May 26, 2024
sharekhan remisier

Sharekhan Remisier

Trading is now a new normal for generating side income, and some become full-timers in the same field by either becoming financial advisors or indulging in partner programs offered by different stockbrokers. Today we bring one such plan of an infamous stockbroker, Sharekhan called the Sharekhan Remisier Plan. 

Are you thinking, what is Remisier? How can it help you in making money or how to avail this opportunity? Why to Partner with Sharekhan?

Let’s dive into the details to grab the complete information. 

Sharekhan Remisier Plan

Remisier is a person who gets clients for the stockbroker. To become a remisier one needs to undergo the registration process, the details of which are provided in the article below. 

Basically, his job is to get clients for the broking house through his own network sources. 

For this, one needs to fulfil the eligibility criteria and register themselves with the stockbroker. 

Once done, he or she can officially start building up the network and start earning by referring clients to earn commission out of it. 

So we are now clear about the Sharekhan Franchise details, let’s learn about the remisier eligibility criteria. 


Now when it comes to how to become sub broker in Sharekhan, it requires the one to meet major eligibility criteria and to do the documentation to meet the requirements.

However, there’s a catch; one must possess certain skills and basic qualifications to be eligible for the program like;

  • For a remisier, it is important to be registered with a stock exchange to get hired by the broker
  • Minimum 18 years of age 
  • Good communication skills
  • Minimum HSC level of qualification

However, having some experience in a similar field would be an added advantage.

Other than this, one must have a demat account with Shaekhan to actively work as under the Sharekhan Remisier model. 

How to Become a Sharekhan Remisier?

It’s always good to keep the documents handy to avoid any further delay in the money-making journey. Here’s how can you become a remisier with Sharekhan:

  • Visit official website of Sharekhan Remisier
  • Click on “Become a Partner” on the top right corner of the page
  • Enter your details like name, email Id, etc.
  • Click on “SUBMIT”
  • A few minutes later you’ll receive a call from a Sharekhan Customer representative who will ask you a few details. Post document verification 
  • A unique referral code will be generated.

And finally, you can start introducing your network to the broking firm and earn as much as you can. 


Since the entire process requires a thorough verification as per SEBI guidelines, the document KYC process is included in the process and as you can see in the list certain documents are required to become a Sharekhan Remisier;

  • PAN card
  • AADHAAR card
  • Academic certificates
  • Income proof

These are the minimum documents required to become a Sharekhan remisier. 

Sharekhan Remisier Commission

Here comes the question, 

How do Sharekhan Remisier earn? 

Remisier commission in India depends upon the broker and when it comes to Sharekhan they pay a decent commission percentage to remisier registered with them.

And Sharekhan Remisier can earn up to 15% to 30% of the brokerage;

For example,

You refer about 30 clients to the broking house out of which 12 are actively trading and paying about ₹20000 as brokerage each;

So, the total brokerage would be,

= ₹24000

Now,  15% of ₹24000 is ₹3600, which is the commission you earn for your referrals.

This amount can be maximized through more referrals as there is no cap and the sky’s the limit. The more you refer the more you earn.


Becoming a Sharekhan remisier indeed comes with a few extra benefits such as;

  • No specific infrastructure required 
  • Sharekhan provides a platform to track referrals and open new accounts
  • The brokerage of about 15% to the remisier upon each successful referral
  • Job flexibility; can be done full time or part-time.


Hence, trading of course would bring timely profits with some risks involved, this opportunity of becoming a partner with the Sharekhan sub-broker indeed is a relief where without any risks one can earn extra income. 

With this flexible mode of work where one can decide their own timings, place, it quite provides the freedom to the individual to get the task done as and when they like. For commission will solely be based on the number of customers onboarded through the network.

So here it can be said that as there are no monthly targets involved, earning potential boosts along with an increasing number of referrals. 

Thus to know more about such interesting wealth creation opportunities in the stock market, stay tuned with Sub brokers India. Till then,

Happy investing! 

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