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Indiabulls Franchise

Indiabulls franchise

Indiabulls is a major player in the stock market that provides its customers with extensive financial services. In the year 1995, this stock broking house was first established. All over India, there are a number of Indiabulls Franchise and sub-brokers operating successfully under it.

Its client base is almost 7 lakhs, spread across 18 Indian cities and they have a dedicated sales team exceeding 900 individuals. Mostly you can spot the presence of this full-service stockbroker in the northeastern states of the country.

CRISIL assigned Indiabulls BQ-1 grading and it is the first company in India’s stockbroking market to have the highest ranking. Such a grade indicates the company’s stability, risk management control’s strictness along with solid fundamentals.

Since all the needs of the customers are fulfilled with the financial products offered by Indiabulls Franchise, they remain loyal to the firm instead of feeling a need for switching to some other stockbroking firm. If you opt for a long term commitment with this stock broking house, you can expect better returns on your investments.

Indiabulls is enlisted among India’s top financial market firms. A number of aspects have to be taken care of when you enter into a partnership with this firm, all of which have been discussed in this article.

Indiabulls Franchise Partnership models:

Indiabulls Franchise has a single business model for its clients, which is known as the Referral model. In this model, all a client needs to do is convince his network, friends and relatives to join the company’s network. When a person gets added to the company through you, you will be paid for it.

For this, you need to have a good business and social connection, so that you can refer to as many people as you can to earn better. You can map all your connections which gradually get added to the network under a broker linked with you.

Indiabulls Franchise Initial Costing:

You do not have to make an initial investment for setting up the physical office after your partnership with the company as you can work from the office of the broker. Also, you have the freedom to operate from the comfort of your home or even any place where you feel convenient.

On referring a client, you will be eligible for a certain amount of income. This will be immediately sent to your bank account.

Besides this income, you will also earn from the brokerage which your referred client generates.

Indiabulls Franchise Revenue sharing:

In the Indiabulls Franchise’s Referral model, the clients are entitled to a revenue sharing ratio of 20% to 35%. This percentage is less owing to the fact that the client does not have to accomplish any complex functions. He has only one function and that is to refer people from his social circle.

The broker performs the major complex function of motivating the referred client to become a client of Indiabulls Franchise. In short, the broker converts a potential referred customer to a real customer.

Besides this, he also carries out other essential functions such as redressal of the complaints, managing the accounts, services related to trading etc. Thus he/she is entitled to a greater revenue share, i.e 65% to 80%.

Indiabulls Franchise Advantages:

When you join the Indiabulls Franchise network in its Referral model, you can enjoy numerous benefits. These are enumerated in the following section:

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  • In this model, you can function from any place that is convenient for you.
  • Your prime function in this model is to just refer people you know, to join the company and the other major part of getting them added will be handled by the broker.
  • This is an opportunity for you to use your free time to get some extra income.
  • When your referred client earns revenue, you will be entitled a certain percentage of it.
  • A certain portion of your income will be transferred to you immediately in this model.
  • You are saved from making an investment to set up the office infrastructure.
  • Since Indiabulls is a renowned stock broking house, you will not have to put a lot of efforts into convincing the customers to join its network.[/su_list]

Indiabulls Franchise Drawbacks: 

Besides the advantages, Indiabulls Franchise has some disadvantages too. These are as follows:

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  • Since it is the only partnership model available, you do not get the option to choose from various available models. So people looking out for other options will refrain from joining the firm.
  • The revenue sharing in the Referral model is not so attractive.
  • The firm doesn’t provide the option of opening a 3-in-1 account like certain other stockbroking houses.
  • There are no PMS, trading institute, robo advisory, or options for virtual trading services.
  • NRIs can’t enter into a partnership with the firm to start trading in the Indian Stock market.
  • You won’t get the e-locker tool with Indiabulls so there is no way of electronically holding your financial documents with this company.[/su_list]

Indiabulls Franchise Offers:

Here is the list of offers which you can avail from the Indiabulls Franchise broker:

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  • You can get extensive research reports as well as reports regarding the accounts.
  • The most probable behaviour of the market in the upcoming period can be known through the market statistics that will be provided to you. Thus you can make your investment decisions accordingly to get maximum benefit.
  • Tracking of the portfolio is possible because of the portfolio tracker.
  • To help you in taking the right decision while trading, you will be provided with an equity analysis report.[/su_list]

Indiabulls Franchise Services Offered:

The list of services of Indiabulls Franchise which can be availed are enlisted below:

Trading services: With this stock broking house, a trader has the freedom to choose any platform for trading in order to make an investment in any of the market segments.

You can also do intraday trading that involves buying or selling shares in a day. Your exposure to trading increases by 10 times.

IPO Investment: The firm lets its traders make investments in IPO, i.e the initial stocks released by any company. Gradually, with the growth of such company, higher benefits can be reaped in future.

Demat services: A Demat account is needed for holding the securities in an electronic or dematerialised form which is made possible by Indiabulls Venture.

