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Celebrus Franchise

Celebrus Franchise

Celebrus Franchise is one of the renowned franchise business of India, belonging to the Celebrus Capital stockbroking house. It is the Commodity Online Group’s subsidiary which is well known for its commodity trading services since the year 2007 when it started. 

Jerry Matthew was the founder of this full-service stockbroking business and he did it in Kochi in the year 2009. There are numerous investment and financial services offered by Celebrus Franchise to its customers across different segments.

Most of the branches of this full-service stockbroker are in south India except Ahemdabad.

Currently, its offline presence across the country is limited and is present in 12 different cities only with an active client base of over 5000. You need to know various aspects of Celebrus Franchise before deciding to enter into a partnership with it.

This includes the business model, the investment needed, revenue sharing, offers, benefits, and drawbacks, all of which have been covered in this article.

Celebrus Franchise Business Models:

There are two business models offered by this full-service stockbroker. These are explained in the following section:

Celebrus Franchise:

This is also termed as a sub-broker model which is the most common business model in the stockbroking industry. It lets potential customers set up their own business. With the established brand name of the firm, they can easily acquire new clients and widen the existing client base of the main broker.

An office has to be set up in order to carry out the business-related operations and dealing with the clients.

This involves renting an office space or purchasing one, a stable internet connection, laptop or desktop, and telephone connection for connectivity at any time.

While carrying out business operations, the firm will provide marketing and technical support.

Celebrus Master Franchise model:

This is a rare business model which all the firms in the stockbroking industry do not offer. It is quite similar to the sub-broker model but with greater rights. You are entitled to exclusive rights for running the business in the specific region where other franchises of the firm won’t exist. 

There will be a mapping of the various franchises in the area under the Celebrus Master franchise. Even the firm’s team won’t interfere when you decide to set up the sub-brokers in the same region.

Celebrus Franchise Initial Investment

For each of the business models, the initial investment needed is different as per the requirements of each. These are enumerated below:

Celebrus Franchise or sub-broker model Initial Investment:

A person who wants to opt for this needs to deposit ₹50,000 as security money which is refundable in nature. When you decide to leave the partnership, you can get it back after the deduction of the non-paid amount during the partnership.

You should be prepared with an amount of ₹2,00,000- ₹5,00,000 as this will be needed for office set up and other fixed expenses such as internet bills, electricity bills, telephone charges, one-time charges such as furniture and interior decor of the newly set up office

Master franchise model Initial Investment:

In this case, a minimum security deposit of ₹1,00,000  is needed and this initial amount of either of the business models has a major impact on the revenue share you are getting.

Just like the Celebrus Franchise model, this model also needs the same infrastructure equipment and the fixed costs every month.

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Celebrus Franchise Revenue sharing Ratio:

The revenue share the sub-broker or the master franchisee is entitled to in this firm are in line with that of the other firms in the stockbroking industry and are as follows:

Celebrus Franchise Revenue Share:

The franchisee or sub-broker of Celebrus Capital is entitled to a revenue share of 40%-70% depending on a number of factors such as the amount of total revenue generated, the initial deposit made by him, his negotiation skills,  and the size of the client base.

The remaining 30%-60% goes to the main broker.

In case the revenue generated is ₹2,00,000, then the sub-broker will get ₹1,40,000 and the main broker will get the remaining ₹60,000.

Celebrus Master Franchise Revenue Share:

In this business model, the revenue share is slightly higher than the Celebrus Franchise model as the responsibilities and roles are also comparatively greater, i.e in the range 60%-80%.

But the amount can increase if you have made a higher initial deposit or more revenue is generated.

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Celebrus Partnership Advantages:

The two business models offer the following benefits if you opt for them:

Celebrus Franchise Advantages:

Its advantages are:

  1. You have the control over the brokerage fee which you will be paying.
  2. This is the perfect opportunity for the people who wished to become an entrepreneur as the person gets a chance to work with an established brand name.
  3. While making an investment, you can have access to the stockbroking firm’s tools and technologies. 
  4. Support will be provided in establishing the business as well as acquiring the clients.
  5. The firm is known for its best research support that is extremely essential for the clients while trading or making investments in commodities as well as equities. Its tips, reports, and recommendations are considered to be quite accurate.

Celebrus Master Franchise model Advantages:

Its advantages are:

  1. It ensures exclusive rights for business establishment in a specific area under the Celebrus brand name.
  2. The main broker doesn’t interfere in the work of the master franchisee.
  3. The person can also set up sub-broker in his network.

