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Tradebulls Franchise

Tradebulls Franchise

Tradebulls Franchise is India’s one of the quick-growing franchise systems as well as wealth management companies that began in the year 2009. The headquarters of this comprehensive stockbroker is located in Gujarat. Its franchise offices, as well as sub-brokers, are spread in 12 major cities of India, with a staff count exceeding 1000.

The number of broking franchisees is over 1500 and it has a huge active client base of more than 70,000. With such a wide network, the clients can enjoy numerous benefits which include support from a quick response team, precise research analytics, branches that are spread offline and a lot more.

Generally, Tradebulls Franchise’s offline presence is widely found in western India, with some branches in the other parts too, however, it provides its partners in the sub-broker business with the best marketing and technical support across the country.

It knows very well the importance that the sub-brokers are here for a long-term haul with them. And that is why it takes good care of its partner businesses. Partners also get free research reports as well as tips and timely support.

Tradebulls Franchise Partnership models:

There are a couple of business models that this full-service stockbroker has to offer to its potential business partners. Here are a few details for your reference:

Tradebulls Sub-broker:

This is otherwise known as the franchise model. A standard franchise agreement has to be signed up before beginning operations with this full-service stock broking house. In this model, a dedicated relationship manager (RM) is provided to the sub-broker for all the different types of financial products that are made available for investment purposes.

In order to make things simpler for you,  you will have to undergo a training session in the initial stage, prior to starting the operations as a sub-broker. Here you will get to know the way of using the trading platforms that include the terminal software, ways of visiting clients, things about the back office systems and so on.

There are timely seminars and workshops carried out in various cities by brokers. So, whenever it is your city’s turn, you can avail the advantage as they will provide you exclusive access for managing the investors who will be visiting the event.

This will be a tremendous boost to enhance your existing client base through the addition to new investors to the company’s network.

Tradebulls Remisier

This is the referral model of Tradebulls. As a customer of this stockbroking house, you can earn by referring your friends or relatives for initiating a partnership with the company.

It gives you a chance to use your social connections to earn income.

The stakes and obviously the returns are much lower in this business model.

Tradebulls Franchise Initial Costing:

It is always necessary to inquire about all the direct and indirect charges which you have to pay, from the Tradebulls executives before deciding to join the company.

In general, there are upfront charges along with some other charges that have to be paid either every month or every year. You can also try to negotiate the monetary as well as the non-monetary matters to make things into your favour.

Here is the cost for each model of Tradebulls:

Tradebulls Franchise model:

In the case of Tradebulls Franchise, the cost is considered to be the least among all the stockbroking houses in the industry. Its fee is ₹50,000 along with an initial security deposit of ₹1 lakh. When you opt to quit the Tadebulls Franchise model, you will be returned the full security deposit but without any interest.

Besides this amount, there are some other charges which have to be paid and these are enlisted below:

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  • Costs related to exchange.
  • Charges for registration.
  • Office rentals, where you will be working from.
  • Recurring charges of the trading platform which you will be using.[/su_list]

Remisier model:

In the Remisier model of Tradebulls also you need to pay a  security deposit of ₹10000, which is refundable in nature.

Tradebulls partnership models Revenue Sharing:

Here is a brief outlook of the revenue sharing in case of the two partnership models of Tradebulls:

Tradebulls Franchise model:

With the Tadebulls Franchise model, a person can expect significant revenue as high as 80%, keeping the remaining 20% with itself. Depending on the total revenue generated or the net brokerage generated from the current client base, the exact revenue share is finalised.

In a particular date of every month, the payout is done consistently. Suppose the net brokerage generated from the transactions in the business amounts to ₹5 Lakhs in a month then, then the revenue is its 80%, i.e ₹4 Lakh will be owned by you and the company will own the remaining ₹1 Lakh.

Considering different cases, the average revenue share comes to around 70% for the sub-broker or Tradebulls Franchise partner.

But this revenue sharing should not be solely the factor, seeing which you should decide to join the stock broking house. You should view the various aspects of the sharemarket business beside this monetary advantage.

Tradebulls Remisier:

In this model, a revenue sharing of about 30% can be expected, when the customers you have referred join the Tradebulls network.

Tradebulls Franchise Benefits:

Joining the Tradebulls franchise model can provide you with the following benefits

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  • Opening a free Demat account with zero charges of AMC, i.e no annual maintenance charges are needed.
  • You can have a reasonable revenue sharing.
  • The company will provide free reports regarding the detailed research done by the experts, recommendations as well as tips so that trading becomes easier for you.
  • The security deposit which you need to give is less compared to the other stockbroking houses. In certain cases, you can avail the on-demand specific requests.
  • Tradebulls conducts a number of educational seminars as well as workshops for the clients and the business partners.
  • You can also get complete support at the regional level from the data centres, so as to resolve your queries in the least possible time and provide you with relevant assistance on time.
  • With the help of a dedicated relationship manager, you get consistent assistance for resolving any issues.
  • For marketing campaign purposes and the collateral supports, you will be provided with posters, glow signs etc.[/su_list]

