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Ventura Securities Franchise

Ventura Securities Franchise

Ventura Securities Franchise comes from the house of Ventura Securities, a prominent stockbroking company based in Mumbai. Since 1992, Ventura Securities has been in the industry. Mr Sajid Malik is its Managing Director and today it has more than 1500 sub-brokers spread across India.

Ventura Securities has its registered office in n Thane (Maharashtra).

If we combine the urban, suburban and metro locations, there are over 525 terminals of the company which are spread across 85 different locations, serving over 80,000 clients.

The primary moto of this stockbroking house is to ensure that the ROI (Returns on Investments) is maximized. Since there are many prominent players and professionals backing it up, it is quite reliable.

This firm has membership in various stock exchanges in India such as National Stock Exchange (NSE), Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), National Commodity Derivative Exchange (NCDEX) and  Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

It offers excellent services to its partners regarding commodities and stocks. Besides this, other financial products which it offers the customers include Currency, IPOs, Mutual funds, Corporate FDs, and Bonds.

Ventura Securities Partnership models:

Ventura Securities provides two different partnership models from which it’s business partners can choose the one that best suits their business goals.

These models are as follows:

Ventura Securities Franchise model:

This is also referred to as the business partner model or sub-broker model of Ventura Securities in which you become its exclusive member.

If you opt for this partnership model, your main function will be to acquire new clients to enhance the company’s existing customer base.

Besides this, you will also have to support them. If you have a good social connection, then this model is perfect for you.

If you have an in-depth knowledge regarding entrepreneurship then it will be an added benefit to starting a Ventura Securities Franchise. Enough savings are needed so that you can invest in your franchise business as well as hire employees for its efficient functioning.

It is essential as a large number of clients need to be handled.

Ventura Securities Professional referral model:

As the name indicates, in this model, an individual needs to be a  professional in a certain field such as Financial planning, Accountancy or Insurance. People who intend to have a secondary income generally opt for this model as you get a chance to earn a decent amount with the least responsibilities.

What a professional referral does is he refers to his already existing clients to join the company’s network.

They are acquired by informing them the advantages they will have with the firm, such as getting a number of financial and trading products to make an investment, complete back-end support, recommendations, and tips, etc.

So, the above are the partnership models that will help you become a sub broker in Ventura Securities.

Ventura Securities Franchise Initial Costing:

Depending on the region where you have started the business partnership with Ventura Securities, the costing will vary. The initial security deposit is ₹1 Lakh which you will get back when you decide to quit the partnership with Ventura Securities.

In the Professional referral model, the initial investment needed is ₹20,000 which is refundable in nature.

A registration charge of ₹2360 has to be paid for each segment to get registered in NSE and this is non-refundable in nature.

This is a must requirement if you want to trade in equity, cash F&O, commodity, currency or derivatives.

You have to make an investment for setting up your office that has to be at least 200 square feet in a prime location in case you opt for the Ventura Securities Franchise model.

Other related costs include that of the interior, furniture, installing CCTV, laptops or PC, call logger or landline along with at least one terminal, broadband cost, electricity bill etc.

While joining the company, it is advisable to know all the details regarding the expenses you need to bear, so that there won’t be any feeling of hidden charges at a later point of time.

You can do this during your face to face meeting with the Ventura Securities Franchise executive before the commencement of the registration process.

Ventura Securities Revenue Sharing:

The two business models of the firm have a different revenue sharing ratio which is explained below:

Ventura Securities Franchise:

The revenue sharing in this model is higher owing to the numerous responsibilities a business partner has to handle. The exact amount you will get depends on a number of factors such as the size of your business, the net turnover and the amount of brokerage generated.

In general, you will be entitled to a revenue share of 50%-80%.

Though no one will ever tell you for a negotiation, you must always try to negotiate the revenue sharing percentage to get things in your favour.

This has to be done in the beginning before the sub-broker registration process begins, as negotiating at a later point may not be effective.

Professional Referral model:

In this model, the responsibilities are least, so it has low revenue sharing percentage i.e only 25-35% and the company will have the remaining 65%-75%.

Ventura Securities Franchise Advantages:

With Ventura Securities Franchise, you can get the following benefits:

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  • Since this stock broking house has been in the market for so many years, it has a significant client base and people trust the brand. Thus you will not have to put extra efforts to create brand awareness and convince people about it.
  • You get access to use any of the superior quality trading platforms such as Venture Wealth, Ventura Pointer etc.
  • It has a revenue sharing percentage for each of its business models that is at par with the other players in the stockbroking industry.
  • On a regular basis, you will be provided with tips and recommendations along with detailed research reports on the basis of which you can take the investment decisions. Your clients will be further benefited from such services that they can avail through you.
  • You get a range of products to choose and make the investment as per your requirements and goals. Even acquiring the clients becomes easier because they need diversity for the ease of selection of investment product. A company offering one or two products are the least likely to acquire many clients.[/su_list]

Ventura Securities Franchise Drawbacks:

Besides the benefits, there are certain drawbacks of this stock brokering firm. Here are these concerns which you need to know before taking the decision of partnering with it:

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  • It has high initial investments with respect to the other players in the stockbroking industry.
  • Regarding expenses in marketing campaigns, the firm doesn’t allocate a significant budget.
  • Its focus on technology is not very high.
  • Exposure is quite less.[/su_list]

Ventura Securities Franchise Eligibility Criteria:

There are certain criteria for joining Ventura Securities Franchise model that you need to fulfil. These are enlisted below:

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  • Your minimum educational qualification should be 10+2 though in certain cases they consider candidates with 10th pass also. If you have higher educational qualifications such as graduation in finance and marketing, then you will be preferred over others.
  • You should be at least 21 years old.
  • You should be able to comprehend the local market operations. If you have good social connections then it is an added advantage because you can quickly add new potential clients to the existing client base.
  • Minimum experience of 3 years in the financial industry is needed.
  • You must be a registered member of the regulatory bodies. There may be certain other criteria which the broker’s representative will let you know during the face to face meeting[/su_list]

Ventura Securities Franchise Offers:

While opting for the Ventura Securities Franchise model, you can avail the following offers:

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  • It offers a flexible revenue sharing ratio by allowing negotiation.
  • Your security deposit can be waived off in certain circumstances.
  • You can get cash back in the brokerage.
  • The credit period is high.
  • You can get a range of financial products such as SIP, mutual fund, bonds, etc.
  • You can avail their pointer facility that is quite helpful for analytical purposes.[/su_list]

If you are looking to become a sub-broker or a stockbroking partner in any form, let us assist you in taking the next steps ahead.

Just fill in some basic details below:


Ventura Securities Franchise FAQs:

Some of the common questions arise in the minds of the potential customers when they are looking out to join a stockbroking house. We have answered all such questions in the following section to make the process comprehensive for you:

What are the business models offered by Ventura Securities?

You get the option to choose from two business models that Ventura Securities offers, namely, Ventura Securities Franchise and Professional referral model.

What is the initial investment needed to start Ventura Securities Franchise or the Professional referral?

An initial refundable security deposit of ₹1 lakh is needed for starting Ventura Securities Franchise. But along with this, there are other charges of setting up the office, getting a laptop, furniture, etc all of which may add up to an amount of ₹2 lakhs to ₹5 lakhs.

In the case of the Professional referral model, an amount of ₹20,000 has to be paid as an initial deposit which will be returned to you when you leave the partnership.

Does the firm provide any training session for the Ventura Securities Franchise?

Yes, the firm’s Relationship Managers trains its partners as well as the employees so that they can efficiently perform client acquisition, enhance sales pitch and smoothly carry out the business processes. It even provides an operating manual to its franchise partners along with advisory calls in the form of emails and SMS alerts.

As a partner, you will even learn about the company’s in-house software, its trading platform, Pointer needed for equity, mutual funds and commodities and hidden online fund transfer processes. All this will be taught by the back office technical team of Ventura Securities.

What is the process of starting a Ventura Securities Franchise?

Here are the steps which you need to follow if you are opting for the Ventura Securities Franchise:

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  • A form seeking your basic details has to be filled up after which you will get a verification call regarding your interest in the venture.
  • An appointment for face to face meeting has to be set up with the business representative who will explain to you the whole process, the roles and responsibilities you need to carry out. You can even ask any doubts related to the partnership model.
  • If you decide to enter into the partnership, the relevant documents have to be submitted. Before this, you should negotiate the revenue sharing percentage to make things favourable for you. Also, ask about all the initial as well as regular expenses you need to bear throughout.
  • Once the documents are verified, you will get the franchise business code to start operating.
  • There will be arrangements to inspect your franchise office in the follow-up meetings. Some employees such as callers, operational executives, front desk receptionist etc. have to be hired to handle the clients every day.[/su_list]

What documents do I need to submit for the registration process?

Here is a list of basic documents which you must keep ready for the registration process to be completed successfully:

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  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card
  • Two photographs of passport size.
  • Proof of your address.
  • In case you are applying as a sub-broker, you will need a rental agreement.
  • Certificates showing your educational qualification
  • A certificate showing your date of birth
  • A bank statement[/su_list]

As a Ventura Securities Franchise and referral model, what revenue sharing percentage can I expect?

In the case of the franchise business, you can expect a revenue share of 50%-80%. The exact share depends on the amount of revenue generated, size of your business and the turnover generated.

In the case of the referral model, the revenue share is only 25%-35%, since it has minimum functions.

How long will the registration process take to be completed?

If you submit all the relevant documents on time, then it may take 12-15 days for the whole procedure to be over but if any information is missing, the process may get delayed.

What financial and investment products does Ventura Securities offer?

With Ventura Securities, you can get a wide range of financial and investment products such as a commodity, equity, currency, IPO. Mutual funds, insurance bonds, fixed deposits, corporate fixed deposits etc.

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