December 3, 2021
Benefits Of Angel Broking Franchise

Angel Broking Franchise Benefits

Are you keen to join the Angel Broking sub-broker or partnership program? Or do you have some doubts related to the Angel Broking franchise benefits? Then, it’s your lucky day! 

Yes, it is as we are going to share a document with you in which we will be discussing the benefits of the Angel Broking Franchise in detail. 

So, buckle your seat as the ride is long! 

Recently, just like other full-service stockbrokers, Angel Broking has launched its partnership model to give a business opportunity to the people willing to join them. 

And, it actually succeeded! 

More than 11000 Authorised Persons or sub-brokers have shown interest in availing of this marvellous and successful sub broker business model within a short time span. 

To date, the total number of Angel Broking branches has increased to 110, which are actively working in Indian cities and towns.

But that’s not the end!

Established in 1987, this full-service broking house offers multiple trading and investment segments to its customers like equity, mutual funds, commodity, and currency

And, not just this, the traders and investors can buy or sell stocks while doing Derivative Trading, either Futures trading or options Trading, and can enhance their portfolio by opting for Portfolio Management Services, also known as PMS.

But why are we talking about these segments here? It’s because a franchise partner or a sub-broker cannot only connect with a single client instead can acquire clients of various segments.

That’s cool, right? This means by becoming an Angel Broking sub-broker, you get to expand your business reach to a large number of people.

Now, talking about the Angel Broking sub broker list, three different partnership models are offered to a person willing to join them. You can easily choose one of these three.

We believe since you are here to know the Angel Broking Franchise benefits, then you must be aware of these models named Authorised Person or AP, Remisier, and Master Franchise.

So, now before going with these benefits, Do you have a question that is Angel Broking safe as a business partner not? 

You might already know the answer, which is why you are here! Right?

To those who are unsure of this broking house, you must know that yes, Angel Broking is a highly safe, trustable, and reliable broker. Why?

Because it is registered with India’s Top Exchanges such as MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange), BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), NSE (National Stock Exchange), and also listed with NCDEX known as National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limited.

So, the stocks, shares, bonds, debentures, etc., listed on this broking house are listed on these Exchanges. 

But, there’s more to catch!

The activities and the functions of the Angel Broking are controlled and monitored by SEBI or Securities and Board Exchange of India.

Now, Are you clear that Angel Broking is safe?

Hence, let’s begin with our discussion on Angel Broking Franchise Benefits. Definitely, if you are keen to proceed with the sub-broker registration process, this thought must be crucial for you as your commission entirely relies upon it.

So, let’s dive in!

What are the Benefits of Angel Broking Franchise?

There are a plethora of benefits of the Angel Broking franchise program that makes this the first choice of many business partners. 

Don’t trust us, blindly! See below for yourself-

1. Strong Commission

 Angel Broking sub-broker commission is highly attractive with a recurring flow. 

Although the commission is given on the basis of the deliverables or work quality, however, a specific range has been fixed for each partnership model.

Surprisingly, the commission in the Master Franchise is higher than the other models. The broker not only offers lucrative commissions but even Angel Broking sub broker charges are reasonable as per industry standards.

2. Quick Paperless Onboarding Process

Beyond any doubt, the sub-broker or franchise registration process of Angel Broking is easy and quick. 

Without physical papers or long documentation work, you get Angel Broking sub-broker login credentials.

 These credentials are essential to you when you will be logging in on their different apps; these details like Username or Client ID and Password will give you quick access.

3. Easy Access with Angel Broking Sub-Broker App

Sounds great, right? 

One of the Angel Broking franchise benefits is that you can keep your business at your fingertips with the help of the Angel Broking sub-broker app. Basically, there are two apps named- Angel Broking Franchisee App and NXT, a Franchisee Platform. 

Through these apps, you can view your revenue sharing, business model, competitor analysis, active and inactive customers information, etc. at a single platform., 

Ready to know more about these Angel Broking Benefits? Then don’t stop and keep scrolling! 

4. Less Investment 

What a business plan it will be where the investment is low, and the returns are higher! 

Certainly, becoming an Angel Broking sub-broker is not rocket science, right?

With a few simple steps and with a lower investment, you become an Angel Broking partner.

The minimum investment required in the Angel Broking Franchise is Rs. 50,000, and on the brighter side, the initial security deposit is entirely refundable. Wow, it means getting all the money back! 

Hang in there! Do you know that just by investing Rs 10,000 you can get a commission every month of a range between 30% to 40%? Plus, on a large scale of client acquisition, you get several incentives or bounties.