Tradebulls Franchise Eligibility criteria:

Here is a list of criteria which needs to be fulfilled in order to join Tradebulls Franchise:

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  • One needs to have a basic understanding of the sharemarket operation and the stock market trading which includes your power to comprehend the technical jargons whenever asked by the potential clients, the process of account opening, placement of an order, making an investment in the share market etc.
  • You should have an educational qualification no less than Higher Secondary Level, though a bachelor or other higher degrees are preferable.
  • Minimum experience of 2 to 3 years is needed in the selling of financial products such as insurance, commodity, mutual funds, equity. You should have done this as a mutual fund distributor, Remisier, sub-broker, broker etc.
  • You should be able to sign a standard franchise agreement with an exclusivity contract in case such a need arises. Before finally signing the contract with the broker, you have the scope of initiating a negotiation regarding various aspects such as getting some extra perks etc.
  • You should have an office space, either rented or owned of an area of minimum 200–25 square feet size, to carry out your business operations.
  • Once you start discussing everything face to face with the Tradebulls broker executive, there are chances of the addition of some other criteria too.[/su_list]

Tradebulls franchise Offers:

Here is the list of offers which you can avail when you opt to become a Tradebulls franchise:

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  • Deposition of a low-security amount.
  • You will get premium advisory calls.
  • A free Demat account will be opened for you with no need for annual maintenance charges.
  • Tradebulls has options for online account opening services.
  • You can get brokerage or cash back reversal up to ₹1 lakh.
  • It has a high revenue sharing ratio.
  • The process of Tradebulls Franchise ID generation is very fast.[/su_list]

Tradebulls Franchise FAQs:

Some question comes to the mind while you decide to become a Tradebulls Franchise partner. We have answered all such frequently asked questions, to simplify and make things clear for you.

How many models of Tradebulls are available for partnership purposes?

Tradebulls has two partnership models, i.e the Tradebulls franchise or sub-broker model and the Remisier model.

What is Tradebulls Franchise or Tradebulls sub-broker?

A Tradebulls Franchise is a person who is authorised for carrying out the trading for the clients, providing them with services, adding new clients to the network, on the company’s behalf.

For all such functions that a sub-broker or authorised person or Tradebulls Franchise carries out, he is entitled to a profit sharing on the basis of the net brokerage generated.

Do I need to pay any amount for getting myself into the Tradebulls partnership models?

Yes, an initial security deposit has to be given if you want to be a part of any of the partnership models of the company. In the case of the Tradebulls Franchise model, it is ₹1 lakh along with a sub-broker registration fee of ₹50,000 but in case of the Remisier model, it is ₹10,000.

The security money in both cases are refundable in nature but the registration and other charges won’t be refunded. The refund of the security money does not include the interest and it is done once you opt to leave the partnership.

Being a Tradebulls Franchise, what support can I expect?

Here is the list of support which the company ensures all the sub-brokers or authorised persons of the company:

  • The trading and Demat account opening can be done instantly, as there is no waiting time in this.
  • You will be provided assistance for efficiently handling the clients.
  • Timely advisory and research services will be provided to you, to make sure that you perform your operations in the best possible way.
  • You will get marketing support whenever needed.
  • Training and webinars will be conducted by the company to keep you updated as well as help you in adding more customers to the existing network of the company.

What documents are needed while registering myself as a Tradebulls  Franchise?

Here is the list of documents which you need to submit to become Tradebulls  Franchise:

  • Proof of your address
  • Proof of date of birth.
  • Certificate showing your academic qualification.
  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Photographs of passport size
  • Proof of your ID
  • A cancelled bank cheque
  • All the documents related to the office space such as your rental agreement etc.
  • A cheque for the security deposit.

Why should I partner with Tradebulls?

Here are certain reasons which can convince you to partner with Tradebulls:

  • It has a strong team that conducts research.
  • Your account opening will be accomplished in a short span of time.
  • the advisory services are given by the award-winning team.
  • You will be a part of the renowned company and can easily acquire customers as it has already well established itself in the market.
  • With the fulfilment of a few essential eligibility criteria and less initial security deposit, you can easily be a part of the Tradebulls franchise and enjoy numerous benefits, with full support from the team of experts. This will ultimately help you in the realisation of your dreams.

What is the process of registration for Tradebulls Franchise?

To get yourself registered as a Tradebulls Franchise, you need to fill up a form asking for basic details, after which you will get a call back from the Tradebull’s central office. Then you will have a discussion with the regional executives of the company face to face.

At this point, there will be discussions regarding the onboarding requirements, costs you need to pay, revenue sharing you will be entitled to, the related documents that have to be submitted etc. After the document submission, the registration will be completed in about 5 business days, after which you can begin your business operations with the activated account.

How long do I need to wait for getting my account activated in order to begin business operations?

It takes about 4-5 business days to complete the account activation process, though the process may get delayed if you fail to submit all the relevant documents on time.

In case you are looking to become a sub-broker or a stockbroking partner in any form, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward:



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