February 21, 2024
IIFL Sub Broker Charges list

IIFL Sub Broker Charges

IIFL for years has remained synonymous with excellence. Their excellent services never let them run short of customers. Thus, making them a great sub-broker proposition. Interested? First, know the IIFL sub broker charges

IIFL, established in 1995 is one of the most technologically-driven full-service stockbrokers. The broker has a vast geographical presence across the country which has helped them grab enough attention from investors and traders.

The broker is a top choice for many traders as it offers investment opportunities across a variety of investment products such as equity, IPO, mutual funds, Futures, and Options, among others.

On the other side of the table, IIFL encourages business enthusiasts who want to carve a stable revenue stream to come to associate with them. Currently, the stockbroker has as many as 5000+ Franchisee Partners.

The broker takes full care of their business partners providing them with personalized branding, personalized training, and a high revenue sharing model.

However, there are certain IIFL sub broker charges involved in the sub broker registration process. In fact, you know what, we have a detailed review just on IIFL Sub broker registration process. You can thank us later 🙂

So, in this article, we will be looking at all the costs that an individual will have to take into account while planning for becoming a sub broker with the stockbroker.

List of IIFL Sub Broker Charges

IIFL is a name everyone would love to associate with. As of today, the broker has well over 5000 franchise partners and seems all set to add up to keep adding to that tally. 

Taking a cue from its competitors, IIFL too offers a variety of business opportunities. The variety in business opportunities with the broker is another reason why business enthusiasts are huge fans of IIFL sub broker models.

The broker truly has something for everyone. In all, there are 4 ways to become a sub broker with the brand.

  • Franchisee
  • Marketing Associate
  • Employee To Entrepreneur
  • Remissier or DSA (Direct Sales Agent)

Each model differs in operation from the other and has its own set of benefits for the sub-broker. Accordingly, vary in terms of sub brokership charges as well. 

As can be seen from the above table that the multiple sub-broker models offered by IIFL differ in terms of charges.

The broker offers a variety of business partnership opportunities, however, it comes down to an individual’s choice. 

Let us have a look at the charges for every IIFL partnership model one by one.

IIFL Franchisee Charges 

IIFL Franchisee is the most opted one out of these because it helps individuals realize their entrepreneurship dream. Here the Authorized Person will have to set up an office to help clients carry out their trades and resolve their queries.

The sub broker will be hiring a team of professionals and majorly the aim is to acquire new clients. The sub broker will be dealing in all the investment products offered by IIFL.

However, the sub brokership does come with a couple of costs. The first of which is the SEBI registration fees. The Indian regulatory body has mandated that every individual first gets registered by filling the registration form.

This costs around ₹ 2360 plus the Goods & Service Tax (GST). Apart from this, the major charges are in the form of an initial or security deposit. This is refundable in nature and will be returned upon cancellation or termination of the contract.

Then there are the infrastructural costs to set up an office to begin your business operations. These charges are not fixed as it all depends on the price of location an individual chooses to set up their office space.

This cost, is invariably, going to improve the IIFL Sub broker commission for you, as a partner in the coming time anyway.

You can find the charges listed in the table below – 

IIFL Marketing Associate Charges

The IIFL Marketing Associate is a unique sub broker model offered by the broker. Here, the individuals with a thorough knowledge of the stock market operations can apply for this sub broker model.

This model is suited for individuals having good experience selling financial instruments and already boast a decent client base.

Unlike the franchise model, under this model, the individual does not need to make any investment. The main aim of the sub broker will be to sell/distribute financial products to their existing clientele.

In all, the SEBI registration fees would be the only charge that the individual will have to pay for enrolling into this sub broker model. 

The total IIFL sub broker charges are listed in the table below :

IIFL Employee To Entrepreneur Charges

As the name suggests, Employee To Entrepreneur is a sub broker model tailored for working professionals who have the ambition to become an entrepreneur

Individuals with working experience of around 3 to 5 years in the stock market or finance background can opt for this sub-broker model. The individual will have to take care of certain charges though.

The first is the obvious SEBI registration fees to be paid at the time of submitting the registration form. Further, the model is unique in the manner that an individual need not make any investment. 

This model allows you the opportunity to “Be your own Boss” without any capital investment. In addition, there aren’t any explicit costs mentioned.

The full list of charges under this sub broker model is as follows :

IIFL Remissier or DSA Charges

Finally, we come to the last sub broker model – Remissier or DSA. Under this model, the individual can begin his business while working their job. 

The individual will not need to make any kind of capital investment. Under this model, an individual earns by simply referring clients to the broker

Your earnings are decided by the number of clients referred to open a Demat account with IIFL or the investment they make in any financial instrument.

As for the charges, you need not make any infrastructure investment under this model. The individual will initially have to get registered with SEBI.

You can refer to the table below for more information – 


IIFL is considered to be one of the finest full service brokers in the industry. The broker has been serving in the stock market space for well over 25 years further cements its credibility and trust.

The broker has cemented itself as the go-to brokerage firm because of its top-notch trading services. An IIFL Demat account holder can invest in multiple financial products. The broker boasts of a client base of well over 2.6 lakhs customers. 

The technology-driven stockbroker enjoys equal interest from investors, traders as well as business enthusiasts. Currently, the broker has 5000+ Franchisee partners

An individual has the opportunity to partner with the broker in 4 diverse ways – Franchisee, Marketing Associate, Employee To Entrepreneur, Remissier/DSA (Direct Sales Agent) models.

This diversity serves well to ensure a business opportunity for everyone. 

While the IIFL Franchisee model is the perfect opportunity for individuals to start their entrepreneurial journey as the commissions offered by the broker are pretty handsome

However, it requires a pretty handsome investment as well. Business enthusiasts who are a bit low on budget can opt for another sub broker business model.

Then there is the Remisier model where an individual earns by simply referring clients to the broker. Here, the sub-broker need not make any investments. 

With all said and done, one thing’s for sure, IIFL sub-broker is among the best opportunities out there. 

Interested in a partnership with the broker, let us assist you in taking the first step.

Simply fill in the below table. 


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