorised person of Anand Rathi.

The company has set strict qualitative parameters for the business partners in order to associate with its business.

It not only analyses the revenue that can be generated and the client base of the business partner but also focuses on its reputation and the network.

This is how Anand Rathi Franchise has successfully sustained its brand equity.

Anand Rathi Remisier partnership model:

In this model, you do not have to spend on the infrastructure, so it is also known as the zero cost infrastructure partnership model.

All you have to do is to operate with the Anand Rathi team for acquiring new clients and expanding the company’s existing network.

It can be accomplished through your social connections among whom you can do word of mouth marketing.

As a Remisier, you get all the support from the broker, in the form of the arrangement of the trading terminal, support in research work, phone as well as the support from the back office.

Anand Rathi Franchise Initial deposits:

Depending on the partnership model you are opting for, you will have to spend different costs, all of which are described in the section which follows:

Anand Rathi sub brokership

An investment of ₹2 lakhs – ₹3 lakhs has to be made to become a sub broker in Anand Rathi.

This expense includes a number of charges needed for setting up your business and maintaining it properly, such as setting up of the infrastructure that involves building office, getting workstations, hiring employees, using the terminal for trading etc.  

Along with this amount, you also need to deposit a certain security amount which will be returned to you once you decide to terminate the contract with Anand Rathi Franchise.

Anand Rathi Remisier model

Here, only a security deposit is needed and no other infrastructure set up cost is there. The security deposit ranges from  ₹20,000- ₹50,000 which is decided on the basis of projected revenue and the client base.

Anand Rathi Franchise Revenue sharing:

With Anand Rathi, you can get a fair revenue share which matches that of the other stock broking houses in the industry.

But you should know that the company maintains its brand name by thoroughly subjecting its partners through various checks such as their experience, credibility, social connections etc.

Here are the details regarding the revenue sharing ratios:

Anand Rathi Franchise or sub-broker:

Once the broker analyses various qualitative parameters for finalising a sub-broker, you can start using this renowned brand name to carry out the business operations.

Owing to its popularity and better services, it generally ensures a good revenue sharing ratio which ranges from 50%-80%.

The exact percentage depends on a number of factors such as the city in which the transaction is carried out, the amount that is being invested, number of years of past experience, the sincerity of the sub-broker that helps him generate a certain brokerage, etc.

You should try to negotiate this share as much as possible as the ratio is not fixed. This will help you in getting things in your favour.

Anand Rathi Remisier:

Since the investment you need to do in this partnership model is zero, the revenue share is also done accordingly. In this case, a Remisier can expect a revenue sharing ratio of 20%-30%.

Anand Rathi Partnership Benefits:

On entering into a partnership with Anand Rathi in any of its business models, you will have a number of advantages as enumerated below:

Trust of a large customer base:

As Anand Rathi Franchise has been existing since so many years, it has gained a place in the hearts of the people.

On being associated with it, you will be in an advantageous position as you do not have to market your services and try gaining the customers’ trust from scratch.

A renowned brand name:

Anand Rathi is a reputed brand name in the stockbroking industry. Owing to this reason, a newer client need not have to make complete in-depth research about the company.

New potential clients will also be eager to join such a reputed brand to give a boost to their career path.

Portfolios diversification:

It is a common thing that the clients are attracted to a company that floods them with better options, rather than offering a single product or service, because, not everyone has the same goals and needs.

Keeping this in minds, Anand Rathi Franchise provides a range of products and services for trading and investment purposes to its clients.

Revenue sharing ratio at par with the other players of the industry:

In order to attract more customers, Anand Rathi Franchise offers a competitive revenue sharing ratio which ranges from 50% and can be even as high as 80%.

Though this ratio depends on a number of factors such as the performance of the sub-broker, revenue base etc, you get a chance to negotiate the value and bring things into your favour.

Anand Rathi Franchise: Better management of risk

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  • The risk management system of Anand Rathi Franchise is too good, because of which it easily comes out of an issue in an efficient manner. This is possible owing to the excellent back support.
  • Services for wealth management and investment advisory: These services make Anand Rathi Franchise more preferable stockbroker for the investors, as these are highly essential for making the whole business venture a success.
  • Initiating the franchise: Through the guidance of the experts from the head office, Anand Rathi ensures complete support to the franchisees so that they can open the franchises.
  • A better business partner: For the business as well as the business partners, Anand Rathi Franchise provides timely support so that the operations are carried out smoothly. This includes support during the acquisition of clients, providing in-depth research reports, recommendations for trading and investment and much more.[/su_list]

Anand Rathi Franchise Drawbacks:

There are certain disadvantages of this stock broking house which are enlisted below:

High initial investment:

You need to invest a large sum while joining the company, especially as a Franchise.