Celebrus Capital Franchise Drawbacks:

We have seen the advantages of the business models of Celebrus Capital. Besides this, there are certain drawbacks of its business models, i.e Celebrus Franchise as well as the master franchise model, which you need to know before making any investment decision.

These are:

  1. Its offline presence is quite low. So, there is a chance that people from a certain part of India might not be able to be a part of it because it may not be present in his city. In this case, the person would definitely lookout for the other options, which is ultimately a loss of business for the firm. 
  2. Trading platforms of the firm needs improvement.
  3. Compared to the other stockbroking houses in India, it offers a somewhat lesser number of trading products.
  4. There is no margin and brokerage calculators provided by the firm to the clients.

Celebrus Franchise Offers:

Celebrus Capital provides the following exciting offers to all its partners:

  1. People can get discounts on the brokerage charges to ensure customer satisfaction as well as their convenience.
  2. Trading with Celebrus Franchise is easy as it provides flexible brokerage plans.
  3. Customers get an offer of using its brokerage services 1 month free of cost so that they can actually find out if that is the best option for them.

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In case you are looking to become a sub-broker or a stockbroking business partner in any form, let us assist you in taking the next steps ahead.

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Celebrus Franchise FAQs: 

Many doubts may arise in your mind when you are deciding to join a franchise program like this one. So, to make this easily comprehensible for you, we have answered certain questions:

What are the trading segments offered by Celebrus Franchise to its customers?

Customers can trade-in equity, commodity, currency, and derivatives with Celebrus Franchise.

What are the stock exchanges of which Celebrus Franchise is a member?

Celebrus is a member of the famous stock exchanges such as BSE, MCX, MCX-SX, NSE, NCDEX, and NMCE.

 How does the Celebrus Franchise support its partners?

Celebrus Franchise ensures support to its partners through the following:

  1. Full back office, as well as trading support, is provided.
  2. Training for dealing with the potential clients, acquiring them and product training is provided by the firm.
  3. It’s trading software is compatible with various devices. It can be accessed on web, desktop or mobile phone.

It provides a trading application based on the web, named Celebrus Leap. Similarly, Nest Trader is another end-user software for third parties.

Why should I join the Celebrus Franchise?

The reasons why you should choose to join the Celebrus Franchise are as follows:

  1. It aims to familiarize the youth with the capital investment for which it conducts investor awareness programs also. It guides the clients with its right investment strategy on the basic as well as technical analysis.
  2. While opening the free trading or Demat account, assistance is provided.
  3. The firm conducts free training programs to make them aware of the trading platforms, tools as well as the technologies which the broker uses for investment. Ente Ohari is one such awareness program meant for making people aware of the advantages of making an investment in the equities.

Attending such sessions helps people to choose the right stock and investment strategies as well as remain technically strong and profitable. Guidance is provided regarding the short term as well as long term investment through fundamental and technical analysis.

  1. It offers an attractive revenue sharing ratio.
  2. For the equity segment, clients are provided within intra-day level exposure.
  3. It is well known in the industry for its low-security deposits.
  4. The online trading facility is provided to the customers so that they can trade from any place and at any time as per their convenience.

What is the process of registration of Celebrus Franchise?

When it comes to sub-broker registration, here are a few simple steps that you need to follow to get registered for Celebrus Franchise:

A website needs to be filled up that seeks all your basic details after which you will get a call from the call centre executive to verify your interest in the venture.

Another call will be made to fix an appointment for face to face meeting in which all the details about the venture will be explained. If you have any doubts, you can get them clarified in the session.

Also, ask about all the costs you need to bear in the venture so that you won’t feel at a later point of time that there were any hidden costs.

This is the best time when you can negotiate the initial deposit you need to make. Though nobody will tell you about this, you need to initiate it yourself and make sure that the things are in your favour. If you try to do this after the registration is over, it will be of no use, so better do it before the process is over.

If you are fine with all the details, you will have to submit the documents and the cheque for a security deposit. These will be sent for verification after which a sub-broker agreement will be signed between the main broker and the sub-broker.

Once the verification is over, an account ID will be generated with which the business processes can be initiated.

How long does the registration process take to be completed?

If you submit all the documents without fail, the registration will be completed soon in a few days otherwise it can get delayed. It takes about 35 days for the SB code to get activated and 35 days for the payout.

What are the documents needed for the registration process?

Keep the following documents in original as well as their photocopies ready for the registration process to be completed smoothly:

  • Proof of your identity
  • Document showing your age
  • Photographs
  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Documents showing proof of your office 
  • Relevant certificates showing your educational qualification.

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