May 26, 2024
Sharekhan Franchise

Sharekhan Franchise

Sharekhan Franchise is among the most notable stock brokers in India. Shripal Morakhia of Mumbai is one of the biggest pioneers of India’s online retail broking. He established the stockbroking firm – Sharekhan in the year 2000.

Today BNP Paribas has acquired Sharekhan completely and kept its name unaltered.

It has over 3000 sub-brokers, with a majority of its business carried out by the offline offices. There are present in about 600 cities and towns in India where you can find Sharekhan. Recently there has been a lot of advancement in its online retail business as well which has led it to acquire a sizable customer base.

Through different online mechanisms, You can access its brokerage services from anywhere in India. It is available through its online website as well as the mobile app.  The traders, investors, corporate as well as the NRI’s are the clients of Sharekhan.

If you want to operate your own business independently and earn a profit, then the Sharekhan Franchise is one of the best ways to do it.

Sharekhan Franchise Partnership Models

Sharekhan offers three different partnership models that are customised to meet the requirements of every client. With such models, you can get maximum profit after establishing a trading business under such a renowned brand of the industry. The types include:

Sharekhan sub-brokers:

They are also referred to as Sharekhan Power brokers or Sharekhan Authorised person or Sharestops, which is the most opted model. Here, the partnership is established with Sharekhan along with setting up a trading business of your own. You can take advantage of a number of personalised service options offered under this model, that are quite flexible in nature.

The clients who are into online trading on their own are the target of the Sharekhan sub-brokers. The financial advisors, sub-brokers, financial products distributors,  as well as the business owners find this model most suited for them.

For ensuring smooth and hassle-free services such as the sales of Equity, monitoring the risk, and managing the issues associated with the Operations, Sharekhan tags a specific relationship manager.

Not only this, but Sharekhan also provides for marketing, technology as well as service support. For enhancing the business and creating a win-win situation for both the broker as well as the Sharekhan Franchiser, marketing support plays a significant role. This is accomplished by setting up events or activities that enhance brand visibility.

For proper functioning of all these setups, Sharekhan ensures that the concerned persons are provided education as well as training regarding its different processes, portals and offerings. In order to maintain its outreach to the vast customer base efficiently, the brokers are regularly updated with the latest market news as well as the forecasts.

Likewise, if you are interested in becoming a Sharekhan sub broker, you might as well want to know the Sharekhan sub broker charges.

Sharekhan Sub Broker Benefits:

Let’s have a quick look at some of the benefits offered by Sharekhan Franchise model to its clients:

Investment in Derivatives and Equity

This is the best option if you intend for wealth creation on a long term basis. Your risks reduce as the derivatives help you to get a clear picture of the market movements.

The excellent research of Sharekhan provides its clients with top picks and alpha delivery which enables you to make a better investment decision in different products such as the F & O, options as well as equity.

Besides this, its guidance on the stock market helps in getting better returns on the investment. Depending on your requirement, you will get a range of investment products.

Investing in Mutual funds

Sharekhan is a certified mutual funds distributor which offers you a range of schemes including SIP. It helps you to reduce the risk. If you are a mutual fund client of Sharekhan, you can get consistent back office support.

Its services can be availed in offline as well as online mode. Besides this, you will get to know the way in which the mutual fund performs in each category through its “mutual fund ready reckoner” facility.

Investment in currency

While doing this, you can get high leverage and low margin with Sharekhan, and reduce the potential chances of incurring a loss in the business. This type of investment lets you easily identify the best time for making an investment during volatility.

Web-based free educational classes

Through its Online Training Academy, Sharekhan provides its clients with training regarding the commodities, options as well as equity trading. There is a program named IGNITE that offers a special education course for the business partners and other holdings.

All these enable you to learn trading’s technical as well as analytical aspects easily.


HNI clients can avail the advantages of multiple portfolio management. For long term investment, there is PMS ProPrime scheme of Sharekhan. Also, for guaranteed returns, there is PMS ProTech. Such clients can get a thorough research report from Sharekhan to ensure a profit.

IPO investment

This helps you in getting a decent return with less risk. Sharekhan has no hidden charges or brokerage for application to IPO. This has Application Supported by Blocked Amount facility.

The list of perks offered by the broker goes on and on. Read why partner with Sharekhan to know more.

By knowing the benefits of Sharekhan Sub Broker, interested to get associated with them. Know How to become Sub Broker of Sharekhan? and reap its benefits.

Sharekhan Franchise Benefits

Furthermore, here are the advantages for you as a business partner:

  • HNI clients can get personalized solutions through this partnership model.
  • Better service is available as there are dedicated relationship managers appointed for carrying out the activities such as operations, risks, and sales improvisation.
  • The variety of services available to clients can be customized as per their needs.
  • This partnership model has a bandwidth that can support a huge client base.

Sharekhan Independent financial Advisor or IFA

This partnership product is applicable to mutual funds and allied products only. If we analyze the name of this model, we can clearly understand that it needs only those candidates who are capable of carrying out advisory functions to guide the clients for making better investments.

So, if you have plans to limit your investments in mutual funds and related products you can opt for this partnership model.

Here are its advantages:

  • You will get the assistance of dedicated relationship managers in order to carry out the operational and advisory matters efficiently.
  • For high net worth individuals, there are modified solutions available.

Sharekhan Remisier model

A Resmisier’s prime purpose is to get the clients to the company and gain profits through them. This partnership model is fit for someone who has good public dealing skills along with a fairly large network. Since in this case, you can work from anywhere as per your choice and convenience, it doesn’t demand the need for any infrastructure.

The advantages of this partnership model are:

  • You do not have to set up your own office and can work from any place.
  • You get a relationship manager who is readily available for resolving any kind of issues that you may encounter.
  • Earning profits is easy because you get a chance to earn with every client added to Sharekhan’s customer base through you.

