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Goodwill Commodities Franchise

Goodwill Commodities Franchise

Goodwill Commodities franchise is a reputed stockbroker in the industry based in Chennai. There are many sub-brokers operating under it since its inception in the year 2009. It has well established itself since the last 10 years and successfully catered the requirements of the investors and well as traders.

Goodwill Commodities Franchise Review

Just like its name, Goodwill Commodities is an expert in trading commodities and making investments. The distribution network of this firm is considered to be the largest and provides a wide variety of products to the customers for trading. There are 27 locations in India where it is present. 

Besides being a small stockbroking house, it has an active client base exceeding 7000 with a net annual turnover of ₹50 lakhs. Its team of experts will help you flourish in your stockbroking business. Its relationship with 24 leading banks enables the convenient transfer of funds.

We have covered the essential aspects of the Goodwill Commodities franchise business in this article such as the initial security deposit, the return, offers, benefits, and drawbacks. Going through this before taking an investment decision will help you determine if this is a suitable business model for your needs.

Goodwill Commodities partnership models:

There are two partnership models provided by Goodwill Commodities, both of which are explained below:

Goodwill Commodities franchise:

This is also termed as the authorized person. It is perfect for someone who can meet the infrastructure requirements such as office space of 300 square feet or more located in a prime location, with two computers having the latest specifications and a dealer. 

This model needs you to have marketing staff or admin as well. You will be provided with access to technology as well as tools of the firm. Besides this, it provides support for standing out in the crowd.

Goodwill Commodities Remisier model:

This model has fewer roles and responsibilities compared to the Goodwill Commodities franchise. It doesn’t need any investment in the infrastructure. The main function of this model is to get potential clients after which all other processes will be carried out by the firm.

In this case, the broker provides trading terminals, desks for dealing and a landline telephone. You will be provided with back office support along with product support for the efficiency and smoothness of the business operations.

It is suitable for the one who wants to earn additional income from a side business.

Goodwill commodities franchise initial investment:

To set-up, any business be it in the stockbroking space or out of it, you may need to incur some initial investment. When we talk about Goodwill Commodities, the broker has placed in a very minimal initial costing for its potential partners to join in. The cost, however, depends on the business model you go ahead with, as mentioned below:

Goodwill Commodities franchise:

In this case, a security amount of ₹25,000 is needed which will be given back to you while leaving the partnership model. Another ₹5,000 is needed as the franchise fees, of which half of the amount will be compensated on attaining the target.

There is another optional refundable amount for VSAT that has to be refunded, i.e ₹1,00,000 which you will get back after 3 years. There is a non-refundable charge of ₹250 for the terminal license for every month.

Goodwill Commodities Remisier model:

No security money needs to be deposited in this model. It is possible to start a business with just ₹1000 in this model.

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Goodwill Commodities Franchise Revenue sharing:

The revenue share that can be expected in each of the two business models are as follows:

Authorized person:

The total revenue generated in this model is equally divided between the main broker and the sub-broker which is similar to that of the other firms in the stockbroking industry. With an increase in the trading turnover, the revenue earned increases.

In the initial stage, the ratio is generally 50:50. But when the turnover in a month exceeds ₹150 Cr, the main broker gets 40% and the authorized partner gets 60%.

When the turnover exceeds ₹250 Cr the ratio between Authorised partner and company is 65:35 and when it exceeds ₹300 Cr, the ratio is 70:30. Suppose the revenue exceeds ₹350 Cr, the decision related to revenue sharing is decided by the board.

Remisier model:

It has a lower revenue share since client acquisition is the only function in this case.

He is entitled to an amount of 20% or 30% of the total revenue generated and the remaining 70%-80% goes to the main broker since it is responsible to accomplish all other functions after the clients are acquired.

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Goodwill Commodities franchise Eligibility criteria:

The following conditions need to be fulfilled in order to start a Goodwill commodities franchise business:

  1. There should be a good track record of the person in the financial field or some other similar kind of business. A fairly good customer base is needed to enter the business venture.
  2. An experience of 2 or 3 years is needed for selling the financial products.
  3. You should be prepared with a sufficient amount of funds for meeting the working capital needs.

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Goodwill Commodities business Advantages:

There are certain benefits of joining Goodwill Commodities as a business partner. Although, it depends on your partnership model, client base etc.

Let’s have a look:

Goodwill Commodities franchise

  1. People who are interested in the commodities segment can be easily attracted.
  2. There will be various tools and technologies accessible to the business partner.
  3. You will get back the initially deposited security money.
  4. If you can get more clients added to the firm’s network, you will earn a better profit.

