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Kotak Securities Franchise

Kotak Securities Franchise

Kotak Securities Franchise business comes from one of the first broking houses in India that began the business partnership in the form of sub brokership in the year 2011. It is Kotak Mahindra Bank’s subsidiary and was founded in the year 1994 by Uday Raj Kotak with its headquarters located in Mumbai.

Kotak Securities Franchise Basics

It is enlisted among the top 5 finance companies in India that intend to capitalise the potential of retail outlets and local merchants through its Franchise business. The branches of Kotak Securities are spread over 450 locations in India and there are over 2000 business associates working with it.

Owing to its parent banking brand, i.e Kotak, this full-service stockbroker is privileged to have a reputed brand name. It is quite advantageous for the sub-brokers as they do not have to put any extra effort to create awareness about the brand.

Kotak Securities Franchise makes a number of services available to its customers as well as the business partners. The various financial instruments which you get to trade with it include mutual funds, currency, IPOs, equity, tax-free bonds, etc.

Kotak Securities Franchise Business Models:

On the basis of your requirements as well as goals, you get to choose from a number of partnership models of Kotak Securities as its potential partner. The eligibility criteria, revenue sharing bifurcations, the costs etc.varies for each of the models.

These models have been enlisted below:

Sub-brokership model:

In this model, after the partnership is established, the sub-broker has to deal with the existing customers of the company as well as acquire the potential customers in order to enlarge the network.

With the sub-broker model of Kotak Securities, you get a very good customer base that the company already has which saves you from starting everything from scratch.

NetInvest Ace:

If you have the potential to manage the investments in IPOs as well as the mutual funds and intend to expand the existing client base, then this model is suitable for you.

NetInvest- Direct

In this model, one can get involved with the Kotak Securities Franchise as a new account and start gaining profits. There are people who intend to open a Demat account to start trading in the stock market. For such customers, you can provide the business leads.

Kotak Securities Franchise Initial Costing:

The cost associated with different models varies. These are as follows:

Fees of Kotak Securities sub-broker:

Initial deposit needed to become Kotak Securities Sub Broker cost is ₹3 lakh. Besides this, investment is needed for setting up the office space at a prime location and have a workstation. So, the net expenses are almost ₹5 lakh.

Fees for NetInvest:

In this case, the infrastructure cost is not there, but setting up a good internet connection and a work station, a machine for voice recording with a port needs a little investment. Besides this, some amount has to be paid for registration purposes.

Fees for NetInvest:

In this case, also, the office set up cost is not necessary. Only you need to invest for a workstation with good internet connectivity, and a cell phone number that is valid and the company can contact you through this. Along with this a small registration charge has also to be paid.

Kotak Securities Franchise Revenue Sharing:

The revenue sharing ratio of Kotak Securities Franchise is quite competitive with respect to other bigger players in the market. The ratio is generally standardised but you can negotiate that some times as per your franchise or sub-broker agreement terms with the sub-broker.

The average revenue sharing ratio is 30-50% but it can be as high as 70% when the partner has a strong command over the market and is able to get a significant chunk of business. The company intends to create a win-win situation for both the parties through the best revenue share.

There are a number of factors on which the exact revenue sharing depends, all of which are enumerated below:

  1. The amount of trade volume generated.
  2. Networking skills.
  3. Sub-brokers’ experience in the financial sector.
  4. The current client base.
  5. The amount of security deposit given initially.
  6. The expertise of the sub-broker
  7. City where the transactions are being carried out.
  8. Status of the market

Kotak Securities Authorised person or Sub-broker Revenue Share:

On the basis of the number of factors, the average revenue sharing of this partnership model ranges from 30%-50%. In certain cases, you can negotiate the amount also. The Kotak Securities will get 50%-70% commission in this scenario.

Kotak Securities NetInvest Ace Revenue Share:

In this case, the average revenue sharing ratio is 50%-80%.

Since the NetInvest Ace clients are experienced and have an already existing client base who are likely to purchase other products, and thus gain higher profits, the revenue sharing is comparatively higher than the previous model.

Kotak Securities NetInvest Direct Revenue Share:

This is a model that works on a referral basis, thus it doesn’t have much responsibilities or risks associated with it. Because of this reason, the profits from this model is lowest with respect to the other two.

Still, if we compare the rate of return of the Remisier in case of other companies, Kotak Securities has a fair return ranging from 10% to 20%.

Kotak Securities Franchise Advantages:

The benefits of each of the models of Kotak Securities are different, all of which are enumerated in the following section:

Kotak Securities Sub broker Advantages:

Multiple inclusions:

With Kotak Securities sub-broker, you can get a number of inclusions all of which will assist you in every step of carrying out business. In the process, you can evolve as an expert sub-broker.

Significant earnings:

Working as a sub-broker with Kotak Securities Franchise will provide you with very good earnings that are in the range of 50-70% of the company’s gains.

Established brand name:

The main advantage of being associated with Kotak securities Franchise as a sub-broker is that it is already a renowned brand in the market. Thus it will become easy for you to gain the trust of people.

Support and training:

The company provides for timely marketing support as well as training for the advancement of its partners. The marketing campaigns carried out by it are in the form of various promotional events.

