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IndiaNivesh Partner

IndiaNivesh Partner is a business model of the reputed broker – IndiaNivesh that became a full-service stockbroker in the year 2006. Rajesh Nuwal founded it and by today, the broker has successfully created an active client base exceeding 15,000 and offers numerous segments to its customers for investment purpose. 

The firm integrated with MCX – SX, MCX, NSE, BSE (BSE), and NCDEX  for becoming a complete service stock dealer. For Demat services, it makes use of CSDL.

Its is based in Mumbai and caters the financial and trading needs of its potential clients by offering them numerous services.

There are hundreds of IndiaNivesh Partners across India and it has successfully created a very good impression despite being a new player in the market.

IndiaNivesh Securities lets clients alter the brokerage as per the customers’ requirement.

You need to know its various aspects such as types of business models, initial investment, revenue sharing, offers, advantages and disadvantages to make a well-informed decision. We have covered all these topics in this article.

IndiaNivesh Business models:

There are two business models offered by IndiaNivesh Securities to its customers:

IndiaNivesh Partner:

This is also known as the franchise or the sub-broker model in which the concerned person needs to make an investment for the infrastructure, i.e set up or rent an office space where he will deal with the clients and perform other business operations. The IndiaNivesh Partner needs to create his own client base to establish his business.

Since this model needs a low initial investment, it can be easily afforded by anyone who wants to start his/her career in the stockbroking industry.

People with entrepreneurial mindest are the best fit for the IndiaNivesh Partner model. It offers a lucrative revenue sharing ratio but the person needs to have good contacts so that he can acquire more clients easily.

IndiaNivesh Referral model:

In this model, all you need to do is to add more clients to the existing client base of the stockbroking firm. This needs you to have a very good social connection so that you can refer your friends, relatives, and other acquaintances to join the firm. 

After your referral, all the functions will be carried out by the company.

This model also needs a certain amount to be deposited in the beginning.

IndiaNivesh Partner Initial Investment:

The initial investment needed for each of the models are as follows:

IndiaNivesh Partner or the sub-broker model Initial Investment:

The security money that you need to deposit when you are opting for this model is  ₹50,000. You can also deposit an amount higher than this if you wish and accordingly the revenue share you will be entitled to will increase.

This amount is refundable in nature and is charged to make up for any charges that you are unable to pay or delay while paying when you are in this partnership business.

The amount that has not been paid will be deducted from the total security money and the rest will be refunded to you when you decide to quit the partnership business.

Besides the security money, you need to have enough amount to set up your office, interior decor to provide a decent aesthetically pleasing ambience to your new clients, furniture, a stable internet connection, telephone line, and a laptop or desktop to work. All these are mandatory for sustaining the business.

A fixed amount needs to be paid every month for the rent of the office( if any), internet, telephone and electricity bills.

IndiaNivesh Referral Initial Investment:

This model has the least responsibilities and accordingly, the security money needed in this case is very less, i.e only  ₹10,000 which can be easily afforded by anyone.

This model is ideal for someone who wants to be a part of the stockbroking business and earn extra sub-broker income without having to take up a lot of responsibilities like the IndiaNivesh Partner model.

Also, no investment in infrastructure is needed as you can work from the office of the main broker or else from your home as per your convenience.

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IndiaNivesh Business Revenue sharing:

The revenue share the business partners will be entitled to are explained in the following section:

IndiaNivesh Partner Revenue Sharing:

The revenue share a sub-broker is entitled to be in the range 50%- 80% and the remaining 20%-50% will go to the main broker.

The exact revenue share depends on the amount of initial investment made, the total revenue generated, size of the client base, experience as well as your negotiation skills.

IndiaNivesh Referral model Revenue Sharing:

The revenue share in this business model is just 10%-30% owing to the least responsibility associated with it. When the acquired clients will generate revenue, you will be entitled to a share of this amount.

The remaining 70%-90% goes to the main broker.  But you can easily earn this consistently as long as you are able to  bring new clients to the firm

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IndiaNivesh Business Partner Advantages:

Here are the benefits of joining this stockbroker:

  1. Support is provided to the clients for taking the long term as well as short term investment decision through the free research report. This keeps them profitable in their venture.
  2. It is the one-stop destination as the range of products and services offered by the firm caters the need of customers with various needs.
  3. With the two business models offered by the firm, you can choose the one that best fits your investment capacity and business goals.
  4. Its revenue sharing ratio is quite attractive and flexible.
  5. If we compare the brokerage charges of this firm with that of the others in the industry, we can find that its charges are lower, which tempts potential clients to opt for it.
  6. Marketing and training support is provided along with the facility to resolve any queries of the clients through the film’s customer care service. Training keeps the clients updated about the tools and the latest technology implemented by them.
  7. In order to fortify your business, support for acquiring clients is provided so that you can ensure profitability.
  8. Clients can be provided with customized research reports along with trading and investment recommendation for their convenience on the quarterly, half-yearly and annual basis.

