June 16, 2024
Emkay Global Franchise

Emkay Global Franchise

Emkay global franchise is a reputed player in the stockbroking industry of India which has numerous sub-brokers operating under it. It has its existence since the year 1995.

The investors belong to various sectors such as banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, insurance companies, corporate houses, high net-worth individuals,  domestic mutual fund, foreign institutional investors (FIIs), as well as SMEs.

Emkay Global Franchise Review

The primary aim of  Emkay Global franchise is to identify and invest in undervalued stocks through in-depth research, so as to ensure that the clients remain profitable. Emkay Global operates by combining the big picture thought process with the attention to details which results in a positive value in the clients’ balance sheet.

Owing to the outstanding services which the firm provides its clients, it has won many awards recently. Some of these include Best Research Team Award, Best Sales Team Award, Fastest Growing Financial Company

This firm strives to enhance its offline presence in the country by improving its operational efforts and brand value. Despite all these facts, it is essential for you to know various aspects of the company related to the business models, investment, revenue share, and offers before deciding to partner with it.

Emkay Global Partnership models:

There are two business models which Emkay Global offer and it is the Emkay Global Franchise and the Remisier model. The details of these models are enumerated below:

Emkay Global Franchise:

The model requires a certain amount of initial security deposit. This amount is a primary determinant of the revenue you will get from the business. The firm provides you with the right to use various tools needed for trading, such as trading platform, in-depth research reports, etc. 

But you will be required to set up your office from where all the business operations will be carried out.  Your overall sub-broker income will depend on the number of clients you are able to acquire and the revenue generated by them.

Remisier model:

In this model, an agent is appointed by this stockbroking firm. Depending on the transactions done by him, the company gets a certain amount of commission.

Thus, the agent acts as the company’s direct employee, for which he gets a monthly salary. He is able to earn a decent amount through this business model by building a strong client base.

Emkay Global Franchise Initial Costing:

The initial deposit involved in each of the business models are as follows:

Emkay Global Franchise:

A security amount of ₹1,00,000 – ₹3,00,000 is needed as the initial amount that a person has to invest in starting this franchise business. If the amount deposited by you is on the higher end then, accordingly you will be entitled to a higher revenue share.

The reason why the firm charges you the security deposit is to equip you with the necessary amenities such as the desktop for trading purposes, expenses related to marketing, such as advertising, etc.

But this amount is refundable in nature and you will get it back when you decide to leave the partnership business. Any kind of non-payments of delay in payments will be deducted from this security money.

Remisier model:

This model has the least responsibilities, so, accordingly, an amount of ₹1000 is charged to the persons who opt for it. Thus, the entry barrier to this model, at least monetary wise, is pretty low.

For more information, check this detailed review on sub-broker fees.

Emkay Global Franchise Revenue Sharing:

The revenue sharing for each of the two models are as follows:

Emkay Global Franchise:

In general, a sub-broker gets 50%-80% of the total revenue which is equivalent to most of the firms in the stockbroking industry.

This percentage is not fixed and can change depending on your negotiation capability, the amount which you have deposited as security money as well as the size of your client base.

In case you are able to obtain revenue that is more than the target which the broker has assigned you, then also you can get a higher amount than the above-mentioned percentage.

The remaining 20%-50% of the revenue is meant for the broker. For example, in a month, if you obtain a revenue of ₹6,00,000, you will be entitled to an amount of ₹4,80,000 as a sub-broker and the broker will keep the remaining ₹1,20,000.

Emkay Global Remisier model:

The Remisier is entitled to only 10% revenue in this model as the roles are responsibilities are quite less. As mentioned in the earlier section, since the costing and the responsibilities to join this model are not that high and large, the revenue sharing or income is pretty mediocre too.

Thus, this model may work as a passive income source for you but might not work as the main source of earning.

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Emkay Global Franchise Offers:

If you choose to become a part of Emkay Global Franchise, you can avail the following offers:

  1. It has a flexible revenue sharing ratio.
  2. With prepaid, you can obtain zero revenue sharing.

Emkay Global Franchise Eligibility criteria:

Certain eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled in order to become a sub-broker of Emkay Global. These are enlisted below:

  1. Educational qualification of 10+2 is the minimum qualification necessary to start an Emkay Global Franchise.
  2. A continuous experience of 2 or more years is needed in the stockbroking industry to be eligible for applying for this partnership model.
  3. You should have a basic understanding of the financial terms and articles so that you can carry out the business with ease.
  4. Knowledge regarding the operation of computer programs such as MS Excel is needed for various analytical and operational functions.
  5. You should be able to produce a certificate issued by NISM during the sub-broker registration, as this makes you eligible for applying for the business associations and distribution rights. For more information, check this detailed review on the sub-broker exam.

