February 21, 2024
sub broker meaning

Sub Broker Meaning

Many people in the stock market, often come across common terms like stockbrokers, investors, and sub-broker. Almost everyone understands and is aware of the term stockbroker and investors but only a few understand the sub-broker meaning.

The stock market is a huge platform that involves lots of people and companies. The sub-broker is the one who plays an important role in offering great services of the stock exchange.

He is the one who can earn a good commission by helping stockbroker in getting more clients.

Do you want to get involved in the stock exchange and be part of the stock market? Before beginning, it is very important to understand the stockbroker and sub-broker meaning.

Well, as everyone knows that stockbroker. He is the professional who executes the process of selling and buying stock orders on behalf of the client.

Investors buy a part of the ownership of a share of the listed company in the stock exchange.

Coming to sub-broker. A stockbroker appoints the sub-broker to work on the behalf of the trading member.

If you are looking forward to beginning a sub-broker business then here is the sub-broker meaning, scope, earnings, and key points.

Sub-Broker Description

To understand the sub-broker meaning it is important to know who is he?

A sub-broker is the person who is appointed by the stockbroker to work on the behalf of the Trading Member. Here it is important to understand that the sub-broker is not the Trading Member in the stock exchange.

In simple terms, he is only an agent who creates a link between investors and the broker.

To become a sub-broker the person needs to get himself approved by the listed stock exchange. It enables the buyers to buy, sell and deal in stock or shares.

Thus a sub-broker is the person who acts as an intermediate between a broker and an investor.

As the interest of people towards stock exchange is increasing, the sub-brokers role is gaining huge demand.

Thinking of running a business as a sub-broker is, therefore, one of the best business. If you have financial knowledge then it is one of the best options. Stepping into this business offers you great profit with little investment.

Sub-Broker Earnings

Well, the whole business of sub-broker revolves around building a relationship with clients. The earning of sub-broker depends on the number of investors with whom he gets in touch. The more people get encouraged more will be the potential investors and hence greater chances of earning a commission.

There are many sub-brokers who are able to earn good money by guiding investors in making stock exchange investments.

For more information, you can check this detailed review on Sub-Broker Earnings and Profits.

Sub-Broker Meaning: Key Points

Here are some of the important points that a sub-broker should keep in mind while getting into the business.

  • Since all your earnings depend on the stockbroker, it is good to choose a reliable partner.
  • Share lists and wishes that you are willing to draw from the broker.
  • Focus on the business and give it adequate time to it to get more clients in your hand.
  • Avail more knowledge to offer complete and satisfactory services and advises on all the products to your clients.

If you want to become a sub-broker, you can choose any one of the below stockbrokers according to your preferences:



We hope the information above has helped you in understanding the sub-broker meaning. Both broker and sub-broker help clients in making investments in the stock market. On one side where the broker facilitates the process of execution of buying and selling orders and shares, the sub-broker builds a link between them.

In conclusion, Sub-broker involves in the processing of the stock exchange process in the financial world of share trading.

In case you are looking to get started with the stockbroking business or learn how to become a sub-broker, let us assist you in taking the next steps ahead.

Just fill in a few basic details to get started:



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