June 16, 2024
Sub Broker Franchise Cost

Sub Broker Franchise Cost

Planning to set up a sub-broker business? But still, confused about the sub-broker franchise cost? Well, don’t hesitate and get on the roller coaster for you are about to confront the surprising costs of setting up your very own trading business.

Before we slide into the fees and all, let’s get a clear idea of what actually a sub-broker actually is!

In simple terms, a Sub Broker behaves as the intermediary between the stockbroker and the customer. The two primary functions of sub-brokers are:

  •  Client retention
  • Financial advisory to clients

A sub-broker is the direct employee of the broking firm who works full time in a specified infrastructure as offered by the firm to perform his duties. He earns as per the commission model. 

Wondering how much a sub-broker earns?  

Well, the commission ranges between 50% to 80% considering the abundance of tasks they perform not just for the stockbroker but also for the client and for the stock exchange.

So what are the costs involved in starting as a sub-broker?

Cost Of Sub Broker franchise 

In general, there are three types of sub-broker fees involved in becoming a sub-broker with any stockbroker:

  • Registration Fee
  • Security Deposits
  • Infrastructure Costs

Registration Fee

As simple as it is, this registration fee is charged during the application process of the franchise by the stockbroker. 

This fee can be between ₹1500 and ₹3000 depending upon the broker. 

Security Deposit

Security deposit is also known as the initial deposit. Once the application gets selected after due verification an approval sign is given post which you will be asked to pay this security deposit.  

That needs to be paid before you actually start working as the sub-broker.

Infrastructure Costs

As the name suggests, infrastructure costs are levied for the workspace provided to the sub-broker to start their trading business or any other financial market-related business. 

Let’s now discuss the franchise costs of a few best sub-broker franchises in India:

Angel One Sub Broker Franchise Cost

As you can see in the table below, Angel One’s franchise cost ranges between 1 lakh to 3 lakh, depending upon the sub-broker partner plan one chooses. 

Not just one, Angel One offer multiple sub-Brooker partnership models, where the person gets to set up his or her own business in the field of finance such as Angle One AP, Angel One Remisier and many more. 

With hybrid model services, Angel One also offers absolutely free research reports not just to help the sub-broker partner but also the clients to facilitate smooth investing decisions. 

Although a selection of any one partnership model entirely depends upon an individual considering the initial capital availability to invest obviously.

Zerodha Sub Broker Franchise Cost

Pioneering in the discount brokerage system in India, Zerodha not only offers one of the best trading platforms but also provides an opportunity to earn more through its Franchise Model.

And just like Angel One Sub broker models Zerodha certainly provides the industry best commissions to its partners and not just that they get to start their own trading business under the name of this renowned stockbroker.

And in return, the partner becomes much more reachable and approachable to its clients and potential customers. Thus providing the actual definition of wealth creation for all. 

Although nothing comes for free and so even this business can be set up at the minimum cost of ₹50k and this value might go as high as ₹300000.

Upstox Sub Broker Franchise Cost

Talking about new stockbrokers, Upstox has been among the top names that you must have ever heard. Well, the best part is although being a newbie in the stock market space this discount broker indeed comes with money-making opportunities. 

You are wondering how?

So first of all, as soon as you open a demat account with Upstox you get the chance to refer the app to your friends and family members. And upon successful referral, you get to make handsome cash in your pockets. 

Apart from this if you are someone looking for a business opportunity to grow or perhaps start from scratch, that is the right time to do so. 

Upstox comes with a sub-broker partnership model under which you get to start or boost your own business at a pocket-friendly budget. Cost of which is mentioned in the table below. 

Kotak Securities Sub Broker Franchise Cost

Yet another reliable stockbroker in the industry and probably one of the oldest, Kotak Securities has got a gateway to a wealth creation facility through its franchise model. With minimum investment cost, one can easily become a sub-broker of this full-service broker. 

Kotak Securities offers multiple franchise models suitable for each type of client and partner. These models not only help in becoming financially independent but also tend to provide full time and part-time job opportunities. 

Also for someone much sentimental about engaging with bank-based stockbrokers, this is the perfect match to not just trade or invest and earn but also make money by working under the brand name that would eventually help in expanding the network base to generate more business. 

Although this would require you to pay some refundable initial security deposit as mentioned in the table below:

Motilal Oswal Sub Broker Franchise Cost

Motilal Oswal, known as one of the standardized stock brokers of India, like many other popular ones, comes with sub-broker partner models that help an individual pursue his or her dream of becoming a financial entrepreneur.  

Although a certain initial deposit is needed to be made before actually starting working under the brand name Motilal Oswal. 

However you must be wondering, is it worth it?

And the answer is an absolute yes. As you know. In the fast-paced scenario where setting up your own business is a real struggle and then success is questionable;

Imagine setting up your own business backed by a strong brand name legacy where with just ₹3 lacs you can have your own work infrastructure with an authentic client base. 

You get all these facilities at a minimum cost where you don’t even have to worry about the marketing part for it is taken care of by the broking house as well. 

Franchise Costs Of Motilal Oswal
Sub broker franchise Initial Deposit Infrastructure costs
Motilal Oswal Franchise ₹300000 ₹100000- ₹200000

So you see, it is quite clear that the sub-broker franchise costs range from ₹50000 to ₹300000. Although these charges depend on various factors such as:

  • Age
  • Geographical location
  • Franchise plan
  • Stockbroker and many more.

Wondering what benefits can you reap if you become a sub-broker?

Benefits Of Sub Broker Business

Indeed becoming a sub-broker requires complete dedication and hard work. But as you know: “Hard Work Pays Off”

So yeah sub-broker business comes with a few captivating benefits:

  • Brand recognition is the first advantage to give a boost in your business growth, you get to start your business under the name of the stockbroker to follow the legacy.
  • Once you are registered as a sub-broker with the broking house, you get a specific working space to perform your duties facilitated by the stockbroker.
  • As an extended branch of the broker, you are provided tech-savvy business tools to boost your reach and to help you in doing your work with ease. This includes risk management tools as well.
  • You are provided with complete research reports of the stocks so you can guide your clients with appropriate decision making with regards to investment.
  • In case of any support, even a sub-broker is provided with a 24/7 support manager.
  • And finally, sub broker business model offers high returns with minimum investment.


Hope now you are clear with the sub-broker franchise cost to start your trading business as a sub-broker. Although the challenge lies when you will need to choose the right stockbroker to partner with.

Thus before deciding your partner model, you need to be thorough with your research considering the factors like financial targets, career goals, etc.

To get a complete understanding and get started.

Till then, Happy investing!


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