July 24, 2024
Sharekhan franchise requirements

Sharekhan Franchise Requirements

The popular full-service stockbroker Sharekhan has been in limelight very often for its intriguing partner models. This program sets one apart by offering Franchise models to earn some extra bucks. Although there are certain necessities for the same and today we’ll be covering Sharekhan Franchise Requirements for you!

So hang on tight and let’s go!

Sharekhan Franchise Details

First of all, it’s important to understand what the Sharekhan franchise model is all about and what benefits it brings to you?

Sharekhan was founded in 2000 by  Shripal Morakhia in Mumbai and is now fully owned by BNP Paribas and thus named as Sharekhan by BNP Paribas.

This eminent stockbroker, Sharekhan is spread across the nation which makes it approachable for customers and that’s one of the reasons why it is among the best apart from captivating products and partner models. 

So as we talk about partner models, the Sharekhan Franchise model indeed is something you cannot miss out on. 

This model provides an opportunity for an individual to set up their own trading business and fill up their pockets, thus generating additional sources of income and becoming financially independent. Under this come 3 partner models, namely;

  • Power brokers
  • Independent Financial Advisors (IFA)
  • Remisier


Power broker is the first franchise model of sharekhan that allows an individual to partner with Sharekhan and set up their own trading business.

Under this, the sub-broker would look for customers who trade by themselves and collectively start working with them. So basically this model is best suited for those into financial advisory business, business owners etc.

Next, we have,


Well becoming an independent financial advisor or IFA with Sharekhan is a complete opportunity hamper for all financial advisors out there.

This franchise model is basically for the mutual fund segment where the ones into the financial advisory business would be working in their respective fields under the brand name of Sharekhan and thus will forge ahead in their business or career. 

The third model is the remisier model;


A Sharekhan Remisier’s work is to source customers or clients for the firm through their own network base. This model is more of an independent task that can either be done part-time anywhere and anytime. 

Now that one can start their own business under the renowned brand- Sharekhan! What are you waiting for?

But wait,

Before getting all hyped about this program it’s always good to take pretentious measures by knowing and understanding the mandatory requirements. Hence moving onto the documents required for Sharekhan Franchise;


Since the entire capital market is regulated by SEBI, a few unnegotiable steps need to be followed and document verification is one among them; here is the list of papers you need to keep handy while enrolling on this plan:


These are the minimum document requirements that one needs to present at the time of the process. Once the representative calls for Sharekhan, he provides instructions and certain terms and conditions before getting into the process which undoubtedly includes the eligibility criteria.


Apart from these basic documents, certain specific requirements need to be matched such as;

  • A valid sub-broker registration is required from the stock exchange: NSE or BSE.
  • One must be 18 years or above to start getting into any franchise model mentioned above.
  • Valid experience in the finance field is preferred
  • Since the program involves client handling it is important to have good communication and presentation skills. 

In case you are still wondering why partner with Sharekhan? Then here is the list of benefits you must check out;


Post understanding the requirements you must be wondering about what benefits can these plans offer you?

These programs are basically to give you the freedom to work anytime and anywhere and eventually earn more by creating an additional source of income. The list of benefits here includes :

  • One gets to use the brand name to flourish in their own trading business
  • Research reports are provided to both sub-broker partners and the clients
  • In a tech-savvy scenario, where the client looks for a proper trading platform and the partner needs a proper trade tracking platform, all of this is offered by Sharekhan with a user-friendly interface.
  • Free training programs are scheduled for the sub-broker partners to help them move ahead with their work.

And these are just a few, each partner program has got its own set of benefits and facilities that one can avail. 


Now that you are well-versed with the minimum yet quite necessary requirements, Sharekhan Franchise Partner models are worth a shot!

And in case you are wondering about where to find the Sharekhan Franchise near me? It’s quite a vast broking firm that made its presence in almost every city.

Sharekhan having a strong customer base and widespread aura certainly indicates its sustainability and reliability. However, it is still important to get a complete understanding of the three sub-broker models before choosing your suitable plan.

In case you are already into the financial advisory business then a Power broker and the IFA will be most suited for you and if you are an individual looking for a more relaxed money-making opportunity then Remisier can be a good option. 

It is worth noting that the Remisier model also offers an opportunity to work part-time or perhaps become an entrepreneur. 

Happy Investing!



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