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Samco Sub-Broker

Samco was acquired and named so by Samrudhi Stock Brokers Limited in the year 2015 in March. It’s CEO is Jimeet Modi. Despite being a relatively newer player in the stockbroking industry, it has demonstrated quick growth and is enlisted among India’s top discount brokers. Samco Sub-broker model bears a resemblance to the Referral business model.

There are numerous segments where a partner can trade with Samco such as currency, derivatives, commodity, listed bonds, ETFs or equities.

Samco is a member of MCX, NSE, BSE, NCDEX and MCX-SX. It charges a flat rate brokerage and is known to be one of the cheapest stockbrokers in the country. It emphasises on resolving issues existing in the trading and investment market that are generally faced by various players in the sector, through low-cost broking solutions.

In case you are a beginner in the industry, this is a potential discount broking house for you as it provides you with tutorials along with primary and intermediate broking.

Samco Partnership models:

There is only one business model which Samco offers and that is known as Samco sub-broker model.

It is also termed as the referral model because you need to refer your friends and relatives to join the firm and begin trading with it. The best part of this business model is that it doesn’t hamper your regular trade as you can undertake this as your side business.

If someone actually starts trading after your reference, you will be entitled to a certain amount. Also, depending on the brokerage the client generates, you will get a certain share. This will continue as long as you are able to add new clients to the existing client base of Samco sub-broker. Thus it is a kind of consistent income.

You can use the generated income for trading or else get it withdrawn from the bank in the form of cash. With a fixed revenue percentage, you as well as the client whom you have referred can enjoy 20 trades for free.

Samco Sub-broker Costs:

In the Samco sub-broker business model, you do not have to make an initial investment, neither for depositing the security money nor for setting up your infrastructure. This is suitable for someone who has a low budget but still intends to join a stock broking house.

Samco sub-broker Revenue sharing:

In this business model of Samco discount broking house, it is possible for you to leverage the brand name to acquire new clients with ease. You are responsible for providing services to the clients as well as trading, for which you will be entitled to a certain revenue sharing percentage.

This is a part of the brokerage generated by your clients.

The more the brokerage generated, the better will be your revenue share. So, in short, we can tell that there are a number of factors on which it depends and these are the size of your client base, their efficiency, and past experience in similar kind of business that affects their performance.

You will be entitled to 10% of the net revenue in this model and the broker will keep the remaining 90%. Along with this, you as well as your clients, will get 20 free trades each. Since there is no cap on the number of clients a sub-broker can refer, the business can be continued life long and consistent income can be generated.

Your income will stop only when the client whom you have referred decides to stop trading with Samco. If you are a person with good social connectivity it will be quite advantageous for you to get a good income through this model, as you will already be having many people to refer instead of having to search for new clients from scratch.

Samco Sub-broker Advantages: 

Here are the advantages which you can expect in becoming a sub-broker of the company:

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  • Since there is no age cap and limit on the no of clients you refer, you can keep earning whole life as long as you wish, through referrals.
  • Every time you will be entitled to 20 free trades when you refer a client and he starts trading with the firm.
  • There are certain discount stock brokers who may want their partners to have an office set up for the ease of customer interaction and meeting but in case of Samco, you can operate from the broker’s office or anywhere you want. This helps you to save a significant amount that could have been spent in infrastructure investment.[/su_list]

Samco sub-broker Drawbacks:

Here are a few drawbacks of the business model which you should be aware of before registering yourself with it:

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  • It has only one revenue model. So there are no options available for you to choose from like some other stock broking houses in the market provide.
  • The trading products offered by it are not as diverse as other stockbroking houses. It is quite limited.
  • Since this firm is a new player in the stockbroking industry, improvement of the customer service desk, as well as the trading platform is needed to enhance its client base.[/su_list]

Samco sub-broker Eligibility criteria:

You will have to fulfil certain criteria in order to become a sub-broker of the firm. These criteria are enlisted below:

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  • Minimum experience of 3 years in the financial industry is needed. It is better if you have past experience in the stockbroking industry.
  • You should not be less than 18 years old in order to apply for the Samco sub-broker model.
  • SEBI registration is mandatory for being a sub-broker.
  • You will be a suitable and most preferable candidate if you already have an established business with a decent client base. This is because Samco finds such candidates as the ones who can easily enhance the firm’s network by adding more clients from their existing client base.[/su_list]

Samco sub-brokers Offers:

If you opt to be a sub-broker of Samco, then you can avail a number of offers:

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  • It lets you be a part of the referral business so that you can remain attached to the firm as long as you want with no limits, that too without having to hamper your main trade.
  • It ensures zero balance trading. This is considered to be the best offer that clients, as well as the business partners, can avail.
  • It has an easy account opening process that takes just 5 minutes to be completed. It is completely hassle-free.
  • You can avail the cash plus option. It lets you trade four times the value of your portfolio.
  • It doesn’t matter what is the size of the order or the amount of trade, you only need to pay just Rs.20 for each trade.
  • You can take advantage of the detailed analysis reports as well as charts of 25 years. Samco provides this to the business partners in order to help them take the appropriate decision related to trading and investment.[/su_list]

In case you are looking to become a sub-broker or a stockbroking business partner in any form, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward:


Samco sub-broker FAQs:

Numerous questions may pop up in your mind when you are looking out for various options for joining a stockbroking firm. Here we have answered all such questions related to Samco sub-broker model, to make things easier and more comprehensible for you:

How many partnership models does Samco Securities provide its potential customers?

There is one partnership model that Samco has for its customers, which is known as the Samco sub-broker or Samco franchise model which works the same as the referral model.

What is the initial investment needed to become a sub-broker of Samco?

You need zero initial investment as this is a referral business model. There is no need for making an initial security deposit or setting up an office to operate from.

The sub-broker can work from the broker’s office or even from anywhere. Only a laptop or desktop with stable internet connectivity is essential as most of the operations are online in nature.

What revenue sharing percentage will I get after joining Samco as a sub-broker or Franchise?

Since your primary function is to refer people in your social circle to join the firm, begin trading with it and avail its offers, accordingly, the revenue sharing is set, i.e only 10% of the generated brokerage and the firm is entitled to the remaining 90%.

After referral, the major tasks are being carried out by the company. But you need to support your clients by providing them with the products and analysis reports that will be quite helpful for them while trading.

What are the advantages of joining this discount broking house?

There are many advantages of joining this leading discount broking house, all of which have been enumerated below:

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  • It provides you with an easy source of making money through referral model. You can do it for life-long also and it will not hamper your business as this model involves least roles.
  • There are numerous markets which the broker has access to, and can avail various options for trading in different markets which motivates the clients to stick to the firm without feeling the need to switch to another stock broking house.
  • In order to make sure that your business functions are carried out smoothly, you will be provided with an excellent back-end support team for easy data retrieval.
  • For the potential customers who do not have the capability to make an investment in the beginning, this is an excellent model because it has zero initial investment. Even the firm doesn’t ask for any security deposit.
  • Research reports are generated on weekly, monthly as well as a yearly basis which guides the partners in enhancing their profitability through the right decision.
  • You can trade with Samco and attain profits as it has a “Caution Watchlist” to keep a track of the stocks which should not be purchased and those which had good chances of profitability. This makes customers alert while trading and thus avoid taking any wrong decision.
  • The new traders can also start trading as the firm has tutorials for their guidance.[/su_list]

What is the process of registration of Samco sub-broker model?

The sub-broker registration process of Samco sub-broker involves the following simple steps:

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  • There is a registration form that seeks all your basic details. This needs to be filled up after which you will get a verification call regarding your interest in the business model.
  • In order to open your account, the KYC form needs to be uploaded along with other relevant documents.
  • Then the account will be opened for free and even while using the account, you do not have to pay any charges.
  • With due course of time, more clients can be added to the portfolio in the online mode.
  • Now you can start trading as well as enjoy 20 free trades with each client who starts trading after your referral. This will also give you a brokerage charge of 10%.[/su_list]

Samco is responsible for managing and providing customers to all these customers.

What are the documents I need to submit for the registration process?

You need to submit the following list of relevant documents for ensuring that the registration process completes successfully:

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  • Passport, school certificate or PAN card as a proof of your age
  • Adhaar card. PAN card, driving licence, passport or any Govt ID card as a proof of your identity.
  • A cancelled bank cheque for the bank account details which the company will maintain in its record.
  • Certificate of SEBI registration.
  • Relevant certificates showing your highest educational qualification.
  • 3 or 4 photographs of passport size.
  • Proof of your address in the form of Adhar card, voter ID, passport, Driving licence or electricity bill.[/su_list]

Does Samco provide any marketing support to its sub-broker?

Yes, Samco helps the sub-brokers in marketing by proving them with different stationary needs such as banners, pamphlets, posters. It even conducts seminars to create awareness about the brand among the people, so that potential customers can know its advantages and opt to join it.

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