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Monarch Networth Direct Franchise

Monarch Networth Direct Franchise

Monarch Networth Direct Franchise is one of the well-established stockbroking business models in India. It is based out of Ahmedabad and has its headquarters in Mumbai. As far as financial products are concerned, there is a range of products and services offered by it to the customers.

This franchise business belongs to the Monarch Networth Capital which is a joint venture of the Monarch Group of Companies and Networth Stock Broking Ltd. These are the strategic financial service providers.

The number of branches of this firm throughout India is more than 85, spread across 21 different states, with over 600  employees. It has more than 1000 Business Associates and has successfully acquired more than 2 lakh clients since its inception.

In the last two decades, since the year 2011, it has created a strong position in the market because of which customers prefer to be a part of it. Its strength is because of its technology, tie-ups with various stock exchanges as well as good offline presence.

You need to know various aspects of this stockbroking house before deciding to partner with it.

This includes its business models, revenue sharing ratio, the initial investment required, offers, benefits as well as drawbacks. We have discussed all these in this article which will help you make a well-informed decision.

Monarch Networth Capital Business Models:

This stockbroking house provides only one business model, i.e the  Networth Direct Franchise or sub-broker model. If you have strong knowledge about the stockbroking industry, then you can opt to enter into a partnership with this model.  

It is even better if you have experience of managing any financial company.

Persons with an entrepreneurial bent of mind and a zeal to set up their own business will find this an excellent opportunity for themselves. It lets you fulfil your dream with minimum investment. Thus you do not have to work for others anymore.

You need to have a good social circle so that you can convert your friends and acquaintances into the company’s clients.

Support will be provided by it for client acquisition in the form of marketing assistance for branding the business. All you need to have is the idea of initiating it and the team will ensure the stability.

Monarch Networth Direct Franchise Initial Investment

A certain amount of security money is needed to start the  Monarch Networth Direct Franchise. It is in the range of ₹75,000 – ₹2,00,000 which you will get back without any interest once you decide to quit the partnership business.

This is charged to ensure the seriousness of the partner while making the necessary payments needed to be made during the course of the partnership. 

In case he fails to pay any or there is a delay in the payment, the amount is deducted from this security money.

Thus you will get the remaining amount at the time of quitting. The security money helps the firm to mitigate any kind of monetary risk related to the business venture.

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Monarch Networth Direct Franchise Revenue Sharing:

If we compare the revenue sharing model of Monarch Networth Direct Franchise with the other stockbroking houses in the industry, we can see that it offers a better revenue sharing ratio of 60%-75%. The remaining 25%-40% goes to the main broker.

A franchisee can expect better revenue share depending on his past experience in a similar field, his current client base and the net revenue generated by the business.

When a partner generates higher revenue, he is also entitled to certain incentives from the firm.

Such opportunities to earn more keep motivating the business partners to enhance the position of the firm in the market.

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Monarch Networth Direct Franchise Offers:

To attract more potential customers, the firm provides various perks to Monarch Networth Direct Franchise.

These are enumerated below:

1. Since this firm has its presence in since more than 2 decades in the stockbroking industry, people have developed a sense of trust in it that they are in the safe hands by partnering with it.

It is capable enough of handling various unexpected circumstances and making it easy for the people to carry out business functions smoothly.

2. The primary reason behind the Monarch Networth Direct being a strong leader in the stockbroking sector is its “customer first” approach. This is something that is extremely helpful for the customers and it convinces them to be a part of it

3. The firm has a research team which formulates excellent marketing strategies and uses the latest tools and techniques to keep up with the current trends. It helps the customers in knowing if trading and investment will be profitable so that they can make the right decision.

4. It makes use of superior technology that is quite user-friendly which are easily used by the sub-brokers.

5. Investment is made by the firm in the training and upskilling of the business partners. In case you have employees, they will also be trained to bring out the best in them so that they can ensure better profitability of the firm.

6. Huge support to the branding and publicity comes from the seminars and workshops conducted by the stockbroking house.

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Monarch Networth Direct Franchise Eligibility criteria:

There are certain eligibility conditions which you need to fulfil in order to enter into a partnership with Monarch Networth Direct Franchise.

These are explained in the following section:

  1. You should have completed your graduation to become a sub-broker.
  2. Past experience regarding the handling of financial products or handling stockbroking products is a great advantage.
  3. You should have a good number of people in your social contacts to be able to convince them to join this stockbroking firm.
  4. Office space has to be set up so that you can interact with the clients as well as carry out the business operations.
  5. You need a license or a certificate of registration for any of the stock exchanges.
  6. A few stockbrokers may require you to pass a sub-broker exam to onboard with your business.

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Monarch Networth Direct Franchise Advantages:

Here are the benefits of partnering with Monarch Networth Direct Franchise:

  1. Since it is a well-established brand name in the stockbroking industry, you do not have to put any extra efforts in newly creating its brand image for acquiring new customers.
  2. You can access the tools and technologies used by the broker.
  3. The charge of your clients can be fixed by you.
  4. It offers a lucrative revenue sharing ratio.
  5. It doesn’t need a very high initial investment to start the sub-broker business.

