December 3, 2021
Motilal Oswal Sub Broker Charges list

Motilal Oswal Sub Broker Charges

Motilal Oswal is a name anyone and everyone who has been around the stock market has heard. Choosing the broker for a business partnership can be greatly rewarding. However, you must take a look at Motilal Oswal Sub Broker Charges.

The full service broker was founded in 1987 and has since established its place amongst the elite in the industry. The broker allows traders and investors to invest in a vast array of financial instruments. The list is made up of equity, mutual funds, currency, commodity, derivatives, etc. 

Currently, the broker has around 4.95 Lakh customers subscribed to their demat account services. This goes on to demonstrate the huge trust that traders have in the broker. 

Likewise, the broker is a top choice for business enthusiasts as well, The broker has around 2300+ business partners as of now and the number will definitely keep growing as things stand. 

The opportunity is out there for everyone’s taking but there are some charges involved as well. The individuals interested in a business association with the broker look up for Motilal Oswal sub broker charges on the internet.

This piece is intended to serve that very purpose. We will be looking up at all the charges, involved in the sub broker registration process.

Motilal Oswal Sub Broker Charges List

The full service broker gets regular queries for business partnerships all the time. To make things simpler for the individuals truly interested, the broker has listed down a couple of guidelines. 

This includes the list of charges that an individual will have to incur to become a sub broker of Motilal Oswal. The broker offers 5 business models which ensure enough opportunity for anyone.

The 5 sub broker models are as follows:

  • Franchise
  • Employee To Entrepreneur
  • Remisier 
  • Channel Partner 
  • Digi Partner

All the above mentioned partnership models differ from each other in operations, commission rates, brokerages, perks, etc. 

The individuals can choose any model and the sub broker charges are decided accordingly.

As can be seen from the above table almost all sub broker partnerships offered by Motilal Oswal require an initial investment amount of nearly ₹ 1 Lakh and can go upwards to ₹ 3 Lakhs as well.

Motilal Oswal franchise model, Employee to Entrepreneur model are among the most preferred business models. However, here the individual will then have to set up their personal office to onboard clients and provide trading services to the broker’s clients.

Interested individuals who are short on funds might want to give their Remisier model a try. Here the individual will not have to pay any infrastructure charges.

We take a look at all the sub broker charges per each model in detail.

Motilal Oswal Franchise Charges

Among all the sub broker models offered by the broker, Motilal Oswal Franchise is one of the most preferred ones. This is because of the huge potential, high commissions, countless rewards associated with the model.

This model helps individuals realize their dream of becoming an entrepreneur and leading a team of professionals. Here the individual works as an Authorized Person. The sub broker earns by bringing in more clients to avail their demat account services.

The broker has written down criteria that mandate that the individual should have relevant experience in the stock market or belong from a financial background. 

As for the sub broker charges, the first can be found in the form of SEBI registration fees to be submitted to the stock market regulatory body. You can only proceed with the process once you have submitted the registration form.

Then there is the minimum investment that an individual will have to deposit with the broker. The minimum security deposit comes to be around Rs 3 Lakh. This amount will be refunded later at the time of cancellation or termination of the contract.

Here in this sub broker model, the individual will be required to set up an office to carry out business operations and provide services to your clients. So, there are infrastructural charges involved as well. 

The below table demonstrates the sub broker charges in full:

Motilal Oswal Employee To Entrepreneur Charges 

The name speaks for itself. This Motilal Oswal Employee To Entrepreneur model is tailored for individuals already working in the stockbroking space or who have relevant experience. 

The business model will help individuals realize their entrepreneurial dream. Individuals can enroll in this model and service clients in a vast range of financial products.

If you opt for this model, you will enjoy various perks and benefits for sure. However, there are certain charges associated with this Motilal Oswal sub broker model. The first of which is the SEBI registration fees.

Apart from this, there is the security deposit amount which is around ₹ 1 Lakh. Further, the individual will require to set up an office to extend their business operations like opening demat account for clients, helping them make trading decisions.

So, there are infrastructure charges involved in this model. The amount will depend on the location where you want to set up your office. There are no fixed charges as this amount varies across cities in different tiers.

You can refer to the below table to learn about the associated charges: 

Motilal Oswal Remisier Charges

Motilal Oswal Remisier is yet another exciting partnership model by the broker. This model will be suited for individuals who have experience of 2 – 3 years in the stockbroking industry.

Individuals having the relevant experience of distributing financial products and a good client base or connections can benefit from this model.

The major work of the sub broker will be to distribute financial products to their existing clients. So, a thorough understanding of all the financial instruments offered by the broker will be required.

As for the sub broker charges in this model, the individual will have to make a minimum investment of ₹ 1 Lakh. This amount is to paid after the individual gets registered with SEBI.

As the sub broker will not require to set up an office space, the sub broker will not have to pay any infrastructure charges.

The total charges to be paid by an individual will be :

Motilal Oswal Channel Partner Charges 

Motilal Oswal Channel Partner is for individuals who already have a decent amount of clients under their belt. Those individuals can therefore leverage the brand power of Motilal Oswal.

The sub broker model will work fine for already existing sub brokers who want to expand their client base. On the other hand, the broker will get the opportunity to cater to the clients of the sub broker.

Under this model, the sub broker will be able to distribute all financial products offered by the broker. However, the individual will be charged a certain amount in the form of the security deposit and the infrastructure amount.

The security deposit is usually in the range of ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 2 Lakhs. Whereas the infrastructure costs are dependent on the location of your office. But, it can fall around the bracket of ₹ 1 Lakhs. 

For learning the sub broker charges in full you can refer to the table below :

Motilal Oswal Digi Partner Charges

Motilal Oswal Digi Partner is the freshest sub broker model by the broker. Under this model, the sub broker need not set up an office to deliver trading services. All the business operations are done digitally.

This model is open for employees associated with financial services companies, corporate executives, MBA Students, etc. The sub brokers can earn lucrative brokerages for setting up Demat accounts and helping the clients invest in various products of the broker.

The Motilal Oswal Digi Partner Charges include SEBI registration fees. After the process is completed, the sub broker will have to pay a security deposit. 

The total charges that are to be paid by the individual under this business model are as follows :


Motilal Oswal is easily one of the most renowned stockbrokers in the country. The full service broker has been operating in the stock market for well over 33 years.

The broker enjoys a trust factor among the trading community of the country and has subsequently attracted loads of traders, investors to their Demat account services. Having a demat account with the broker allows you to invest in a variety of financial products.

Similarly, the broker is among the preferred choices for a business association. The broker offers 5 different sub-broker models which ensure enough options for a business enthusiast

Currently, the broker has over 2300 business partners in different parts of the country. All sub-broker models are different in operation, commissions as well as the charges that an individual will have to pay for registration. 

Motilal Oswal Franchise and Employee to Entrepreneur are among the most opted for sub broker business model because of the huge potential. Here, the individual will be able to realize their dream of becoming an entrepreneur and manage a team of professionals.

However, individuals who are low on the budget might find the sub broker models too expensive. They should check out the Motilal Oswal Remisier model or the newest offering Digi Partner.

In all, becoming a sub broker with the broker is a great opportunity for individuals who want to take a great leap in their careers.

So, if you are considering opting for a business partnership with the broker, simply fill in the below table :


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