April 20, 2024
Arihant Capital Franchise

Arihant Capital Franchise

Arihant Capital Franchise is one of the reputed franchise businesses in the stockbroking industry. It was started in the year 1994 and has its headquarters located in Mumbai. Today it has a customer base exceeding 30,000, along with more than 760 investment centres in over 128 cities.

Arihant Capital has a specialized team for mutual funds and insurances and provides the option to trade in various segments. Besides enjoying the products and services, the clients of this firm can stay attached to a public bank or private bank. The only problem with this stockbroking firm is that it has not tied up with the small banks.

Arihant Capital Franchise Review

Opening a sub-broker account with this firm is quite easy and can be done online just by submitting the Aadhar card.  Once this is completed, the sub-broker will be provided with tips for trading along with recommendations, a thorough analysis of the share market.

The brokerage charges of this stockbroking house are on a higher-end, so it is essential for the customers to know about selling off the services which the firm offers

Before deciding to partner with the Arihant Capital Franchise, you would know its various aspects such as the initial investment needed, the revenue sharing ratio, training that it provides its staff, management support, benefits as well as disadvantages.

We have covered all these topics in this article to make sure that you can make a well-informed decision.

Arihant Capital Business models:  

There are numerous business models offered by Arihant Capital to potential clients such as:

Arihant Capital Franchise or the sub-broker model:

A sub-broker is also referred to as the authorized person. If you are a businessman by profession and has a fairly good network of clients, then this is a suitable model for you. You need to set up an office with all the necessary resources to carry out the business functions.

A certain initial investment will be needed in this model. A well-populated area in the city centre will be a suitable location for establishing your office and this is completely up to your discretion.

All the clients in your region will be associated with you besides those whom you have acquired exclusively.

Arihant Capital In-house sub-broker model:

If you have the potential to operate independently even without an office set up, then you can opt for this model. But you need to have a strong network for this.

You will be associated with a dealer depending on the amount of brokerage generated so that you can easily place the orders.

Arihant Capital Joint Venture model:

In certain cases, a person may want to partner with Arihant Capital for financial support, for setting up his office although he is an existing partner of some other stockbroking house. In this case, the Joint Venture model is the perfect fit. 

A certain amount of initial investment is needed in this also, which you will come to know during the meeting with sub-broker. You can use your business strategy and implement it during this mainstream partnership.

Arihant Capital Independent Financial advisor

This is a suitable model for someone who is reluctant to set up his own team and wishes to operate independently. A good network of clients is a positive aspect of this business model that is sales-oriented in nature.

Unlike the above business models, it is not necessary to invest an initial amount in this.

Arihant Capital Franchise Initial investment:

You should be prepared with an initial amount of ₹50000 to ₹1 lakh if you intend to opt for the Arihant Capital Franchise model. This amount is slightly lower compared to that charged by other reputed stockbrokers. Besides this, there are Trading Platform charges.

If the brokerage ₹1500, then there are no Ari-Trade or ODIN charges in each quarter or else ₹250 for each month.

In general, the ODIN Diet is ₹250 for each segment and the Ari-Invest Web is free of cost. All these above-mentioned costs remain the same in the models except that the office set up investment is not needed in the infrastructure level requirements.

Arihant Capital Franchise Revenue sharing

For the different business models, revenue sharing is enumerated below:

Arihant Capital Franchise

In this case, the sub-broker is entitled to 70% of the net revenue generated and the remaining 30% goes to the broker, i.e the ratio is 70:30.

Arihant Capital In-house sub-broker:

In this model, the revenue share varies with the amount of brokerage that is generated. It is fixed in different slabs such as 60% is meant for the broker and 40% for the sub-broker when the brokerage is below ₹25,000.

If the brokerage is between ₹25,001 to ₹50,000, the sub-broker gets 45% and the broker gets the remaining amount. Similarly, if the brokerage exceeds ₹50,000, the revenue will be shared equally between the broker and sub-broker.

Arihant Capital Franchise Eligibility criteria:

Since Arihant Capital offers different partnership models to its clients, the eligibility criteria for each is different. These are enumerated below:

Arihant Capital sub-broker:

Its eligibility conditions are as follows:

  1. You have to be a business person with at least 2 years of experience in financial product selling or distribution.
  2. The educational qualification that you must possess must be MBA, CA, CFA, etc. along with experience in the market for the concerned qualification.
  3. Knowledge regarding market operations is needed along with the related regulations.
  4. Minimum office space of 250 square feet is needed in a prime location in order to sustain in the competitive market. Being in such a location, the potential clients can trace it easily without having to search it extensively if it is located in a remote location.
  5. The office must be well equipped with the necessary equipment such as a desktop, printer, scanner, stable internet connectivity, and telephone connectivity, some decent furniture and interior decor to create a good impression in the minds of the customers.
  6. The security deposit needed in this case ₹100,000 for each segment along with a capital requirement of  ₹50,000. You will get back the security deposit while leaving the partnership.

