June 16, 2024
5Paisa Franchise

5Paisa Franchise

5Paisa Franchise is the franchise business of one of the prominent discount brokers in India that is progressing at a rapid rate. It is India Infoline Group’s i.e IIFL’s sister concern (also read IIFL Sub-broker).  It started recently in March 2016 and has its headquarters located in Mumbai.

In November 2017, the broker was listed on NSE and BSE. Since it is a new player in the Indian financial market, it is focusing entirely on acquiring potential clients through different offers. It provides a number of financial instruments to the traders such as derivatives, equity, currency etc.

5Paisa Franchise offers lucrative revenue sharing ratios, lesser security deposit amount or the initial amount needed for beginning the business.

In other words, we can say that by ensuring a flat rate revenue sharing for each model at minimum investment, the company intends to create its notable identity position in the financial sphere of India.

5Paisa Franchise Partnership models:

In order to add more clients to its existing network, the company provides people with a number of options through its business models. 5Paisa offers two kinds of partnership models from which you can select the one that addresses your needs.

These partnership models are enumerated below:

5Paisa Remisier Model:

This partnership model doesn’t have any expenses needed for setting up the infrastructure in order to begin the business.

You can operate from within the office premises of 5Paisa stockbroker.

If you want, you can even operate from the comfort of your home as per your convenience.

5Paisa Franchise or sub-broker:

In this model, you will be provided with an account opening charge of ₹555 when you successfully bring clients to the company. Besides this, you will be entitled to a margin of 10% which will be given to you by the client in a period of 15 trading days.

There is no need for setting up an office for work in the 5Paisa Franchise model also. This is because your main responsibility is to acquire details of new clients and send it to the discount broker.

5Paisa Partnership Cost:

For each of its business model, a different upfront cost has to be paid in order to start the partnership. The details are given below:

Partner or Remisier model:

In this model, the initial amount which you need to pay is quite less. ₹5,000 is the brokerage charge which is the processing fee and is non-refundable in nature. So, the Remisier can’t charge an amount greater than this.

The reason why the initial amount is low is that you do not need to make any other investment when you opt for this business model.

5Paisa Franchise model

In the sub-broker or franchise model of 5Paisa, you do not need to deposit processing fees. All you have to do is to begin a trading account after which you can kick start your business.

5Paisa Franchise Revenue sharing:

Here are the details regarding the revenue share you can get on opting for any of the two business models of 5Paisa:

Remisier model:

If you opt for the Remisier model of 5Paisa, you can get a revenue share of flat 50% with low investment in the initial stage. Thus it is quite feasible for anyone to begin the business in a hassle-free manner.

If we compare the revenue share in this case with that of the other players in the market, we can find it to be very reasonable despite it being a new entrant in the market. Such a strategy helps it in increasing its client base.

If you succeed to bring clients to the broker consistently, then you will be in an advantageous position in the sense that the brokerage value will get added cumulatively on a monthly basis. This will lead to the creation of a larger revenue share.

5Paisa Franchise:

This model doesn’t provide you with any revenue share. But you will get an account opening amount of ₹555. Along with this, within 15 days, the client will transfer 10% of the total margin.

5Paisa Franchise Benefits:

It doesn’t matter which partnership model of this discount broking company you opt for, you will enjoy numerous benefits all of which are explained below:

Low brokerage charge:

Since the brokerage of this firm is very low, the clients feel enthusiastic to join it.

IIFL’s sister concern:

IIFL is a 20 years old company and since 5Paisa is associated with it, acquisition of the new clients on this basis becomes easier.

Low initial investment:

Compared to other players in the financial market, this firm really helps you begin the business with very less investment. This seems to be a lucrative offer for most of the potential clients.

Besides this, it has a flat rate revenue sharing, which also plays a vital role in enhancing the client base. The acquisition process is also fast enough that prevents any kind of waiting time, thus ensuring happy and satisfied customers.

Better back-office software:

This helps in providing all the details  to the business partners,

The versatility of the trading platform:

This is ensured by providing you with the website, mobile app as well as desktop trading terminals.

Brokerage plan:

This is quite simple as well as cheap and kept at as low as ₹10 per trade.

Research and advisory support:

5Paisa provides free research related to the fundamental and technical aspects as well as derivatives.  The clients and partners can rely on its advisory services to excel in their business.

5Paisa Franchise Eligibility criteria:

In order to become a sub broker in 5paisa or Remisier, it is necessary to fulfil certain basic criteria.

Besides all the criteria in both models, it is necessary to have a good social circle or you should be capable of building it so that you can establish your network efficiently.

These basic criteria are enlisted below:


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  • You should be at least 20 years old.
  • Prior experience in the financial or broking field is preferable.[/su_list]

5Paisa sub-broker:

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  • You should be at least 21 years old.
  • It is necessary to have an educational qualification no less than
  • 10+2 or graduation.
  • If you intend to enrol yourself as a sub-broker, it is essential to have 3 years of minimum experience in the financial and brokerage industry.
  • In this case, you need not set up any infrastructure.[/su_list]

Advantages and Drawbacks of each partnership model of 5Paisa:

Before deciding to join any business model, it is essential to be well informed about its advantages as well as drawbacks.

