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Zenmoney Franchise

Zenmoney Franchise

Zenmoney Franchise is a renowned stockbroking business in India. It was founded in the year 1986 by Ravindra Babu Kantheti and has its headquarters located in Hyderabad. 

In the year 1995, Zenmoney was transformed into Zenmoney securities Limited making the overall company structure different from its original format.

It is Hyderabad’s first corporate member as well as the first of its kind to allow AP on the NSE, i.e National stock Exchange.

There are over 70 branches and associates of this stockbroking firm spread across Andhra Pradesh, Odisha,  Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and West Bengal.

It carries out the operations through 500 trading terminals from about 140 different places.

This full-service stockbroker provides financial and investment services and products to the customers. It ensures long term association of its clients with the firm through its value-based investment advice so that they can make money.

We will cover all the aspects of this stockbroking firm so that it will give you a clear picture before deciding to opt for it.

From this article, you will come to know its partnership models, the initial cost involved, revenue sharing ratio, advantages, and drawbacks.

Zenmoney Franchise Partnership Models

Zenmoney provides only one business model for its potential clients and it is known as Zenmoney Franchise.

It is also referred to as the sub-broker model or business associate. In this model, the sub-broker needs to prepare a proper setup for ensuring the proper functioning of the business.

The firm offers marketing support, technical support as well as assistance in acquiring new clients to the sub-broker. Besides the office infrastructure, a certain security deposit will be required to start this partnership business.

Zenmoney Franchise Initial security deposit

The amount you need to deposit as security money, in this case, is of ₹50,000.

It has to be deposited before the partnership or the sub-broker agreement has been signed. This is quite an affordable security deposit compared to its peers in the stockbroking industry.

You will get this amount back when you will quit the partnership business with the firm. Another non-refundable fee is also there for starting this business model.

This includes the membership fees of the stock exchange and the expenses for setting up your office infrastructure, advertising about your business, etc. 

For more information, check this detailed review on Sub-broker Fees.

Zenmoney Franchise Revenue sharing ratio:

In the sub-broker model of Zenmoney, the general revenue share ranges between 40%-70% of the total revenue generated. the remaining 30%-60% goes to the main broker.

This revenue sharing percentage is on par with its peers in the stockbroking firm.

The exact percentage of revenue a sub-broker can earn depends on his initial deposit made, his previous experience,  the client base, his negotiation skills, and the revenue generated.

Let us consider an example in which the revenue generated in a month is ₹2,00,000.

This implies, as a sub-broker, you will get at least ₹80,000 as your revenue share and the remaining ₹1,20,000 goes to the main broker.

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Zenmoney Franchise Offers:

In order to attract potential clients as well as retain them, the firm provides lucrative sub-broker offers which are enumerated below:

  1. It doesn’t provide a zero deposit option.
  2. It allocates flexible revenue to the sub-brokers.
  3. The firm allows zero revenue sharing with the prepaid.
  4. Users can open a trading account for free.
  5. Discount is offered in the brokerage plans. These plans are flexible too.
  6. There are holidays and referral offers provided to the sub-brokers for their satisfaction.

Zenmoney Franchise Benefits:

Here are the advantages you can get by partnering with this stock broking house as a  Zenmoney Franchise: 

  1. There are numerous products and services offered to the clients, this becomes the one-stop destination for most of the potential customers. Thus, they can make their investment as per their requirement and business goals. This will keep them motivated to stay associated with the firm on a long term basis without thinking about switching to some other firm.
  2. It is a well-known firm that will help you in client acquisition through its brand name. No extra efforts are needed in marketing the brand.
  3. Owing to its existence in the market for many years, people have developed a sense of trust in them and feel it be a reliable option.
  4. The firm makes use of advanced tools and technologies for trading and investment to enable its clients to generate better revenue, and thus further strengthen the company’s position in the industry.
  5. It provides a good trading platform which is a combination of Dealing terminal and internet trading terminal which is simple to operate.
  6. It has a skilful research and analysis team which provides reports at weekly, monthly and yearly intervals. Such reports are known to have an excellent hit ratio which implies there is a high probability that the person will remain profitable and get a good return by following it.

Zenmoney Franchise Drawbacks:

Make sure to look into the drawbacks of a stockbroker’s business model besides its advantages as this will help you make the right decision. These are enlisted in the following section:

  1. It is spread across certain specific states in India only.
  2. Its brokerage charges are slightly more than its peers.
  3. It offers a single business model which the potential customers may not find attractive if they are looking out for the one with various options of partnership models.

In case you are looking to become a sub-broker or a stock broking partner in any form, let us assist you in taking the next steps ahead.


Zenmoney Franchise FAQs:

In this section, we have dealt with various frequently asked questions related to the Zenmoney Franchise so that you can easily understand its different aspects and have a clear idea about it before finally deciding to partner with it. 