Less negotiation scope:

You can’t negotiate the initial amount easily and end up paying whatever is asked for. Though it is recommended to use your negotiation skills to reduce it at least to some extent.

Stiff competition:

There are a number of other stock broking houses in the market which are its strong contenders and are better in some other aspects too.

This will make you reconsider your decision of joining this one instead of any other full-service stockbroker, with better revenue sharing ratios, much larger customer base etc.

Anand Rathi Partnership Eligibility criteria:

In order to be  a part of any of its business model, you need to fulfil certain criteria, all of which are mentioned below:

Anand Rathi Franchise or sub-broker:

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  • You should have a good status in the market.
  • If you have an interest in setting up your own business, it will be an added advantage for you.
  • You should have the capability to make an initial investment of ₹2 Lakhs – ₹3 lakhs in order to set up an Anand Rathi Franchise.
  • A valid authorised personal certification from SEBI is quite essential for you to become an Anand Rathi Franchise
  • You should have a good client base and a minimum experience of 2 or 3 years for selling the financial products.[/su_list]

Anand Rathi Remisier:

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  • The initial investment amount that is needed to become a Remisier is only ₹20,000 to ₹50,000.
  • An experience of 2 or 3 years in the financial market is mandatory to become a Remisier. This is essential as an experienced person has ample knowledge regarding the market and hence can sustain easily.[/su_list]

Anand Rathi Franchise offers:

Here are some of the offers that you can avail on opting to become an Anand Rathi Franchise:

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  • You can get the offer to waive the investment as well as security money that has to be deposited in the beginning.
  • Anand Rathi offers customised plans for the customers of the sub-brokers.
  • You can get lucrative revenue sharing ratios with the company.
  • High standard advisory services will be available to you, which will be extremely helpful in making the business successful.
  • You can avail the extended credit facility with Anand Rathi Franchise.[/su_list]

If in case you are looking to become a sub-broker or a stockbroking business partner in any form, let us assist you in taking the next steps ahead:


Anand Rathi Franchise FAQs:

In this section, we have answered the questions which generally arise in the minds of a potential customer, when he considers being a part of Anand Rathi Franchise.

What position does Anand Rathi hold in the market?

Anand Rathi is a notable stockbroking house in India. It has well established itself in the market. Owing to this name and fame, it becomes very easy for you to begin your business and make it successful in the competitive market scenario.

What are the various locations where Anand Rathi Franchise exists?

Anand Rathi Franchise has a fairly good number of offline presence across India. In North India, you can find it across Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Jammu &Kashmir and Punjab. In south India, it is spread across Kerela, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Its locations are found across Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat and Rajasthan in West India.

In Eastern India also, it is spread across a number of states such as Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal, Manipur, West Bengal, Odisha, Sikkim and Nagaland. Pondicherry, Andaman & Nicobar, Chandigarh, Lakshadweep and Daman & Diu are the union territories in India where its presence is seen.

What documents do I have to submit in order to complete the registration process?

Here is the list of documents that has to be submitted, to complete the process of sub-broker registration:

    • Proof of Date of birth
    • A cancelled bank cheque
    • PAN card
    • Aadhar Card
    • A proof indicating that you have enough infrastructure to set up and successfully carry out the business.
    • Certificates showing your past experience
    • Certificates indicating your academic qualifications
  • A few photographs of passport size.

After becoming an Anand Rathi Franchise, what support can I expect from it?

Here is the list of support that you will get from the company after the partnership:

    • It provides you with marketing materials for complete marketing support.
    • In order to keep the partners updated regarding the latest trends and technologies, development sessions are conducted.
    • You get access to research reports.
    • Access will be provided to centralised back office support.
    • The Anand Rathi Remisiers get the infrastructure support.
    • For issuing contract notes as well as accessing the back office software, you will be provided proper assistance.
    • Anand Rathi has a special feature named Anand Rathi Assurance that enables the clients of its sub-brokers to directly undertake trading after connecting with the help desk.
  • You will also be assisted in the acquisition of new clients.

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