IndiaNivesh Partner Offers:

Here are the exciting offers which the company provides its potential clients to attract them to join the business:

  1. The trading account is provided free of cost.
  2. It lets the traders request a flexible brokerage if they want.
  3. When a referred candidate starts trading with the firm, then it is compensated by the firm.
  4. Customers can get intra-day service.
  5. Clients can get a trading exposure which is 6 times of the provided leverage.
  6. It provides Demat services along with trading service.
  7. They provide attractive offers such as holiday offers to the clients
  8. Assistance is provided for investment banking and corporate advisory services are also ensured.

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If you wish to become a sub-broker or a stockbroking partner in any capacity, just fill in a few basic details in the form below:


IndiaNivesh Partner Drawbacks:

There are a few drawbacks of this stockbroking firm which you should know before finalizing your decision to join it. These are:

  1. Its mobile app is of low quality.
  2. The customer service provided by it is not very good.

IndiaNivesh Partner FAQs:

We have answered the frequently asked questions which you may come across while deciding to enter into a partnership with this full-service stockbroker. Go through the following FAQs to understand the process well:

What services and products does IndiaNivesh Securities provide its customers? 

Broking, sales, institutional equities trading, and financial product distribution are the specialized services offered by this firm. Other services include private equity investment, wealth management, investment banking, portfolio management services, corporate advisory and strategic investments.

The products clients are offered with the firm are as follows:

  • Derivatives
  • Mutual funds
  • IPO
  • Equity
  • Commodity
  • Currency

What kind of support does IndiaNivesh Securities provide its clients?

The support provided by this stockbroker to the clients for the smooth functioning of the business is trading support, dealing support, acquisition support, back-office support, marketing support. Only advisory support and product training are not provided.

What are the infrastructure requirements of IndiaNivesh Partner?

Here are the infrastructure requirements which you need to fulfil without fail:

  1. An active and stable internet connection is must as all activities are online in nature.
  2. Research services are compulsory.
  3. It is not compulsory to have trading terminals.
  4. You must have a dedicated telephone line in your office.
  5. Employees may be hired depending on the requirement who will help you in carrying out the business processes in the office.

What are the benefits of each of the partnership models of IndiaNivesh Securities?

The advantages of the IndiaNivesh business models are as follows:

  1. IndiNivesh Partner or sub-broker:
    • This model provides you with attractive revenue sharing.
    • The initial security amount is quite affordable.
    • The brokerage charge for the clients can be fixed by you.
    • You will be given access to the different tools, trading platforms, and technology which the broker uses.
  2. Referral model:
    • You can take up this model as your side business as you do not have to stop your primary business to enter this model because it needs the least functions to be accomplished.
    • The initial investment needed is quite less and anyone can afford it.
    • Depending on the number of clients you add to the company’s network, you can get a good revenue share.
    • You can work from any place as per your convenience and the workload is also not very high.

What is the process of registration for IndiaNivesh Partners?

There are few steps which need to be followed to register for IndiaNivesh Partner. These are as follows:

  1. The basic details need to be filled up in the sub-broker registration form available on the website after which you will get a call from the call centre executive to know if you are really interested to enter into a partnership with this stockbroking firm.
  2. There will be a second call from the sales executive of the firm to fix a face to face meeting with the main broker’s team in which you can ask any question related to the business model such as the cost involved, revenue share you will get, the offers, benefits of joining it, etc. 

Try to negotiate the initial deposit that you need to make as well as the revenue share you will be entitled to before the registration gets completed so that things will turn into your favour. Make sure to use your negotiation skills to get this done.

  1. Once all the doubts are clear, you need to submit the documents which will be sent for verification purpose. Along with this, you need to submit the security deposit cheque also. 
  2. When the verification is completed, a sub-broker agreement has to be signed between the broker and the IndiaNivesh Partner. You will also be provided with an account ID using which you can start the business functions.

How long does it take for the registration process for IndiaNivesh Partner to be completed?

The whole process gets completed within 8-12 days if you submit all the documents on time without fail. But if any information is missing, then you may have to wait longer for the process completion.

What are the trading platforms offered by IndiaNivesh Securities?

This stockbroker offers trading platforms which ensure efficient functionality, integration, and quality. Its trading platforms are:

IndiaNivesh Securities Web Platform

It is a comprehensive platform that enables portfolio tracking and trading functions for efficient portfolio management. It plays a major role in the firm’s financial objectives. It enables access to the equity, derivatives and commodity markets through research as well as expert consultation.

Other things included in the trading platform are risk profile, SIP calculator, portfolio clinic, and charting.

M-Nivesh Mobile App:

It is the mobile trading app that is supported in Android as well as iOS platforms. It shows global indices, helps in monitoring the market, placing the order, modifying or cancelling the already placed orders, visualizing and handling the portfolio, providing data and alerts on a real-time basis. It has a drawback as it is slow and not much user-friendly.

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