June 16, 2024
Sharekhan franchise benefits

Sharekhan Franchise Benefits

Becoming a sub-broker partner by associating with big stockbrokers is now becoming a trend. Clearly, these programs have their own benefits apart from just making extra money. One such infamous stockbroker, Sharekhan also comes with a Franchise model and here we’ll get into knowing the Sharekhan Franchise Benefits.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into this; by understanding its meaning first. 


Well, Sharekhan is obviously known to all as one of the most reliable and sustainable full-service stock brokers in India. 

Not just for trading, this stockbroker is grabbing attention with its Franchise model which includes three different partner programs to fit all types of clients and their requirements. 

This program majorly offers an additional source of income for individuals already into some business or planning to become an entrepreneur leading to financial independence. 

With a minimum initial deposit, one can grow their business and earn more profits by enrolling themselves into either of its plans. 

Talking about the Sharekhan Franchise details, the broker  offers 3 partner plans, namely,

  • Sharekhan Power Broker: The first plan called the Power Broker is the most chosen out of the three. This facilitates an individual to become a partner and set up their own trading business. This program targets onboarding of customers who in general trade by themselves.
  • Sharekhan IFA: IFA also called the Independent Financial Advisor partner program by Sharekhan is yet another sub broker model offered for individuals who are into financial advisory majorly focusing on the Mutual Funds segment.
  • Sharekhan Remisier: A sharekhan Remisier is the one who independently sources clients for the broking firm and then earns on a commission model. In this plan, one would not need any specific infrastructure to work. In Fact, this comes with the freedom to work flexibly. 


Sharekhan Franchise unlike many other stockbrokers has got some unique benefits that help the partner to flourish in their trading career not just as a trader but also as a financial advisor. 

  • Can Run the Partner Model Using Advance Technology

Technology tops the list of advantages that the Sharekhan franchise offers. The sub-broker gets to use all the latest technology and features in trading platforms as provided by Sharekhan. 

You get to track the trades of the clients for referrals on a single dashboard which itself eases out of the house over there. 

Hence becoming a partner will let you explore Sharekhan’s trading platforms such as Trade tiger, Sharekhan Mini and many others. 

  • Get Advanced Business Tools to Run a Business 

And if you are a business entity or in other words run a business of your own you definitely would be needing a few business tools to smoothen your entire business practices. 

Two tools such as the Power Admin login and RiskTiger are offered by Sharekhan to its business partners also called the sub-broker partners to place the KYC requests of the accounts easily and check the customer details.

And as the name suggests, RiskTiger is used to manage the risk appetite and to view squares of details at the same time. 

  • Advanced Research Reports For Both Partners And Their Clients

Research reports are one of the key features that any investor or trader craves. Sharekhan being a full-service stockbroker with no doubt facilitates research reports both for fundamental and technical analysis and thus making a perfect portfolio.

Since proper data points would be provided to you it is expected from you to have a minimum understanding of analysing the reports as per the trading needs so that you can guide your clients further.

  • 24/7 Personal Relationship Manager Support

Anyone entering into this part of the stock market would definitely require some assistance to take the first step. And to do that Sharekhan has facilitated a service of a personal relationship manager to assist the partner throughout his or her tenure. 

Not just that they in fact organize free training programs for all to share knowledge around the stock market and their business. 

  • Brand Recognition

There’s not much to tell about this, as we know the name speaks for itself. As a partner, you‘ll get to boost your reach under the brand name Sharekhan. 

So let’s get into a brief understanding of the plans this Sharekhan Franchise has;


Still wondering why partner with Sharekhan?

To sum it up, Sharekhan franchise is an all in one package to satisfy any type of client needs. Be it an already established business owner or an individual looking forward to setting up his own business. 

Although it is still needed to always have the background check along with Sharekhan Franchise eligibility of the plan you are going with. 

Till then,

Happy Investing!


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