Arihant Capital Joint Venture:

In this case, you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. In the broking business, you must have an experience of 4 years.
  2. The office space must be of 500 square feet in this business model along with other requirements such as good internet connectivity, telephone line, suitable staff for carrying out the business operations, etc.
  3. The amount of investment needed in this model depends on various factors such as the location of the business,  size of your client base, the revenue that your business can generate, the number of segments, etc.

Arihant Capital Independent Financial Advisor model:

In this case, no office infrastructure setup is needed. But you need to have a good experience in financial products. Other requirements regarding the certification and skills are the same as the above models. 

Arihant Capital Franchise offers:

Here are the offers which you can avail by opting for Arihant Capital Franchise:

  1. The initial deposit in this model is only ₹10000 which implies that at this much investment only, you can begin your business operations. With the increase in revenue, you can add it to this deposit. 
  2. Besides this, you can enjoy a flexible revenue sharing process with this stockbroking house.
  3. You will be provided with training support.
  4. The technical support in the form of desktop/laptop, phone etc. will be provided.
  5. It maintains a transparent relationship with its clients.
  6. You will get a range of financial products and services.
  7. Owing to the multiple business models, it has good flexibility of options for its customers.
  8. The guidance will be provided at all the time to make sure that the clients do not face any inconvenience.

If in case you are looking to be a sub-broker, partner or want to set up stockbroking business in any capacity, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward:


Arihant Capital Franchise FAQs:

Many questions may pop up in your mind while deciding to choose a partnership model. In this section, we have answered all such frequently asked question with respect to the Arihant Capital Franchise, to make things simpler and more comprehensible for you:

What are the business models which Arihant Capital provides its sub-brokers?

Arihant Capital provides 4 business models, namely the Arihant Capital Franchise, In-house sub-broker model, Joint Venture model, and Independent Financial Advisor. You can choose the one that perfectly suits your requirements.

Do I need to make an initial investment in the Arihant Capital Franchise model?

Yes, you should be prepared with an initial investment of ₹50000-₹1 lakh. The security money for any of the models taken from you will be refunded if you decide to leave the partnership model.

For more information, check the ‘Investment’ section above.

What is the process of registration of Arihant Capital Franchise?

A few simple steps are involved in the registration process of Arihant Capital Franchise, which is as follows:

  1. You will need to fill up a form that seeks all your basic details after which you will get a verification call regarding your interest in the partnership venture.
  2. Another call will be made in which you will be explained all the details about the business model. During this call, an appointment will be fixed for a face to face discussion in which you can get all your doubts clarified.
  3. If you are fine with everything, then you will be asked to submit the relevant documents along with the security deposit cheque.
  4. The documents will be sent for verification after the completion of which you can start trading.

The process after document verification is as follows:

  1. The account details will be provided to you when the verification is over.
  2. You can access the trading platforms as well as the back office.
  3. All your official property will be verified with the regional executive 
  4. You will get a signup kit that includes signboards, brochures, visiting cards, etc.
  5. You will be assigned a customer support executive.
  6. There will be regular training and seminar for your development.
  7. You will have access to market research and get risk management support systems.

What documents do you need to submit for the registration process?

Here is the list of relevant documents that you need to keep ready for the registration process to be completed successfully:

  1. PAN card
  2. Aadhar card
  3. Passport size photos
  4. Proof of residential and official address.
  5. Adhaar card
  6. Original as well as photocopies of your certifications as well as educational qualification.
  7. From a registered chartered accountant, you need to obtain a reference letter.
  8. SEBI registration certificate
  9. GST registration certificate
  10. Proof of investment
  11. Cancelled cheque of the bank for all details.
  12. NISM certificate

Why should I partner with Arihant Capital Franchise?

The reason why you should opt for this stockbroking house are as follows:

  1. It provides exponential commercials.
  2. The investment needs are among those with the least amount in the stockbroking industry.
  3. Business dealings have clarity and ethics.
  4. There are advanced trading terminals and platforms.
  5. The brand has a good market presence, which makes it easy for you to carry out the business operations as you do not have to create awareness about it among the clients.
  6. It provides very good marketing support along with an in-depth research report of the share market to ensure that you make the right investment and trading decisions.

What are the stock exchanges of which this stockbroking firm is a member? What services can I get from this partnership?

This stockbroking firm is a member of MCX-SX/ MCX, NCDEX, NSE/ BSE, F&O. Besides this, the firm provides DP with CSDL which enables the clients to trade in such segments.

You can enjoy various services such as the opening of Demat Account, Trading Account, Advisory services, IPOs, Wealth Management services, NRI services, PMS.

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