Recommendation and tips regarding the investment in stocks: With Indiabulls, you can get the best recommendations as well as tips, so that you can put your money in the right stocks to reap maximum benefit.

Management of issues: Full-time customer services are made available to the customers to assist them whenever any problem arises while trading.

Depository services: These services enable you to maintain the securities in electronic form. Besides this, you can also avail the transaction associated services in the securities.

Debt Funding services: If you intend to start a business and fall in short of funds, then you can borrow money from this full-service stockbroking house for a hassle-free start of your venture.

Efficient trading platform: Clients are benefited from the robust trading platform provided by the firm. It has a desktop-based online trading platform for its clients and business partners, named Power Indiabulls or PIB.

This application can be availed by paying ₹750, which is its one-time activation charge.

If you are looking to become a sub-broker or a stockbroking partner in any form, let us assist you in taking the next steps for you:


Indiabulls Franchise FAQs:

To simplify the process for you, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions that may come up in your mind when you opt to start trading through the Indiabulls Franchise or enter into a partnership with it:

What are the various business models of Indiabulls Franchise which I get to choose from?

There is only one partnership model offered by the company, i.e the Referral model, in which you need to refer your near and dear ones to join Indiabulls Franchise network.

Do I need to make an initial investment in order to partner with Indiabulls Franchise?

No, Indiabulls Franchise’s Referral model doesn’t require you to make an initial investment as you can work from the broker’s office itself or even from your home.

What revenue share can I expect from Indiabulls Franchise?

Since the firm provides only the referral model in which the roles and responsibilities are the least, you can expect 20-35% of revenue sharing only.

What products does the Indiabulls Venture provide its customers for trading purposes?

The various products offered by the firm for trading are as follows:

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  • Trading of commodities: This includes commodities such as agriculture, gold, silver, energy, and platinum.
  • Trading of equities: In this, the traders can get involved in purchasing or selling the shares of any company for earning capital.
  • Trading of currencies: This enables customers to purchase, sell or exchange the currencies internationally.
  • Trading of Futures and Options: Besides the shares, traders get a chance to make an investment in the Futures and Options market segments as well.
  • Forex: This is considered to be the biggest marketplace and you can make an investment here through Indiabulls.
  • Availing loans: If you have shares, bonds, or mutual funds, then you can avail a loan against them during your financial emergencies.
  • Investing in mutual funds and SIP: As an investor, if you intend to make investments on a regular basis then you can opt for SIP through Indiabulls.
  • Bonds or fixed deposits: In case you want to opt for a fixed income investment, then the bonds or fixed deposits are perfect for you.
  • Facilities of e-trade: Such facilities are made available to a trader to ensure that they make investment whenever they want and the way they want.


What advantages can I get from joining Indiabulls?

You can get numerous benefits with Indiabulls Franchise. These are explained below:

Ranked high by credit rating agencies: Reputed credit rating agencies such as CRISIL and Brickworks have ranked Indiabulls Franchise as the top quality broker. Also, its services and products have helped it create a good impression in the minds of the people.

So, you will not have to work a lot on gaining the trust of customers. Instead, you can work focus on other functions.

Assistance from relationship managers: In order to support the business partners and clients for carrying out their operations, there are dedicated relationship managers. Also, excellent offline services can be availed from the branches of Indiabulls Franchise.

Earning extra income through fewer efforts: This is possible through the Referral model of Indiabulls Franchise. In this model, you can operate from your home also, and do not need to set up dedicated offices.

User-friendly mobile app: The mobile app of Indiabulls is quite convenient to use, so customers use it heavily.

No need for initial investment: You can enter into a partnership with Indiabulls with zero investment as infrastructure cost is saved. You can work from the broker’s office or any place you like.

Real-time reports: There are comprehensive reports on a real-time basis which are made available to the partners and clients so that they can understand the business scenario as well as the amount of revenue that can be generated.

What is the process of registration with Indiabulls Franchise?

You need to follow the steps mentioned below in order to complete the sub-broker registration process with Indiabulls Franchise:

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  • A registration form seeking your basic details need to be filled up after which you will be getting a call from the customer support to verify your interest in the venture.
  • There will be a second call where you will get to understand the Indiabulls Franchise’s business model, along with its different aspects such as benefits, revenue sharing ratio, the terms and conditions. Here you need to finalise an appointment with the broker’s executive.
  • During the face to face meeting with the executive, you can clarify all your doubts on any aspect of the business model. If you feel that you should be a part of the venture after knowing everything, then you need to submit all the relevant documents.
  • Once the details are verified, an account ID will be given to you for beginning your own business. At this point, you can work to earn a fair income.[/su_list]

How long does the registration process take to be completed?

It approximately takes 6 to 10 business days for completing the registration process. But if any document is missing, the process may get delayed.

So, make sure to keep all your original documents ready for submission without fail once you set up your mind to join the Indiabulls venture.

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