Remisier model:


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  • It is a simple model that provides an attractive revenue sharing ratio.
  • The initial investment needed is quite less, so anyone can easily opt for it.[/su_list]


The maximum income which can be obtained in this model is capped to 50% of the revenue generated. So, when you reach a higher scale, you will feel that your growth is obstructed by this maximum limit.

5Paisa Franchise model:


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  • The initial investment needed in this case is zero.
  • Though it doesn’t provide any revenue sharing ratio, there are other modes in which you can get income.[/su_list]


  • The growth opportunity, in this case, is limited.

5Paisa Franchise Offers:

The sub-brokers can avail the following offers  by the broker:

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  • It is a simple model that provides an attractive revenue sharing ratio.
  • The initial investment needed is quite less, so anyone can easily opt for it.
  • Motivation to join 5Paisa because of the low initial investment.
  • You will get exposure to a wide range of asset classes.
  • For insurance, stocks, mutual funds as well as advisory services, integrated platforms are made available.
  • In order to keep a track of the brokerage and clients, you will be provided with the latest back office software support.
  • There is Robo-advisory that ensures customised services on a real-time basis.
  • There is cheap brokerage available which is just ₹10 for each transaction.
  • You can avail a flat 50% revenue share in the Remisier model which is quite attractive for new clients.[/su_list]

If you are looking to become a sub-broker or a stockbroking business partner in any form, let us help you in taking the next steps forward:


5Paisa Franchise FAQs:

Some frequent questions pop up in the minds of people considering to opt for 5Paisa Franchise. We have answered such questions in the following section to simplify the process for you:

How many partnership models does 5Paisa provide?

There are two business models of 5 Paise, namely the Remisier model and the 5Paisa Franchise model.

Do I need to make an initial investment to begin a 5Paisa Franchise or Remisier?

No initial investment is needed in case of a 5Paisa Franchise, but in case of a Remisier, a  small brokerage charge of ₹5000 is needed.

As a 5Paisa Franchise or Remisier, what revenue sharing can I expect?

A maximum revenue sharing of flat 50% can be expected in the Remisier model. In the 5Paisa Franchise model, you won’t get any revenue but 10% of the net margin will be sent to you by the client in a duration of 15 days and you will also get ₹555 as an account opening amount.

What documents do I have to submit to enrol in any of its business models?

Here are some of the important documents that have to be submitted in order to  get enrolled with 5Paisa discount broking house:

  • A valid proof of your address
  • PAN card
  • Aadhar Card
  • 2 photographs of passport size.
  • If you intend to operate in an office space, you have to submit a rental agreement.
  • A cancelled bank cheque.

Why should I partner with 5 Paise?

With 5Paisa Franchise, you can avail excellent services such as:

  • The initial investment of Rs.5000 can be afforded by anyone.
  • The waiting time for getting acquitted is very less.
  • You can take advantage of world-class back office software.
  • Low brokerage is a factor that attracts potential customers.
  • Through the method of flat brokerage sharing, full transparency is ensured.
  • You get the option to trade at NSE and BSE in the Stocks, Future & options, Currencies.
  • The company offers a variety of mutual funds, ETFs, bonds for trading.
  • The clients get an option to make a comparison before purchasing a car, term insurance, health insurance online.

Is there any minimum age after which I can start the 5Paisa Franchise or Remisier?

Yes, for the Remisier model, you have to be minimum 20  years old and for the 5Paisa Franchise, you should be 21 years old.

Is there any requirement of infrastructure set up for being a part of the Remisier or sub-broker model of 5Paisa discount broking house?

No, in case of Remisier model as well as the 5Paisa Franchise model, you do not have to make any expenses for setting up the infrastructure. This is because you can operate from the broker’s office itself or even work from the comfort of your home.

Just make sure that you have a good laptop or desktop along with a good internet connection, as most of the online activities can be accomplished successfully with this.

How can I get myself registered in 5Paisa?

The process of sub-broker registration in 5Paisa is as follows:

  1. You need to fill up a form that asks for various details.
  2. Then you will get a call for the verification of your interest in partnership business of the discount broker.
  3. An appointment has to be fixed once you get a call from the sales representative. During the meeting, you can get all your doubts clarified and take the final decision.
  4. The relevant documents have to be submitted which will be verified after which you will get an account ID. Now you can start working.

How long do I need to wait for the registration process to be completed?

You will have to wait for about 3-5 days for the registration process to be over. In case you fail to submit the relevant documents on time, it can even get delayed further.

What kind of back-office support can I expect from 5Paisa Franchise?

Every partner of 5 Paise gets a relationship manager in order to get assistance for client acquisition. Besides this, you will get back office support also, by the help of which you can track the client list, the amount of brokerage that has been generated and other such information every month.

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