Emkay Global Franchise Advantages:

Emkay Global Franchise:

Its benefits are as follows:

  1. In a time span of 2 decades, the company has been able to cater to clients of diverse sectors and have a good client base.
  2. It is quite thoughtful for the clients regarding the company’s infrastructural needs.
  3. It ensures the safety of the clientele information by not sharing all details with the franchisers. 
  4. There is a good scope to earn a greater revenue on behalf of the Franchiser. The firm generally pays out a high commission to its partners.

Emkay Global Remisier

  1. When you want to run a side business besides your primary one, this is the perfect model for you. It is because you do not have a lot of roles in this model.
  2. You do not need to be strictly committed to any deadline of achieving a sales target, which makes things much convenient for a Remisier.

Emkay Global Franchise Drawbacks:

Always make sure to be well aware of the advantages as well as drawbacks before finalizing to opt for any franchise business. The limitations of this stockbroking firm are as follows:

  1. The margin provided by it is limited.
  2. It provides average service.

If, in case, you are looking to become a stockbroking business partner in any form, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward:


Emkay Global Franchise FAQs:

While deciding to join any business model of the stockbroking houses in India, many questions may pop in your mind. So we have dealt with  such questions in the following section to simplify things for you:

What are the business models offered by Emkay Global?

Emkay global offers two business models for its potential clients,i.e the franchise or sub-broker model and the Remisier model.

Do I need to deposit an initial amount to start the Emkay Global franchise model?

Yes, you should be prepared with an initial security deposit of ₹1,00,000 – ₹3,00,000 during the registration process. This amount is refundable in nature, so you will get the amount once to decide to quit the model.

Only the amount that has not been paid during the course of the partnership will be deducted from the total security deposit.

What revenue sharing can I expect from the franchise model of Emkay global?

Just like the various stockbroking houses, as a sub-broker, you will be entitled to revenue of 50%-80% of the net revenue generated in case of the franchise model of Emkay Global.

This changes depending on the initial amount paid your negotiation skills and the size of the client base.

What are the benefits of joining the Emkay Global Franchise model?

You can enjoy the following benefits by partnering with Emkay Global Franchise:

  1. The established brand name of the company lets you easily flourish in your business as people have a sense of trustworthiness in it.
  2. You will have the freedom to do everything with which a higher revenue can be generated.
  3. The clients’ brokerage fee can be altered as per your wish.
  4. The firm will help you in using the tools and also provide you with detailed research reports so that you can smoothly carry out the trading.
  5. The revenue share offered by it is quite attractive and is at par with that of other clients.
  6. It has a fairly good offline presence.
  7. You can get a free trading account.
  8. You will be provided with product training.
  9. Full back office support will be provided.

What are the advantages of joining the Emkay Global Franchise?

You can get the following advantages with the Emkay Global Franchise business model:

  1. You can leverage its established brand name in order to easily acquire more clients and expand your business. In such a scenario, you are saved from establishing the company’s brand name so that people will trust it.
  2. It is a well-experienced stockbroking company in various equity as well as a trading instrument market. This provides clients with a very good platform where they can nurture their wealth creation ambition through the stockbroking firm.
  3. By choosing this stockbroking firm, you can get the benefit of thorough and in-depth market research from its team of experts, which will let you identify the profitable stocks and make a fruitful investment.
  4. The firm is known for providing the best services to its customers, for which it has won numerous awards. It ensures a long term relationship with its potential clients.
  5. The clients can take advantage of the latest tools and techniques required for using the mobile app.
  6. Compared to other large stockbroking firms, this firm has a low-security deposit, that is flexible in nature.

Does Emkay Global have CSDL membership?

Yes, this stockbroking house has CSDL membership for BSE, NSE, MCX-SX as well as depository services.

What services can I get from Emkay Global franchise?

Emkay Global is a full-service stockbroker which provides services related to the following:

  1. Portfolio management services (PMS)
  2. Institutional Equities
  3. Investment banking
  4. Wealth management
  5. Commodities
  6. Currency derivatives
  7. Insurance
  8. Retail broking services
  9. Future and options trading.

What steps do I need to follow for the process of registration?

Here are a few simple steps following which the registration can be completed:

  1. Fill a form that seeks all your basic details after which the customer care executive will call you to verify the details.
  2. From the broking house, you will get one more verification call to provide you with the details regarding the partnership model.
  3. An appointment will be fixed in which you can get all your doubts clarified so as to ensure a hassle-free business process.
  4. If you are fine with the scheme, you can provide the necessary documents for verification purpose along with an initial security deposit cheque.
  5. Once the verification is completed, you can get an account ID with which you can begin the business processes.

What documents have to be submitted in order to complete the registration process?

Here is the list of documents which you need to submit for completing the registration:

  • Certificate showing your date of birth 
  • A Canceled Cheque for the bank details
  • PAN Card
  • GST Registration
  • A proof showing the payment of the security deposit.
  • SEBI Registration Certificate
  • A few photographs of passport size.
  • Proof of your investment

How long does it take for the business processes to be completed?

It takes a period of 7-10 days for the whole process to be completed if you submit all your documents on time. In case any relevant document is missing, the process will take even more time to be completed.

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