May 26, 2024
Benefits of Sharekhan Sub broker

Why Partner with Sharekhan?

In a world full of choices, it is often hard to make the right choice and then stick with it. However, any opportunity of a business partnership with Sharekhan is probably the easiest of choices to make. Why partner with Sharekhan? 

Well, read on.

The hugely popular and reliable brand of Sharekhan is known among the top full service brokers in the country. It is easily the most recognized and the first name to go down in any list of eminent stockbroking firms in the industry.

Sharekhan although appears to have been around for an eternity now, was only established in the year 2000. Just 20 years down the line, it stands taller than its counterparts who have been operating in the industry well before them.

As per the latest NSE records, the SEBI registered full service stockbroker has over 6.18 Lakh active clients subscribed to their excellent trading services. 

With its physical outlets in over 575 cities of the country, its enviable physical presence is something many stockbrokers can only dream about.

The numbers are there for everyone to see and they clearly point towards the huge potential that lies in a business partnership with the broker. The official Sharekhan website reports the number of business partners or sub brokers to be well over 3000.

Still, if you are unsure as to why partner with Sharekhan, we have a few reasons. 

Benefits Of Becoming Sharekhan Partner

As already known that Sharekhan offers different partner models like Sharekhan Remisier, Sub broker, Franchise etc each of them offers different benefits.

Among the many benefits of becoming Sharekhan partner include factors such as brand equity. The stockbroker is one of the most popular names in the country and has gained the trust of the public through its quality services.

Sharekhan has been known for bringing about technological advancements in their state of the art trading platforms which allows the customers to trade in a vast range of financial products such as :

  • equity 
  • derivatives (Futures and Options)
  • commodity
  • currency
  • Mutual Funds 
  • IPO etc.

The stockbroker is a Depository Participant of both NSDL and CDSL, in addition to being affiliated to the major stock exchanges as well as commodity exchanges in India:

  • NSE (National Stock Exchange of India Limited)
  • BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.)
  • MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd)
  • NCDEX (National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited)
  • MSE (Metropolitan Stock Exchange)

The above factors have contributed to the ever growing list of traders who want to open a Sharekhan Demat account

If that wasn’t enough, then there is the facility that allows traders to open a Demat account without paying a penny. This makes ample opportunity for business enthusiasts. 

The 3 diverse sub-broker models further sweeten the prospect of becoming a sub broker with Sharekhan. Such facilities make them an attractive prospect and help in bringing new clients.

Further, the sub broker registration is hassle free. 

The benefits of becoming Sharekhan partner are as follows:

Sharekhan Partner Marketing

 The biggest benefit of a business partnership with Sharekhan is that you don’t need to worry about marketing. The stockbroker enjoys unrivaled brand recognition itself but still, the stockbroker provides business development & business generation ideas with its business partners.

Further, the stockbroker helps plan and organize various events to attract new clients to your franchise. Such events aid in increasing local level visibility and thus more business. 

You can also customize business development strategies as per your preferences.

Sharekhan Trading Platforms

Sensing the needs of modern day traders to be able to trade from the comfort of their homes, Sharekhan offers a multitude of trading platforms that can be accessed from mobile, web, and desktop. 

Sharekhan has always been known for bringing innovations in their trading platforms which ensures a best in class trading experience. The accurate and reliable platforms have helped numerous traders in their trading journey and therefore enjoy their trust vote.

The list of Sharekhan Trading platforms include :

Sharekhan Web Trading Platform

Traders can access the Sharekhan official website to :

  • Place orders
  • Check your portfolio and track your trades, investments 
  • Gain information on listed stocks
  • Access Sharekhan Classroom
  • Contact the customer service to get your queries resolved through live chat

Sharekhan Mobile Trading App 

The Sharekhan mobile trading app is available for both Android as well as iOS-based smartphones. Traders can download the app from Google Play and App Store respectively to avail these services :

  • Place Orders
  • Track Portfolio anytime, anywhere
  • Trade in oil, gold, and Non-agri commodities 
  • Invest in Systematic Investment Plan via Mutual Funds
  • Learn from Sharekhan Classrooms
  • Get access to various charts 
  • Get in depth analysis of stocks through various technical indicators

Sharekhan Mini

Sharekhan Mini is a low bandwidth website that makes it possible for traders with a slow internet connection to :

  • Place Orders
  • Track Portfolio anytime, anywhere
  • Keep an eye on your favorite stocks through your watchlists 
  • Latest market reports
  • Get access to various charts 
  • Access tools and technical indicators 
  • Transfer funds from your trading account to your bank account or vice versa

Sharekhan Trade Tiger

Sharekhan Trade Tiger is a desktop trading platform by the stockbroker. Currently, the trading terminal is compatible with Windows OS and is packed with the latest innovations to help traders :

  • Place Orders
  • Track Portfolio anytime, anywhere
  • Get access to advanced charting features
  • Place advanced orders 
  • Get access to all kinds of news, events related to the stock market
  • Advanced Trading tools such as heatmaps, stock scanners, filters, etc.

Sharekhan Partner Tools For Business

Sharekhan offers various tools to help business partners in the smooth, seamless execution of various business activities such as account opening, checking the status of account opening requests, viewing customer details, etc. 

The availability of such tools makes life easier for a business partner and is a reason enough to become a partner with Sharekhan.

The stockbroker offers the following tools :

Power Admin Login – Business partners can use the tool Customer Interface System (CIS) to place new account opening requests and get access to complete customer details.

