June 2, 2023
List of Angel Broking Sub Broker Charges

Angel Broking Sub Broker Charges

The good old brand has unrivaled brand power. People can’t get enough of the broker. Be it, traders or business enthusiasts. If you are interested in the former? You must know Angel Broking sub broker charges.

Established in 1987, the full-service broker has experience of well over 30 years operating in the stock market. Being around for that long period of time they have cemented their place among the finest brokers in the country.

The full-service broker offers traders a world of options in terms of investment products. Anyone who has a Demat account in Angel Broking gets the opportunity to invest in – equity, currency, commodity, derivatives, mutual funds, etc.

Not only does the broker receive a lot of attention from traders who want to open an account but also business enthusiasts who want to become a sub-broker

Presently, there are 11,000 authorized persons who are reaping the benefits of a business association with the broker. If you too want to add to that list, make sure to have a look at all the charges involved in the sub broker registration process.

List of Angel Broking Sub Broker Charges

Angel Broking has established a unique spot for itself in the stock market space and people jump at any chance to get associated with the broker. This is clear from the fact that – How to become a sub broker of Angel Broking is among the most searched term on the internet.

The broker only offers a single business model – Authorized Person. This is quite unusual because almost every other full-service broker offers multiple business association models.

Despite the lack of sub broker opportunities, the broker is still a great option to begin your entrepreneurial journey. This is because of the prospect of earning huge profits and a higher return on investment.

Angel Broking Sub Broker Charges have been listed down that need to be paid by an individual in order to be associated with the broker:

Angel Broking Authorized Person Charges

An individual can become a sub-broker with Angel Broking in only an Authorized Person capacity. It is one of the most desired business partnerships in the stock market industry.

In this model, the major work of the individual will be to onboard new clients to the stockbroker and help them in carrying out trade. The authorized person assists traders or investors with making the right choices in purchasing and selling shares.

Therefore, a thorough understanding of the stock market and relevant experience are required for this partnership model. But, before you decide to be a partner with the broker, you will have to get registered with SEBI.

You will need to pay the necessary SEBI Registration fees along with the form in order to be able to apply for a business partnership with any broker.

However, as an Angel Broking AP, you will have to pay a one-time initial deposit which will be refunded later at the time of cancellation of the contract. This charge may vary from ₹50 K to ₹2 Lakhs. 

The total investment amount comes to be around ₹2 Lakhs to ₹4 Lakhs. This total amount includes the security deposit as well as infrastructure costs for your office space. 

As a sub-broker, you will need to have an office to carry out your business. So, you will be required to purchase or lease space to begin catering to your clients. The infrastructure costs to set up an office depend on the location where you want to set up the office.

The fact that Angel Broking doesn’t offer variety in business association opportunities does not help individuals who are short on funds.


Angel Broking is one of the best-known names in the stockbroking industry in the country. The full-service broker has been operating in the stock market since 1987.

Thus, that huge amount of experience on their CV helps them attract a lot of attention from traders and investors. The broker enjoys a trust factor that has seen them amass over 10 lakh customers.

The opportunity to cater to their ever-increasing list of customers seems like a great business opportunity. The broker unlike many of its peers in the stockbroking industry offers just one sub-broker model – Angel Broking Authorized person.

This sub broker business model is highly rewarding and offers a host of benefits, but requires a certain amount of investment as well. With that said, Angel Broking sub broker charges are pretty reasonable as per the industry standards.

An individual will need to pay the SEBI registration fees to become eligible for becoming a sub-broker. Then, the Angel Broking authorized person charges to involve a security deposit which is refundable in nature.

Apart from this, the broker will have to set up an office, and likewise, the infrastructural costs are involved. The individual can either set up or rent space for his office to begin their business operations.

If you are interested in a business opportunity with the broker, let us assist you in taking the first step. You just have to fill in the form given below. We will take care of the rest.


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