Goodwill Commodities Remisier:

  1. The Remisier do not have to deposit any security money.
  2. Client acquisition will be the only function that you need to accomplish. This can be done easily under the brand name of the firm.
  3. The revenue sharing ratio in this model is on par with the industry.

Goodwill Commodities Remisier Drawbacks:

There are some disadvantages to this model, which a person must know before deciding to opt for it. These are:

  1. Its customer service needs some further improvement as they take more turnaround time.
  2. The in-house trading platform needs a little more focus.
  3. It doesn’t have high research quality in the currency segment like certain other firms.

Goodwill Commodities Franchise Infrastructure needs:

You need to follow the following infrastructure needs to begin this franchise business:

  1. The office area must be at least 125 square foot.
  2. There has to be at least one employee working under you on a full-time basis, to efficiently accomplish the business functions.
  3. A stable internet connection along with a desktop is mandatory for carrying out the online processes of trading.

Goodwill Commodities Franchise Offers:

Here are the offers which you can avail on opting for the franchise business of this stockbroker:

  1. Revenue sharing is flexible in nature.
  2. Compared to other stockbrokers, it has low initial investment.
  3. It provides a high earning potential along with other products and services for attracting customers.
  4. Timely training, research reports, and other supports are provided to ensure the success of the business venture.
  5. It provides discounted brokerage fees and flexible brokerage plans.
  6. Your account will be opened free of cost.
  7. There is a zero deposit provision that is useful for those with less capital or new entrants in the business.

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Goodwill Commodities Franchise FAQs:

Many questions may arise in your mind when you want to opt for the Goodwill Commodities Franchise program. We have answered all such frequently asked questions related to this stockbroker, to simplify things for you.

What are the business models offered by Goodwill Commodities?

This stockbroker offers two business models, namely the Goodwill  Commodities Franchise and Remisier model. You can opt for the one that best suits your business requirements and goals.

Do I need to invest any amount initially to start the franchise business?

Yes, an initial refundable amount of  ₹25,000 has to be deposited along with a franchise fee of ₹5,000 for starting the business. Another VSAt amount of ₹1,00,000 can be deposited if you want and it will be refunded in three years. There is a terminal license charge of  ₹250 which has to be paid.

What are the benefits of opting for Goodwill Commodities Franchise?

The advantages of joining this stockbroking house are as follows:

  1. Specialized services are available in Commodities segment, which you can offer your clients as a sub-broker of the firm.
  2. It uses the latest technology for trading.
  3. Being an experienced stockbroker, and offering low initial investment, the customers with a low investment capacity can opt for it.
  4. Revenue sharing can increase with the increase in the number of clients and better revenue generation.
  5. Investors get attracted owing to the low brokerage plans.
  6. No margin money is charged by the firm.

What other products do the company offer except commodities?

Other products offered by the company are:

  • Mutual funds
  • IPO
  • Derivatives
  • Currency
  • Equity

What support can I expect on joining Goodwill Commodities franchise?

The support which you can get from this stockbroker for the organization’s growth have been enlisted below:

  1. Training support
  2. Marketing support
  3. Trading support
  4. Back office support
  5. Product training

What steps does the registration process of Goodwill Commodities partner involve?

There are a few steps that need to be followed for Goodwill Commodities franchise registration, which is as follows:

  1. The form seeking all your details need to be filled up after which a verification call will be made to know about your interest in the venture.
  2. In the second call, a meeting will be fixed with the sales team after explaining you the details of the business model.
  3. In the face to face meeting, you can clear any confusion you have about the stockbroker and its business models, such as any hidden costs, revenue you will get, etc. Also, try to negotiate the initial amount you need to pay. 
  4. After this, you will have to submit all the documents along with the security deposit money for the process to begin.
  5. The documents will be sent for verification after which an account ID will be generated so that you can immediately start the business process.

How long does the registration process take to complete?

It takes nearly 4 business days to a week for the process to be completed. In case you fail to submit any information, then it will get further delayed.

The sub-broker code activation time is 30 days and the payout time for sub-brokers is 31 days.

Where are the trading platforms available with Goodwill Commodities partner located?

It provides a mobile trading app that runs on Android as well as iOS. It provides updates, real-time data, global indices, and lives market status on your mobile screen. It is possible to add the portfolio on the mobile app for tracking it. Besides this, there are email alerts for the updates and deals.

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