July 24, 2024
IIFL Sub Broker Commission

IIFL Sub Broker Commission

Are you thinking of becoming a partner with India Infoline but confused about the IIFL sub-broker commission? Don’t worry; we got you covered. But before that, we’d like to talk about the stockbroker a bit.

IIFL or India Infoline is among the top full-service stockbrokers of India that has been active in the industry for a while now. It was incorporated in 1995 and had been growing ever since. Currently, it has more than 4,000+ branches in 500+ cities across India.

For stock market business, IIFL can be seen as one of the best sub broker franchisees in India.

Before getting into the commissions part, understanding the meaning of a sub broker is also important.

Sub broker is an essential entity between the stockbroker and the traders and investors. SEBI approves them for buying and selling various financial securities in the stock market.

They generate income by the multiple revenue sharing models put together by the stockbrokers. Now, we should move ahead and learn about the IIFL Sub broker commission in detail.

IIFL Sub Broker Fees

There are various commission or revenue-generating models in IIFL sub broker partnerships. This becomes very obvious, as everybody getting into this kind of business setup would want to know how much a sub broker earns anyway.

The commission percentage varies anywhere between 50%-80%, and these models include multiple factors like:

  • Business size in terms of Revenue
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Business size in terms of active clients
  • The scale of sub-broker visibility at the local level
  • And many more varying factors

The range of IIFL sub-broker fees for the various types of partner associations is as follows:

In many cases, IIFL allows the sub-broker to select from the multiple slabs of commission as they are open to discuss this aspect.IIFL sub-broker commission levels are not fixed, i.e., it is upon the individual to negotiate the most favorable commission rate.

What happens is that the broker might feel like a better opportunity for you to grow or see immense potential to generate high volumes of trade and hence give you the option for a higher IIFL sub-broker commission.

This technique is also used to keep a sub-broker involved with the stockbroker in the long run as he might find better opportunities with the competitors.

Furthermore, there are IIFL sub broker charges as well that you must get accustomed too if you are really serious about this business partnership.


The commission is also based on the type of partner you are. For the IIFL FAN partners, the commission range is upto 60%, and for the IIFL AAA partner, you have the opportunity to receive around 75%.

Thus, it is dependent on various factors and should be discussed with the broker at lengths to reach the best offer. The debate for a commission is open till the time the process of documentation is commenced.

Make sure you pull out the best for you from the deal!

We hope that this blog helps you in finding answers regarding the IIFL sub broker commission and as a next step, you may want to go ahead with the IIFL Sub broker registration process. Nonetheless, if you have more queries, feel free to contact us.

In case you are looking to know about the sub-brokership or want to know about how to become a sub broker, just fill in a few basic details here and we will arrange a callback for you:


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