Monarch Networth Direct Franchise Drawbacks:

After knowing the benefits, you should always try to dig into the drawbacks of a business model to make sure that you are making a well-informed decision.

Its drawbacks are as follows:

  1. It’s trading platform needs some improvement for a better experience.
  2. Since it has only one business model, people looking out for the stockbroking houses with various options of partnership, won’t be attracted to Monarch Networth Direct Franchise.

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Monarch Networth Direct Franchise FAQs:

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this franchise business which might pop up in your mind when you are deciding to join this business model.

We have answered them in this section to make sure that you are well aware of all its details before deciding to join it:

1. What are the various stock exchanges of which Monarch Networth Direct is a member?

NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX NCDEX, are the major stock exchanges in India, of which Monarch Networth Direct is a member.

2. Is it necessary to establish an office infrastructure for the functioning of the Monarch Networth Direct Franchise?

No, you do not have to mandatorily set up the office infrastructure for carrying out the business operations. If you are sufficiently knowledgeable and have enough experience in this field along with a good client base, you can begin the business and the main broker won’t interfere at all in the process.

3. What are the products and services offered by this Monarch Networth Direct Franchise?

Here is the list of products and services which Monarch Networth Direct offers its clients for trading purposes:

  • Equity
  • IPO
  • Derivatives
  • Commodity
  • IPO
  • Mutual Funds
  • Currency trading
  • Bonds and Fixed deposits
  • Depository services
  • Merchant banking
  • General insurance
  • Life insurance

Sub brokers can offer all these products to their clients. This firm is known to have a fairly good offline presence across the country.

All these diverse offerings make this firm a one-stop destination for the potential customers and prevent them from looking out for other stockbroking houses that can meet their needs in a better way.

4. What is the process of getting registered with Networth Direct Franchise?

You need to follow a few simple steps in order to complete the registration process with Networth Direct Franchise. These are as follows:

  1. First of all, a form seeking all the basic details need to be filled up. Then you will receive a call from the call centre executive for verifying if you are really interested in the venture. 
  2. There will be a second call from a sales executive of the firm who will schedule a meeting to discuss all the details. In this meeting you can ask any doubts you have regarding the firm and the business model such as its initial investment, revenue sharing, offers, assistance, etc.

Also, it is the right time when you can use your negotiation skills to bargain the initial security deposit amount, to bring things in your favour.

Make sure to do this before the registration process or else it would be of no use to negotiate at a later point of time.

  1. Once you agree with all the terms and conditions and all details of the business model, you will have to submit relevant documents that will be sent for verification purpose. Along with this, you will also have to submit the cheque mentioning the security deposit amount.
  2. When the verification will be completed, you will get an account ID which you can use for beginning your business.

5. What documents need to be submitted for completing the registration process?

Here is the list of documents which you need to keep ready, the original ones as well as a set of photocopies before the registration process starts so that it can be completed smoothly:

  1. Proof of identity which can be Aadhar card, PAN card, Passport or Driving license.
  2. Provide your PAN card or passport for age proof.
  3. Proof of your address which can be  Passport, Adhaar Card, Voter’s ID, Driving License or any utility bill.
  4. Proof of your academic qualifications in the form of all the relevant educational certification.
  5. Certification of registration with SEBI.
  6. Details of the banks in the form of a cancelled cheque.

You will need to enter into a sub-broker agreement with the stockbroking company that has its own set of conditions that need to be taken care of.

6. How long does it take for the whole registration process to complete?

It takes around 4-6 days for the completion of the registration process. 

7. How are the customer support services of this firm?

The customer support services of this firm are quite responsive in nature. It offers assistance 24*7 for resolving queries and issues of the clients.

8. What are the advantages of opting for Monarch Networth Direct over other stockbroking firms in the country?

The reasons why you need to choose this firm are as follows:

  1. Choosing a company with 25 years of experience provides you with an assurance that you won’t be ever repent on your decision by opting for it as will provide excellent guidance because of its expertise in the market.
  2. Finding a stockbroking house that provides all kinds of products and services, eliminates the reasons to search for a better firm than this. Also, its revenue sharing ratio is better than other firms that justifies our point.
  3. Regarding technology, the firm ensures complete support so that the clients do not face any issue while trading and carrying out the business functions.
  4. The main broker will provide live back end support, so that you can retrieve the records related to the business easily, such as the monthly revenue record.
  5. Its initial security deposit is quite reasonable as well as affordable. This is even refundable in nature. 
  6. The firm provides a trading platform which you can access from any device and at any time. It is accessible from mobile, laptop or desktop.
  7. Its Research and analytics team ensures round the clock monitoring of the market to provide the best investment solutions to the customers. It provides reliable predictions because of which it has won the trust of many clients.

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