Eternity tool helps business partners to view daily, weekly, monthly brokerage statements and ledger.

Risk Tiger – This tool helps evaluate tracking customer’s risk and check margin shortage in real time. Also, the app lets you view the square off reports.

Sharekhan business partners get access to these tools which facilitates them in extending various business operations.

Sharekhan Research Reports

Being a full service stockbroker, Sharekhan delivers quality and in-depth research reports that are developed by a team of analysts. The broker offers research reports for a variety of financial instruments such as derivatives, mutual funds & IPO. 

Traders today are becoming increasingly reliant on research reports than ever. Likewise, they demand assistance from their stockbroker for the facility. Sharekhan does a fine job in that regard. That’s another reason right there as to why become a Sharekhan partner.

Further, the broker provides daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly research reports across asset classes. The stockbroker offers the following research reports :

Technical Research

The technical research reports are developed by using various charts and technical tools to predict market conditions. Technical research will be of great help to intraday traders who need to study stocks they want to trade. 

The reports prepared by taking aid from the various technical indicators help traders make better trading decisions as they are provided help in picking the right stock to match their specific trading strategy and help them meet their trading objectives.

Fundamental Research

Fundamental Research is performed to know the intrinsic value of stocks. Investors and traders avail the Fundamental Research facility to learn about various factors that can affect a financial security’s price.

The research reports provided by the stockbroker give an idea of whether the security is undervalued or overvalued. The reports provide all the information about all the events, occurrences in the markets. 

Mutual Fund Research

The Mutual Fund Research report provides information about the best performing Mutual Funds. Traders can use the report to analyze trends in the mutual funds market and make better investment decisions and strategize accordingly.

Sharekhan Business Partner Support Facilities

Staying true to their core of helping and guiding the business partner as a friend, Sharekhan extends multiple support facilities that make business partnerships with the broker an enjoyable ride 

So, anyone still wondering as to why partner with Sharekhan might as well be told about the various support facilities. 

Business partners are provided with facilities such as onboarding training that trains them to bring in new clients, all-round advisory services to cater to clients’ needs of investment plans, etc.

In total, the broker provides the following support facilities :

Onboarding Training

Business partners are provided with thorough customer onboarding training. It is upto the partner to decide where to receive the training. They can decide to have it at their own franchise outlet, at the nearest Sharekhan branch, or at the head office. 

Further, there is the facility of ongoing training support for Business Partners. Sharekhan has a tie up with an American firm – Online Trading Academy, the USA which provides excellent online training to help business partners sharpen their overall skills. 

Business partners can avail the training anytime for themselves and even their employees.

Advisory Support

Business Partners can always choose to avail the stockbroker’s research advice in real time through the Sharekhan TradeTiger Terminal. 

Further, there are dedicated advisory relationship managers that provide assistance in preparing a business plan for you. These managers provide you with tips and best practices to improve your business in addition to helping manage your client’s portfolio.

Best Practices

Sharekhan intends to stay true to its core values of customer interest, customer satisfaction carries out the best practices. Further, stays compliant with all the regulations that are mentioned by the Indian regulatory body SEBI.

Thus building greater trust among investors and traders through its transparent working regime.

Retail Design

Sharekhan Business partners will be provided with the assistance of experts in designing the office establishment corresponding with the brand’s identity. Thus ensuring uniformity among every Sharekhan outlet.

Commission Model

The biggest benefit and probably the most important factor as to why partner with Sharekhan is their lucrative commission models. 

The broker understands the value the partners bring to their business and likewise reward them with handsome remuneration for their dedication and hard work.

There are 3 ways to become a business partner with Sharekhan and the commission models vary accordingly. As a business partner, you can expect to be making anything around 30 – 70% commission depending upon the type of business partnership you choose.

Not only you get a handsome commission, but even Sharekhan sub broker charges are reasonable as per the industry standards.

The commission models for various partnership models are as follows – 

Power Broker – Although a lot depends upon the business they bring to the broker in the form of new clients, and brokerages. Business partners can look to make a commission of anything around 70%

Remisier – Under this model, Sharekhan partners will earn revenue by referring friends, family, or their connections to the full-service stockbroker. However, there is no fixed revenue and the business partners will need to negotiate the commission.

Independent Financial Advisor – The revenue sharing under this sub broker business model is 60 – 70% for the business partner while Sharekhan takes 30 – 40%.


Sharekhan has carved a name for itself on the backing of excellent services and is one of the most popular names around in the stockbroking industry. 

A demat account with the stockbroker offers traders many benefits which include the opportunity to invest in a variety of financial instruments. Then there are top quality trading platforms that make online trading easy. 

This when combined with the facility of a free demat account where traders can open a Sharekhan Demat account without having to shell out a penny from their pockets makes them an irresistible option.

The broker’s demat account services have been subscribed by over 6.18 Lakh clients. Subsequently making a business association with the broker a sure profiteering prospect.

Individuals having the query – why partner with Sharekhan can count the first and foremost benefit in the form of the huge business potential that lies in the stockbroking industry. 

Sharekhan is among the go-to options for many individuals who are looking to set foot in the Indian share market. The broker provides best in class support services such as onboarding training to help business partners recruit clients.

To further sweeten things in a business association with the broker, Sharekhan offers lucrative commissions to its partners. 

In case you wish to become a sub-broker or a stockbroking business partner in any capacity, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward:


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