December 2, 2023
Sharekhan Sub broker charges details

Sharekhan Sub Broker Charges

Sharekhan has unmatchable brand equity which helps attract investors and business enthusiasts in equal proportions. If you’re interested in the latter, make sure to know the Sharekhan sub-broker charges involved. 

When we think of Sharekhan we immediately picture their quality demat account services. The full-service broker is one of the best in the industry. This is visible through their long list of active clients of over 6.3 lakh on National Stock Exchange.

Talking of NSE, you may refer to How To Become a Sub Broker in NSE to know the details to get associated with a broker affiliated with the exchange.

The SEBI registered broker allows investment opportunities across various financial instruments such as equity, mutual funds, derivatives, commodity, currency, etc. The availability of investment options serves to attract attention from investors and traders alike.

This will sound music to the ears of an individual who wants to become a sub-broker, as they will be guaranteed enough clients to cater to. 

With all the benefits on offer, there are certain charges, fees that the broker demands from their clients. 

So, today in this article we will be taking a look at all the Sharekhan sub-broker charges involved in the registration process.

Sharekhan Sub Broker Charges List

Sharekhan being one of the best stockbrokers in the industry is high up on everybody’s choices for business association. This is visible through a large number of queries regarding how to become sub broker of Sharekhan.

As the broker mentions certain charges that an individual will have to pay for the sub broker registration process. This usually involves registration fees, security deposit amount.

In all, the broker has 3 partnership models namely – 

  • Power Broker
  • Remisier
  • Independent Financial Advisor

Likewise, the charges vary depending on the type of model an individual subscribes to. 

As is visible from the above table, Sharekhan’s sub-broker charges vary across brokership models. An individual can opt for the Remisier model which does not require any investment. 

However, if the individual chooses to opt for the IFA model, he/she will have to pay a security deposit. 

Sharekhan Power Broker Charges

The Sharekhan Power Broker model is the equivalent of the Authorized Person where the sub-broker will manage a complete franchise. Here, the individual will require to set up an office to carry out trade transactions and resolve queries of his clients.

The Power Broker model will be suited for individuals who have the ability to invest and the required skill to manage a team of professionals. 

Under this model, the individual will be dealing in all the financial products offered by the broker. Thus the sub-broker will have a wider audience to cater to. 

If an individual chooses to opt for the sub-broker model, he/she shall have to pay some charges. The first of which is the SEBI Registration fees which cost around ₹ 2360 plus the Goods & Service Tax (GST).

In addition to these, the individuals will also need to pay a minimum investment cost upfront at the time of registration for becoming a sub-broker with the stockbroker. 

Further, the sub broker model involves infrastructural costs as well, as the broker will need to set up an office to carry out trading activities, etc.

The list of sub-broker charges under this model are as follows :

The exact costs may vary depending on other factors such as the location of the All in all, the Power Broker costs about ₹ 2,00,000.

Sharekhan Remisier Charges

Sharekhan Remisier model is where the individual does not deal in any financial product but simply refers clients to the broker.

Any individual with good connections and possibly reasonable information of the operations in the stock market can be a Remisier. The broker provides a fair commission to the sub-brokers.

This sub-broker model will suit individuals who have good connections and public dealing skills. Also, individuals short on funds can opt for this model as the sub-broker need not set up any infrastructure.

Like we discussed above, the first requirement for applying for this model is the SEBI Registration form which costs around ₹2360 + Goods & Service Tax (GST). 

Other than that there are no charges as such. 

Sharekhan IFA Charges

Sharekhan IFA is one of the most preferred business partnerships. This is because it provides already existing financial advisors, financial products distributors the opportunity to leverage the brand equity of Sharekhan.

Here the sub-broker has the opportunity to deal in mutual funds only. This can be an excellent business opportunity considering the current trend when mutual funds seem to be in huge demand.

So, anyone interested in this particular model will have to pay the SEBI registration fees. Then there are infrastructure charges as the sub-broker will need to set up an office to deal with their customers.

You can refer to the table below for more information –


Sharekhan has established itself as a favorite among investors and traders alike. The full service broker enjoys unrivaled popularity on the backing of their quality demat account services.

Subsequently, the broker has over 6.3 Lakh active clients on NSE and in all likelihood will grow in time to come. This is a brilliant opportunity for business enthusiasts who are looking out for avenues in the stock market.

The broker has something for everyone through its 3 diverse sub-broker models – Power Broker, Remisier, Independent Financial Advisor. All 3 models are different in operations and the registration process.

For the talk of Sharekhan sub-broker charges, they all depend on the type of sub broker business model an individual chooses. However, you can count SEBI registration fees as a constant in all the models.

The Power broker model will cost an individual around ₹ 2,00,000 which includes the minimum investment amount or the security deposit and the infrastructure costs.

Then, there is the Remisier model where the individual need not set up an office to carry out trade activities. 

In addition to these, there is the Sharekhan IFA model which will suit the existing financial advisors and distributors. Here the sub broker will require to set up an office to deal with their customers.

The brokership models are top notch and guarantee huge profits. The broker offers respectable commission rates and thus is a great entrepreneurship opportunity.

If you are considering becoming a sub broker with the broker, let us assist you in taking the process further. Provide the details in the below mentioned form :


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