Yes, that’s true! 

5. Better Support

Personalized assistance in branding and online and offline marketing is one of the other Angel Broking Franchise benefits. This broking house understands your business plan and continuously supports you in achieving the same.

Therefore, this means that Angel Broking moves parallelly with you and your business goals! 

So, quickly join this broking house before you miss the boat! 

6. Comprehensive Range of Categories

Opting Angel Broking franchise partner, you not only handle a single customer who is trading or investing in the Equity segment rather you handle a large scale of varied customers who are pro-actively buying and selling stocks in various classes like derivatives, commodity, currency, IPO, and even mutual funds.

Hence, you will not be limited to a single category; instead, you will get a bunch of customers to deal with. 

7. Potential Career Growth

Who does not want to be a part of such an eminent broking house? 

Of course, no one will leave this opportunity.

Having the strong support of Angel Broking offers you different growth opportunities that can enhance your career dramatically. Thus, this forms another Angel Broking franchise benefit.

A company that is offering you excellent incentives, complete independence to acquire new customers, various business platforms, innovative products, etc., surely uplifts your career growth.

And your popularity in the market will be a cherry on the cake.

8. Part of a Powerful Legacy

Being a prominent part of an influential market leader adds charm to your portfolio and gives you a wide range of business opportunities.

However, what do you get by being a part of a legacy? 

You get top-class and cutting-edge facilities, tremendous leverage, hands-on latest techniques, and technology that altogether make sure that you acquire customers with ease.

Simply, as right as rain! 

9. Transparency in Services

The other Angel Broking franchise benefits are that each franchise partner or a sub-broker is straightforwardly familiarised with the revenue sharing system, terms, and conditions, business models, etc. 

No charges are hidden from them at all.

Before and after the onboarding, all the vital information related to partnership models or even Angel Broking sub-broker deposits is quickly informed to the customers.

Certainly, they follow 100% transparency in their business! 

10. Regular Training and Discussion Sessions

If you successfully become an Angel Broking franchise partner, then you will be availing of free training and discussion sessions on regular terms. 

This not only enhances your knowledge but instead helps you to efficiently acquire new customers. 

From time to time, Angel Broking offers online or offline meetings, training sessions where the focus is given on practical knowledge, discussion sessions to allow multiple franchise partners to exchange the information. 

So, that was all in regards to the Angel Broking franchise benefits. Although we have shared sufficient points to prove that their franchise program has a plethora of advantages to offer, however, these points are not limited. Once you are on board with this broking house, you will continuously get advisory support along with regular training sessions.

And, if you are stuck somewhere or feel confused during client acquisition, you get a dedicated Relationship Manager (RM). 

So, let’s close the topic by summarizing it all in a simple and quick way! 

Ready? Let’s go! 

Closing The Loop

It’s time we close the topic with a few crisp and clear ways.

Angel Broking is not just a full-service stockbroker; instead, it is a powerful brand having its deep roots in the Indian Financial Markets.

Just a few months ago, this broking house launched its Partnership program to give a business opportunity to the people willing to be their part as a franchise or sub-broker. 

Just like passengers come before the train arrival, similarly, before its launching, many people were keen to join it. More than 11000 Authorised Persons or sub-brokers are a part of this broker due to its popularity. 

Highly impressive! Right?

Actually, some Angel Broking Franchise benefits make this model stand out from the other broker’s business program.

Although the list of Angel Broking franchise benefits is never-ending however we are sharing a few of them to give an idea of why we are recommending you to choose this broker. 

Firstly, you get to work under a legacy, so surely you will get the best class facilities, advanced and latest technology, practical techniques, and winning strategies. 

Gone were those times when everything was written and maintained manually. Angel Broking helps you acquire clients digitally, and also, you can check all the business-related details like revenue flow and business plan.

Along with this, you can smoothly perform competitor analysis to see what and how your business rivals are doing.

Other Angel Broking Franchise benefits include attractive commission along with incentives, dedicated Relationship Manager or RM facility, and the low investment cost, and in return, the profits are higher.

Not just this, you get quick onboarding without any delay, assistance in online and offline branding and marketing, a large group of asset classes to deal with, and a lot more! 

So, now you know why the Angel Broking franchise benefits are so popular!

If you wish to join Angel Broking as a franchise partner or as a sub-broker, quickly fill the form below by entering your correct name and valid mobile number. 


We hope you have a successful Business Journey! 

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