Sharekhan Franchise Initial Costing:

A minimum deposit of ₹70,000 to ₹1,00,000 is needed for a Sharekhan Franchise to begin the business with the organization. In case you already have a business with a decent client base, then you can negotiate this deposit amount to get things in your favor.

The cost of Sharekhan Franchise is a deposit of ₹70,000  which the broker has to make. After this, the office also needs to be set up. So, the net investments sum up to ₹2,00,000. You may find companies charging less, but then you need to consider the brand value you are getting.

Sharekhan Franchise Revenue Sharing:

For the sub-brokers of Sharekhan Franchise, the revenue sharing is in the ratio of 60:40 to 70:30. The exact amount depends on the deals which a broker gets from Sharekhan.

It implies that in the 60:40 model, 40% of the total revenue attained from the business is owned by Sharekhan and the partner gets 60%.

In the case of the Remisier as well as in the case of the Independent Finance Advisor, the profit distribution is negotiable and can be decided while initiating the contract. Besides this, you can also avail the offers and deals if any, to get better benefits from the partnership.

Sharekhan Franchise Benefits:

Here is a list of advantages that you will get by joining Sharekhan Franchise:

One of the biggest brand name in India:

When you are with a renowned brand, it speaks for itself. The popularity of the Sharekhan Franchise has made it embraced by many people. People have a trust for this brand and this is the reason which will help you in easily acquiring customers when you start using this brand name as a business.

Extensive research

Sharekhan Franchise has prioritized in-depth research to provide maximum knowledge and keep updated. Such kind of practice at fundamental as well as the technical levels has proven to be quite useful for the clients and the partners.

Use of latest technology

This is the factor that has kept it at the forefront despite many competitors in the industry. It makes use of the automated advanced risk monitoring systems that help in carrying out the transactions in a hassle-free manner. You can get different trading platforms with Sharekhan Franchise such as Sharekhan Mobile App, Sharekhan Mini, Sharekhan Trade Tiger, etc.


Sharekhan mainly intends to imbibe trust in the minds of its partners and clients by ensuring complete transparency.

Free training and seminars

This is provided to all the employees of Sharekhan Franchise to make sure that they stay knowledgeable and updated regarding the latest trends in the market, newer concepts, advanced education regarding the share market, and about the competitive environment, etc.

Allotment of dedicated marketing help and support

This assists the partners to succeed in their endeavors by providing business development opportunities. They also provide timely support as and when needed, to resolve any work-related issues

High level of customer satisfaction

This ensures that you do not have to spend a lot of time fixing the problems of your clients. Thus you can divert your complete concentration towards the development of your business.

Sharekhan Franchise Requirements

There are certain basic requirements which you need to fulfill in order to start working with Sharekhan Franchise.

These differ with each partnership model. In case you do not have any previous experience in the industry, then also you can set up your own business with it. This is the factor that makes it an excellent opportunity for startups.

Here is the list of things you need to get registered with Sharekhan:

  • PAN card
  • Adhaar card
  • 2 latest photographs
  • Document showing date of birth for verification. Make sure that you are 21 years or more.
  • Educational qualification degree
  • Details of your bank statement.
  • An address proof
  • A proper legal agreement for the Sharekhan Franchise office, in case you are renting one.

There are some more requirements that are not compulsory but can make you a preferable candidate for the Sharekhan Franchise. These are enumerated below:

  • If you are already a business owner with experience.
  • You already have 1-2 years of experience as a sub-broker, financial advisor or finance distributor.
  • If you possess a graduation degree in finance.

Sharekhan Franchise Eligibility

Here is another list of specific eligibility which must be definitely fulfilled before applying for Sharekhan Franchise:

  • If your age is minimum 18 years old, then only you can begin any kind of business with any broker.
  • You should at least have a bachelor’s degree but if it is in commerce, it gets priority.
  • It is mandatory for you to have a valid sub-broker registration, either in NSE or BSE.
  • Certain skills such as handling of clients, managing the business and team, handling the crisis, prioritization of the business, and better communication skills are some qualities that make you a preferable candidate.

Sharekhan Franchise Offers:

Here are some of the offers currently being run by Sharekhan Franchise:

  • You can avail the following offer in the Sharekhan Franchise:
  • Free Demat account opening.
  • Better revenue sharing.
  • Lesser brokerage charges as the initial deposit are high.
  • Less margin

Sharekhan Franchise FAQs:

Customers generally come up with some questions regarding Sharekhan Franchise of its sub-brokership, which have been answered in the following section.

Can I open Sharekhan Franchise in smaller towns and cities of India?

It doesn’t matter what geographical location it is, you can definitely open Sharekhan Franchise in tier 2 and tier 3 towns also. The main point is that your town need not be a metro but its population should be decent enough and has less competition so that you will feel more confident.

Is it compulsory for a person to deposit the initial amount to become a Sharekhan Franchise?

Yes, this is compulsory. It is just a security deposit you need to pay initially. Every major stockbroker charges this before you enter into a partnership with them.

Is it possible to obtain a revenue sharing that is over 70%, from my Sharekhan Franchise?

70% is the revenue sharing which you get in general. But if you succeed in ensuring regular business numbers, then you can get even more brokerage than this.

What is the minimum duration in which I can begin the Sharekhan business?

It can happen in just 2-3 days or even a week for you to get started with the Sharekhan Franchise business. The factors that affect this duration is the documents and other inputs which you provide the company.

If you have provided all the necessary information, without missing any of them, then you can begin the business a little sooner. But in certain cases, onboarding issues pop up, making the process time-consuming.

If you are looking to become a sub-broker or a stockbroking partner in any form, let us assist you in taking steps ahead. Just fill in some basic details in the form below:



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