The training keeps you updated with the latest tools and techniques needed to thrive and excel in the current competitive scenario.

Personalisation of offerings:

Since no two customers are similar, the company makes sure that each one gets access to customised services that suits his/her needs perfectly.

Thus as a sub-broker, you need not focus on these things, instead, you can work on adding new customers to the existing customer base by convincing them.

NetInvest Ace Advantages:

Zero investment cost:

This model doesn’t need any investment cost regarding set up of the infrastructure. Only a laptop or desktop is needed with active internet connectivity to execute your functions.

Better commissions:

Here you can avail opportunities for earning better. Besides  this, there won’t be any charges deducted by the company from the commission which you will be earning

Complete automation of workspace:

Since all the work is computerised, the processes have become paperless. Such an automated workspace makes the work easier.

One stop destination:

With the automation of all processes, the problems and queries of the customers can be resolved easily.

The number of benefits for customers:

With all the services that Kotak Securities Franchise provide you, you can feel the ease of expanding your business and gaining the trust of customers.

Total support from the company:

With Kotak Securities, you will always get handheld supports in the form of training and teaching sessions. Every complaint that arises in a department will be taken care of to get them resolved in the least possible time.

NetInvest Advantages:

The flexibility of the job:

In this model, you get the benefit of operating from any place, either your home or some other place as per your convenience. This ensures complete flexibility of the job without the need for setting up your office

Availability of a range of services:

Attracting potential clients becomes easier owing to the availability of a number of services and trading options.

No cost of infrastructure setup:

Since a laptop with an active internet connection is the only thing you need, your infrastructure cost becomes zero. You need not have a particular office to work from

Opportunities for Entrepreneurs:

Kotak securities Franchise provide complete support for anyone who intends to have a startup business. With its support, you can get a very good chance of fulfilling your dreams.

Kotak Securities Eligibility criteria:

  1. Kotak Securities sub-broker:
  • You must be at least 21 years old or more.
  • You should have an educational qualification of a minimum of the 10th standard though graduation in finance and MBA are preferable.
  • An experience of 2 to 3 years in the broking business is needed. You should have worked as an employee or the sub-broker or should have been a sub-broker in the past.
  • Having recommendations from the clients of various companies regarding your good previous track record is an added advantage for becoming a part of Kotak securities Franchise.
  1. NetInvest Ace

You should have a minimum educational qualification of HSC. If this is not your qualification, an experience of a minimum of 2 years or more in the capital market is essential. You should prove the document of the experience certificate to state this.

  • You should not be less than 21 years old to be a NetInvest Ace partner.
  • An NCFM certificate is needed for selling equities.
  • In order to sell mutual funds, an AMFI certificate is needed.
  1. NetInvest Direct criteria:
  • A set of all the updated documents need for sub-broker registration has to be submitted without missing any.
  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • An educational qualification not less than HSC is needed in order to become a NetInvest Direct. If this is not your qualification, you should at least be a matriculate along with an experience of 2 years in the capital market.

Kotak Securities Franchise Offers:

There are a number of offers which are available to a person as a sub-broker. These are as follows:

  • Getting full infrastructure support.
  • Getting packages personalised for the clients of sub-brokers.
  • The revenue sharing ratio is progressive in nature.
  • You will get complete marketing support.
  • Demat account can be freely opened for the sub-broker clients.
  • For a certain period of time, one can avail the advantage of free research and advisory services.
  • Paperwork is less as the work is automated using computers.
  • The margin of money needs is less.

Kotak Securities Franchise FAQs:

Here are certain questions that frequently pop up in the minds of customers who desire to be a part of the Kotak securities Franchise. We have answered them all to simplify things for you.

What does a Kotak Securities sub-broker do?

A sub-broker of Kotak securities is a person who is responsible for routing a trade via a principal broker. He deals with the existing clients of the company.

Can anyone become a part of the Kotak securities Franchise?

No, In order to be a part of any of the business models of Kotak Securities Franchise, you need to fulfil minimum eligibility criteria as mentioned in the previous sections.

What is the revenue a partner earns from Kotak Securities Franchise?

The revenue sharing ratio depends on the business model of Kotak Securities Franchise in which you are involved in. For sub brokership, it ranges from 30-50%, for a NetInvest Ace, it is 50-80% and for a NetInvest Direct, it is 10-20%. The exact earnings depend on a number of factors.

What advantages can I get by being a part of the Kotak securities Franchise?

With this company, you can avail the following benefits:

  1. Training related to the acquisition of clients, using the trading platforms, selling a financial or investment product.
  2. You will get a dedicated relationship manager, with whom you can discuss your issues and get them resolved.
  3. You can get an in-depth research report that can help you while trading as well as tips.
  4. You can get better marketing support whenever needed.
  5. The company has excellent ethics.
  6. You can enjoy a big brand name and easy get the trust of people.
  7. It provides a number of investment solutions.

What documents do I have to submit for registering myself with the company under any business model?

Here is a list of documents that must be submitted to make the registration process successful:

  • Proof showing date of birth.
  • Photographs of passport size.
  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card
  • A bank statement or cancelled cheque
  • A valid address proof
  • Relevant certificates of necessary examination as well as the recommendation of clients.

In case you are looking to become a sub-broker or partner in any other form, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward.

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