1. What are the products and services offered by Zenmoney Franchise?

The range of products offered by this firm includes:

  • Currency trading
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Equity trading
  • Commodity trading
  • The best thing is that all the above can be customized as per the needs of the customers which ensures a seamless trading experience for the customers.

The services provided by it include:

  • Intraday Services
  • IPO Services
  • Trading Institution
  • Demat Services
  • Trading Services
  • Mutual funds advisory service
  • PAN Application Service
  • New Pension System (NPS)
  • Investment advisory services
  • Depository services in both NSDL and CDSL
  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Trading in the cash market of NSE and BSE.
  • The other services include mutual funds advisory services, portfolio management services, NRI investor services, fixed income securities, fixed deposits, RBI bonds, and tax saving bonds.

In order to ensure better trading, this firm offers a trading exposure of up to 6 times 

2. What are the stock exchanges in which Zenmoney Frnahice is a registered member?

Broadly speaking Zenmoney Franchise is a member of  National Commodities, Multi Commodity Exchange Capital market Segment, Future & Options segment of NSE and BSE, and Derivatives Exchange Limited.

As a portfolio manager, this firm is registered with SEBI and provides PMS services to its clients.

For trading in equities and derivatives, it is registered on NSE and BSE. For the commodity trading, it is registered in MCX and NCDEX and for the depository services, it is registered in NSDL and CDSL. 

3. Why should I join Zenmoney?

The reasons why you should join Zenmoney are as follows:

  1. You can leverage its already established brand name for easy client acquisition.
  2. The experienced research team will help you carry out the business smoothly to earn better revenue.
  3. You can easily access the tools and techniques of the main broker.
  4. The brokerage charge of the clients will be fixed by you.
  5. It provides the clients with an in-depth research report which helps in succeeding and remaining profitable in the trading and investment decisions.
  6. Clients will get free stock tips and IPO reports for thorough analysis before putting their money into it.
  7. Clients are highly satisfied by the offline advisory services of this stockbroking house.
  8. You can consult an experienced relationship manager who is assigned to the Zenmoney clients for clarification at any point as well as resolving the issues.

4. What is the process of Zenmoney Franchise registration?

This process of sub-broker registration is quite simple and involves the following steps:

  1. You need to fill up all the basic details in a registration form available at the company’s website. Then you will get a call for the verification of your interest in the partnership business.
  2. A call centre executive will make a second call in which he will ask you to schedule an appointment for face to face meeting with the sales executive.
  3. In the meeting, you will be given all the details about the business model of Zenmoney. You can ask any doubt related to the initial investment, revenue sharing ratio, offers, etc. This will prevent any chances of hidden costs that you might come to know at a later point in time.

Try to use your negotiation skills and reduce the initial deposit you need to make as well as increase the revenue sharing ratio, to bring things in your favour. Once the registration starts, doing this will be futile. So, this is the right time for negotiation.

Generally, no one will tell you that it is possible to negotiate the initial investment and the revenue sharing percentage, so you need to take the initiative and start the discussion on this.

  1. Once you are fine with all the details, you will be asked to submit the relevant documents and the security amount cheque.
  2. When the verification of these documents will be over, you will get an account ID to begin your business.

5. How long does it take for the registration process of Zenmoney Franchise completes?

It takes a period of 4-6 days for the whole process to complete if you are submitting all the relevant documents on time without fail.

This includes your PAN card, Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving license, certificates of educational qualification, office agreement, etc for verification.

In case any of these documents are missing, you need to wait longer for the process to be completed.

6. How long does it take for the generation of sub-broker code activation and payout?

It takes about 28 days for the activation of the sub-broker code and the payout needs 30 days.

7. What are the requirements for setting up the office, that has to be fulfilled?

Here are some things that have to be fulfilled while setting up the office:

  1. It should be located in the prime location of the region. This will help the customers locate it easily. When it is situated in a remote area, there are high chances that clients may opt for some other stockbroker, whose office is in an easily accessible location.
  2. There should be some employees hired under the sub-broker, who will help him carry out the business operations.
  3. A stable internet connection is needed as most of the operations are online in nature. Along with this, a desktop or laptop, and a telephone connection for communication is essential.

8. What are the trading platforms offered by Zenmoney Franchise?

Sub brokers can use the trading platform along with the technologies used by it by paying a certain initial charge besides the security money.

The internet platform offered by it is Zen Trade which is user-friendly and easy to handle. It helps in the quick execution of orders as well as provides the latest price updates about the market.

In order to ensure seamless settlement, Zen Trade is integrated with Zen DP account. It provides the users with an option to chose from the browser-based or EXE based trading. 

9. How is the Zen Trade platform advantageous to the customers?

Here are the advantages of the Zen trade platform for its users:

  1. This is a reliable platform which anyone can operate easily.
  2. It is not slow and provides accomplishments fastly along with the quick updates of the prices.
  3. There are integrated payment gateways with Zen Trade which help the users in transferring the funds online from various banks such as HDFC, YES Bank, ICICI, etc.
  4. Users can choose to trade from the branches or use the internet.


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